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Shabbat Shalom! Aug. 22nd, 2014 @ 01:19 pm
a little early, to be sure, but still - the sentiment is heart-felt!

Laundromat today. :sigh: SUPPOSEDLY, the repairman will be here Monday. Only, the kids and I have a date.....so SG is working from home. Hope the guy shows, or SG will unleash the wrath of....well, he'll be on the phone. :lol: I MISS my washer!

On the toe of travel sock #2. I want to get these DONE (they've been the travel sock since May, I think - it's well time to pick a new one!) so I can whip out a few more plain pairs...then move on to another color work pair. Yes, I have more socks planned - I have 12 or so color work pairs kitted up - but I want to do "easy" for a bit, because my original socks are old and wearing thin. I *need* new socks to replace them!

Loki is doing well. He figured out how to go *out* the pet door, but can't quite figure out how to come back *in*; I'm spending a lot of time rescuing him from the big outdoors. :lol:

Gotta run - time to clean!

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I give you: Psychedelic Lizards Aug. 19th, 2014 @ 02:40 pm
Because it's been a bummer today. We lost Rose - I think to a spider. :sigh: I am no longer going to have a favorite goat, because I'm tired of being heart-broken when something happens to them. :sigh:

Anyway, LOUD socks!

lizard socks right

lizard socks left

lizard socks both

The pattern is very well-written, and not that hard. It's just not intuitive - which means I had to pay attention to every round. I'm kind of liking the "strange" heel....I might try to incorporate it into a "normal" pair of socks later. We'll see.

My sock project right now is my Monkey travel socks - I am tired of them, and want to mark them off. I already have 10+ pairs kitted up, and want to get started on something totally new. And I need to get back to Himself's kilt hose.....(I get the itch, every now and then, to kit up a bunch of patterns. The original idea was to do a sock-of-the-month club-type thing, where you kit up 12 patterns and knit 1 up each month. I liked that idea....but don't like to limit myself to only 1 project/month. :lol: So I kit hem up when I run across the perfect pattern or the perfect yarn. Right now, they're mostly color-work, but I have a few texture/lace patterns ready to go, too. Makes things easier when I need to start a new pair of socks - there's very little thinking involved. :rofl:

Loki is doing well. SG made a tactical error last night; he got home and I handed-off puppy-patrol. I told him I'd been lucky to have puppy-cuddles all day, it was now HIS turn. :snicker: I went to bed at my normal time (8. I go to bed extremely early, but then, I get up at 5:15. Every morning. The kids can set their own bedtimes now, and I've never tried to limit my husband (even though he claims he's constantly tired. Um. Going to bed at 11:30 and getting up at 6:00 would make me a zombie, so...))..anyway. Around 9:30, he put Loki in the playpen so he could eat....Loki started whining. So, in an attempt to be "funny", he plopped Loki on my shoulder. I woozily said "Huh? Oh, puppy! :zzzzzz:" and Loki said ":snorflle: :zzzzzzzz:" SG said "Oh - I didn't KNOW he'd go to sleep THAT fast!" I said "Well...we're screwed. He's now going to think it's OK to sleep on the bed. No, leave him alone - I'm tired." :lol: At 11, SG took him (he was whining to go outside) and spent the next 4 hours on the futon; I got up at 3 and sent him to the bed and I took over the futon.

Loki and I took a 2 hour nap today, and he's currently asleep again. He's a sweet thing....with Puppy Breath! :lol:

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Quick Update Aug. 18th, 2014 @ 07:05 am
as we have to run out and milk in a few minutes.

This weekend was pretty busy - the Maytag man didn't even show on Friday. He called SG at 11 (our window was 12-5) and said, "Oh. I have to order parts - they should be in by Tuesday. I'll call to set up an appointment then." :bangs head: We had to go to the laundromat yesterday, in the rain, to wash everything. :sigh:

SG got a new toy tool - a small lathe. He's all excited about it. :lol:

The Lizard socks are DONE! Finished them Friday at 4:30 - would have gotten pictures, but....

Saturday was "Empty the Shelter" day in N. Texas. We - because SