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Shabbat Shalom! Nov. 27th, 2015 @ 04:15 pm
We're still suffering from the turkey coma here - Himself didn't eat anything until *10:30* this morning! Might have had simething to do with the 3 servings of lunch and near-constant snacking yesterday. :lol:

Today it's cold and wet. We've spent the day mostly curled up by the wood stove. No off line shopping for us! (Or online, actually.)

Tonight will be leftovers, then tomorrow we'll have turkey enchiladas, and turkey soup, and turkey omelettes, and....I bought a 20 pound bird. We have TONS of leftovers! :rofl:

Have a good one!

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Sunday Snapshots Nov. 22nd, 2015 @ 07:58 am
because boy, have I got photos for you!!! God is good - and I'll show you THAT in a minute! :lol:

First up, let me catch you up on the sock knitting front. (Because I am ALL about the socks, right? :lol:) Let's start with the Yaacov socks, V.2.0 (which Herself STOLE from me. :humph: :lol:)

2015 Yaakov Socks V.2.0

2015 Yaacov socks V.2.0 other side

Except for the spots where the colors ran together, I am *very* pleased with these. We dyed the yarn ourselves, and it pretty much worked out. I figured out where we went "wrong" (and, let me say that the original socks, the ones in the book, have areas of colors running together. So, in that respect, we HIT it out of the park. *I* however, want a pair with NO or very little blurriness.) You'll note that they match *exactly*, which was also part of the plan.

Herself is totally enthralled with them, so they are still a win. :lol:

Next up, the current sock - I give you Socks to Knit While Bored (aka: Sherlocked!) :lol:

2015 Sherlocked in progress

I am...not following the pattern exactly. I know, I KNOW - but...I really, really HATE trying to purl color work. I can do it, but...I don't LIKE it. And I'm not really sure I have enough of the black yarn dyed up to do solid-color heels (the toes WILL be solid, because I think it'll look better.)....so color-worked heels were always the plan. I knit 2 rows....and decided to sub the heel from Maurits (remember the neon lizards? THAT heel. :lol:) You knit the heel flap and gusset AND instep at the same time; you decrease all the added stitches away and get a triangular thing going on on the foot. I think it'll look cool, so....there ya go. :lol:

And now.......well. I browse CraigsList quite a bit, usually just the Free and Arts and Crafts areas. Thursday I hit A&C, and saw an ad for "Free Clay!", so I clicked on it. It was from a teacher about 1 hour away who is moving, and decided she didn't want to move her pottery clay. I called. She said "Well, it's only about 200 pounds of clay, but I just don't want to bother moving it. I'll just buy new once I get settled (? Um.....that's still moving 200 pounds of clay, right? Whatever....). We made arrangements to pick it up yesterday, and Herself got moderately excited.

Well. Um. We got there yesterday AM, and...um....well, here - have a peek:

Free Clay

This, my friends, is "200" pounds of clay. Plus 50 pounds of Air-dry clay, 2 5-gallon buckets of pre-mixed slip, and.....oh my gosh, probably another 10 gallons or so of colored slip. And some tools. And some plaster of paris to make molds. And....I honestly don't know what all else. I just know that the back of my Jeep - which can hold 25 bags of horse feed, or 2 square bales of hay (with some room left over) or a wolfhound, or a full-size pregnant Nubian - is FULL. Today I HAVE to rearrange the Studio - SG is going to bring home a set of shelves tomorrow to put this stuff on - because....well, it can't stay in the Jeep. :lol:

The lady also gave us a lead on a consignment shop that sells artwork; we went and had a good long talk with the proprietor. Herself is......mildly anxious, excited, and scared about this. I have a contract that we are going to look over......this could be good for us. The proprietor is also interested in my soaps and handwovens...so. We'll see. I HAVE to get the loom unearthed so I can get back to weaving...it's been far too long.

Anyway, what a HUGE blessing this is! Clay isn't *that* expensive, but.....it's not super-cheap, either. All of this is the same firing temp as her porcelain, so she can make stuff out of both and fire them at the same time. And the glazes will work on both. :happy dance:

Guess I'd better get to work - we have a LOT of rearranging to do!

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I am very TICKED OFF right now.... Nov. 18th, 2015 @ 09:28 am
because we were supposed to be at the Med. Center for the 2nd scan right now. Only, we're home......

Yesterday was the day of the Scan. I got up at 5-Freaking-0'clock and headed straight out to milk. In the dark (no biggie), the cold (OK, that's a bit of an issue for me) AND the rain. Oh, did I mention the HAIL???? Because I got hit with quite a few hailstones......anyway. Got everyone sorted, grabbed a quick shower, then grabbed Herself (who has been a basket-case the past few weeks; not only does this screw up her routine (which is Verboten - you do NOT mess with her routine!), but she gets very, very tense when she doesn't know what is going to happen. :sigh:) and headed out. At 6 AM. In the dark. And rain. (The hail had thankfully passed by then). We had an hour drive to the Med. Center....so I left an hour and a half early. (Because....you just never know. Traffic. Accidents. Trains. Which....we met 2 of the 3....the accidents happened AFTER we passed thru, Thank God!)

So. We check in and are led to the Radiology waiting area. I get out the current sock and settle in; Herself nervously plays on her DS. 1.5 hours LATER (at 8:45...our appointment was *8*, mind you!), we get taken back to the room. The nurse starts asking questions......"is she on any thyroid medication?" Um....well, yes and no. WHAT? She's on Propanol - which is NOT a "real" thyroid med; it's a beta-blocker that also does "good" things to the thyroid - and all Hell broke loose. Nope, can't take the test - the thyroid med will mess it up. Um...it's NOT A THYROID MED you morons! OK, is she on any multi-vitamins? Well, yes -but she hasn't taken one in over 3 weeks. NO NO NO NO - it has to be at least *6* weeks, so No Test For You!

I....will not repeat what I said to them (but I honestly didn't cuss. I am proud of that! I saved that for SG, who is a Marine and can take it.) - but I. Was. Pissed. I had cleared 2 days of everything so we could do this stinking test, and now I'm told no, we can't, too bad for you?

The message I left on the doctor's answering machine was NOT happy. They haven't called me back - which doesn't surprise me! - but they'd better. I told them I was DONE with this stupid test. This is the 2nd time they've screwed up - I am NOT giving them a 3rd try. They can figure something else out - no more hour drives (and 1/4 tank of gas!) for a 2-day test (that would be - at the minimum! - *4* hours in the car over 2 days, and 1/2 tank of gas.) They deal. And they'd better - SOMETHING is going on with Herself's thyroid; it's messing up everything else in her life, and they NEED to get a handle on it. Oh, and did I mention it's a FASTING test??????? :bangs head:

:deep breath: I am actually calm(ish) this AM. I need to rip back a few rows on my sock....I got kinda tense there for a bit and....well, you can tell. :lol:

I need to post photos for y'all, but it'll have to wait. I'm not in the mood for pictures right now......

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I have Photos! Nov. 9th, 2015 @ 02:15 pm
First up, I got a query on how my 10 (?!!!) year old Sodhopper boots are holding up (are they REALLY 10 years old?????) 1 word: FANTASTICALLY.

I don't have current pictures of them - they are in a storage box in the closet - but they are in really good shape. They've been worn - the first 5 years or so they were worn a good 5 months out of the year (mostly as fashion boots); the past 5 or so they've been worn 2 weekends/year plus a few days (as fashion boots). (Reminds me - I need to pull them out, it's getting to be boot weather again!). The leather has held up really, really well - minimal scuff marks, no bald patches. (As a comparison, my Catskill Mountain boots are a good 20+ years old; the sole is starting to pull away from the foot in a couple of places, and the piece on the heel has a wear hole. Again, they were worn a TON the first 10 years or so - we did Renn Faire for the full run (6 weeks, both days) and I wore them like normal boots.) The Sodhoppers haven't been worn quite as much - knee-high boots don't work with everything I own like the ankle boots do - but still, they've been worn.

Were they worth the $$$? YES. Would I spend it again? YES - if I had the funds. I LOVE them - and I DO wear them as everyday boots (but not so much the past 2 years; I discovered Bear Paw Uggs knock-offs. They are warmer, thanks to the fake fur lining. :lol:)

So, on to the update:

Herself is NOT having the nuclear thyroid test this week. Seems the Med. Center is NOT on our insurance, and we'd have to pay out of pocket. Um.....why do we pay the big bucks in premiums if it's not accepted????? :grrrrr: So, I've called the doc and they are supposed to be trying to find something else. :sigh: Her gyno visit today went well - the doc was nice, friendly, and wasn't upset that *I* was in there with her (she's over 18...normally that means that Mom is not really welcome, thanks to HIPPA. However....thanks to the Asberger's, Mom NEEDS to be there - both to "translate" her to the doc, and to take notes - because SHE won't remember anything, otherwise. :sigh: (I don't mind doing it, but......it's sad. She's technically an adult, but......maturity-wise and emotionally, she's about 8. Ah, well - she's my baby, and I love her, and I can be Mom for however long she needs me to be (that.....sounds weird, because I will ALWAYS be "mom"....but I think you know what I mean.) He switched out her BC pills, and said that this should all pass when we get her thyroid straightened out. :fingers crossed:


First up, the Sock of extreme color-blindness:

2015 Yaacov Sock

This is Yaacov, from "Op-Art Socks". The colors...didn't do what I intended; they are pooling when I thought I had dyed the blank to prevent that. Funny thing: see the part on the leg where the orange and blue go on and on? Well.....The colors actually SWITCHED; it started with A as orange and B as blue, then in a remarkable stretch A became blue and B became orange. Fun! Ah, well - this won't be the last pair I make in this pattern, and I love this sock anyway, so it's all good. I'm almost to the heel flap of #2.

My new knitting bag:

2015 Star Wars Bag

The main body came from 2 fat quarters. I LOVE this print - it looks like old pulp comic books. Way fun for a bag! (Not sure how you'd use it effectively in a quilt, but whatever. It works here!) Herself picked the secondary color as trim for a dress for her; the fabric I chose for this actually worked with her dress fabric better than it did this fabric, so we swapped. :lol:

2015 Star Wars bag inside

A shot of the inside, to kinda show how large it is. I have my sock project bag in there (because it's 2 balls of yarn that HAVE to stay in the same position thru out the knitting), a copy of the charts, the books the pattern is in, and a darning egg. There's a pocket inside, as well (the zipper...is ugly on this one, but it works.) that holds all sorts of stuff (this one just has some spare change; usually I have a tape measure, a needle gauge, my darning needles, a nail file, and the darning egg in there. :lol:)

Herself wants an Avengers bag (and an Iron Man bag, AND a Dalek bag!), so I'll be making up a few more of these. They're easy, now that I've figured out the assembly - just a bit fiddly.

Himself FINALLY tried on a pair of old pants that he says has the correct fit for his Jedi outfit, so I will FINALLY be able to sew those up tomorrow (I am fighting an extreme headache today. Lack of sleep is the culprit; not only did SG and the rest of us have words yesterday, but Loki has decided that since it's cold outside he HAS to sleep as close to me as possible. Oh, and the bed is actually his, so I need to move over to give him room to stretch out. :sigh: Add to it that tomorrow is our anniversary...oy! Ah, well.....I have a batch of cinnamon rolls rising in the fridge, so at least breakfast is taken care of. Tuesday's are usually Sonic night (1/2 price Cheeseburgers!), so I know what dinner will be (and I am perfectly OK with that.)

Back to nursing my head!

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Now that the Blue Bell coma has passed.... Nov. 3rd, 2015 @ 07:56 am
:lol: Anyway...

Herself has a week of doctor's appointments next week. Monday is a Gyn visit (to try and figure out WHY the BC pills aren't doing their job of regulating her cycle), Tuesday we have to be at the Med. Center in Mesquite at *8* AM for the start of a test/scan on her thyroid (the endo checked her levels last week, and did some "new" test - low and behold, her thyroid levels were *high*. :sigh:); we have to be back at 2 for the scan, then Wednesday we have to be back at 8:30 for the final scan. Thursday we see her GP.....needless to say, school has been cancelled for next week. :sigh: Glad we homeschool!

Just turned the heel of Yaacov sock #1. My gauge is all over the place - i was supposed to be at 3" and 32 rows.....um. I was at 3" at 24 rows. I fudged it - knit to 30 rows so I can pick up the required 16 stitches on each side of the flap. I tried it on - it DOES fit, thankfully! I am going to push and try to get this pair done this week, so I can take a NEW sock along on Tuesday (I think we'll have to hang out at the Med. center, because it's an hour away - gas is an issue. :sigh: Ah, well - let's pray they figure out what the heck is going on with Herself, because she's miserable. (Oh, and the endo put her on thyroid meds. :sigh: Fun stuff....)

We started Joshua this week (TorahClass for the win!). Looks good, so far. I really like how Mr. Bradford goes into the traditions and culture of the time period, and brings the NT into it. Fascinating stuff!

Gotta run - have a Jedi outfit to finish, as well as a new knitting bag. (What? I found Star Wars fat quarters at Wally-world......and 2 fat quarters are just enough to squeak out a large bag. And......Star Wars!!!!!! :lol:)

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» I was gonna post today....
But BlueBell is back in stores. Sorry, folks, but BlueBell Ice Cream won, hands down! (It's been off store shelves since April. Longest. Summer. EVER!). (Also, best ice cream EVER.)

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» I think I've recovered enough to talk about this....
Wednesday was Shopping Day. I picked everything up (or so I thought), grabbed my *new* sock knitting kit, and headed out. It was a good day...

And then we got home. I.....have photos, but still can't post them; I am too traumatized. :sigh:

Got home to find a HUGE mess. The table was cleared off, and my Companion sock bag was.......:shudder: MISSING. It had been on the sewing desk, BEHIND the machine (which was in the upright and ready-to-sew position).....I found it in the backyard, near the FRONT of the house. The finished sock was in a shallow hole (and fine, if a bit muddy and soggy from drool), the free needle was at the side corner of the house, and the ball and sock-in-progress was....was.....ALL OVER THE BACK YARD. :screams: The bead box was opened, and the entire family room was awash in gold glass beads. (I hope we found all of them.)

The sock-in-progress is OK. They (I know who did it. Chloe and Loki can deny it all they want, but they left muddy paw prints on the table, stovetop, and sewing desk) had broken the working yarn (about.....10 yards or so from the sock) and had totally tangled up the outside end of yarn. I think I'm going to have to cut it.....I'll lose about 10 yards. Maybe more - I honestly can't cut it yet.

See, this is CASHMERE yarn. I hand-dyed it. It's scrumptiously soft. And they desecrated it. :bangs head:

I'll recover. I'll even get back to the knitting of this pair....at some point. (It keeps getting set aside, because the beads and twisted stitches slow down my rhythm, and force me to pay attention. I....need mindless knitting right now. So, this one has been dragging on since JUNE.

Oh - and they broke one of the porcelain buttons on the bag. :grrrrr: Herself said she'd make me another, but that's not the point. :sigh:

Anyway....yeah, I have a NEW project. Remember this?

sock blank dyed

That I dyed because the yarn I bought looked like this:

Yaacov - prefrogged

and was a singles, which wouldn't last? Remember???

Well...I'm at the heel flap of V.2.0. Pictures are currently on Ravelry; I'll try to get them uploaded here at some point. I don't like the muddiness, but it's better than the first attempt, AND the yarn is much, much nicer. I can't wait to see what color combos I get next! :lol: (And, I've already decided that any leftover yarn will become matching wrist warmers. The pattern is just too, too cool!

It's raining up a storm here, and we've lost power twice (I'm on the laptop - no plug needed!), so I'd better hop off. Need to get dinner sorted, anyway - Shabbat Shalom!

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» Wordless Monday....
because honestly, I've got nothing. It rained all weekend - which we needed! - and it's been slow and -dare I say it?- Normal around here. So, have a few photos of country life!

First up, this what happens when it rains for 24+ hours:

Loki on couch

Loki takes over the loveseat - he's not a BIG dog, but...he takes up a LOT of room. I guess he's a T.A.R.D.I.S. dog.....:lol:

Chloe bored

Poor Chloe is bored. So bored, even the rocking chair didn't amuse her. (Sorry the photo is dark - I took it last night. Her head is on the arm of the chair, and her expression is one of total boredom. :lol:)

Bree in cone of shame

Bree isn't a happy camper - I am making her wear the Cone of Shame 24/7. SG felt sorry for her and took it off Saturday - she pulled 1 stitch out. I yelled at him; he took it off again last night and she pulled *2* stitches out. :sigh: I wish he'd think of HER instead of him (she was knocking into things, and he - poor baby - said he couldn't sleep because of it. Funny thing - he was SNORING 3 minutes before. Chloe barked, which woke him up, and Bree knocked into the bedroom door trying to get outside to bark, too. :bangs head:

She had 3 lumps removed.....1 was sent to pathology. Yes, cancer has been mentioned, but there's not much we can do if they are malignant. Chemo.....I don't know if I can do that to her. 1 spot is on her side - that's the one she's removed the 3 stitches from - 1 is on her belly between her front legs, and the 3rd is on her back leg, under her tail. :sigh:

OK, this next picture HAD to be taken, because otherwise no one would believe us. Yesterday morning Herself and I went for a walk in between rain showers. We went about 2 miles...and on the way back we saw the KING of Frogs:

Frog on Walk

He weighed (according to Herself) about 2 pounds. I have seen lots of large frogs in my life, but NEVER have I seen one THIS Big. We named him Jeremiah (because I think he's a bullfrog....:rofl:) and relocated him away from the side of the road.

I made Himself's Pants muslin today - he was happy with them. :blink: AND they fit pretty well. Not perfectly, but...honestly? They don't have to. They are for Dec. 18.....:lol: I want them to look good, but I'm not totally focused on perfect fit. I'll try to sew up the "real" ones tomorrow, then it's on to the Jedi tunic.

Need to figure out dinner - laters!

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» Star Wars Day!
I'm pretty sure by now that everyone has seen the trailer. Um...I have reservations.

You need to understand, I've been a Star Wars fan since 1977. I own most of the DVD's - the original trilogy (3 or 4 versions), the prequel trilogy (DVD & Blu-Ray!), the Ewok Adventures, the Droids series, the original Clone Wars movie AND cartoon network series, and most of the Clone Wars series. Oh! And the Muppet Special AND the Christmas Special (that....shouldn't exist. In ANY universe.) We've watched all the new Droid Tales, the Yoda Chronicles, and Rebels episodes. And let's not discuss the EU books serieses, OK?

Anyway, BIG fan here. And...I have MAJOR reservations about this. Disney...well, Disney has a habit of ruining things.....they've already said they plan on releasing a Star Wars movie EVERY YEAR. :bangs head:

This? Looks good...but I can't help but be worried. Luke isn't on the official poster (WHAT?????? WHY NOT??????????:grrrrrrrrrrrrr:), Han has to re-tell the saga (UM. This is what - 30 years AFTER Jedi? That means that those who survived are STILL ALIVE. They are still telling the tales - WHY does Han have to explain things?????? The Rebels series is supposed to span the gap from Jedi to this.....and THEY know about the Jedi/Force and Empire..........)(I mean, we have eye-witness accounts to the Holocaust. I've WATCHED them. To claim that the SW Universe doesn't have something like that is inconceivable!)

Which leads me to another issue - I HATE being forced to watch a peripheral series in order to understand the new installment. Lucas started it with the Clone Wars cartoon; I had friends who didn't watch the "extras" (they felt it wasn't canon) and were totally confused when Revenge of the Sith came out; who the heck was Grevious? Why was he asthmatic? And why/how did Palpatine get captured?????? It isn't fair to those who aren't as plugged in......and Disney has gone overboard with that with Avengers/Agents of Shield. :sigh: And it looks like they may be doing that with Star Wars......

Yes, we WILL be seeing the movie - on Dec. 18, if possible (I refuse to pre-purchase tickets.). BUT...I have major reservations about it. I have hope (a "New Hope", if you will. :lol:), but I'm afraid the Disney Empire will Strike Back at me, and leave me not wanting to Return to the Universe that I have loved for Oh, so long.....(sorry. Only, not really!)

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» Random....
Because I still don't have a lot to report. I'm busy, but.....not *busy* busy, if you understand. We're just keepin' on, here...

So, Photos! I have 3 to share:

First up, Socks! DH "stole" these before I had finished the 2nd one. It's OK - I was so OVER them it isn't funny.

2015 crazy stripes socks

Commercial sock yarn, don't remember the brand. Feels decent, the colors looked great in the skein, but knit up? I'm not impressed. I don't like the way they striped - it happens sometimes. SG's happy, so it's all good. :lol:

I've been sewing - I'm putting off working on Himself's Jedi robes. I'm just not.....feeling it right now. I'm going to start on them in the morning, though - there's nothing else I have to do to postpone it. :wry grin: This was the last thing standing in the way - covers for the pressing tools:

cover - sleeve board

The sleeve board. Both sides are covered; I used old towels for the padding. I LOVE how they look and feel now!

cover - ironing board

And my matchy-matchy ironing board. The original cover was the standard blue-and-white stripes; I HATED it. It was....boring. And...for some reason, it offended my sensibilities. I realize that sounds weird, but there it is - I hated using the thing. Now? I love it! Herself says it reminds her of a country cottage...I guess I like cottage-y things. :lol: I do need to pad it - I think I am going to look for an old wool blanket to use.

School is going well. I found a documentary series (it's on YouTube!) called "Engineering an Empire" that we are using alongside the iTunes U course. I thought it was going to be light-weight; it.....well, it is, but it isn't. It's pretty good! Himself is enjoying it, except that each episode is like 1.5 hours. :shrug: There's another series we'll be watching at the end of the year; it's called "Ancient Impossible". I have no idea how good/accurate it is, but hey - it looks fun.

We have to take Bree to the vet tonight; she's got 3 lumps that need to be removed. Surgery is tomorrow AM....I am worried, but I trust our vet. Still...my baby isn't going to be home tonight! She's going to be a basket-case, and so am I.

Not much else to report.....

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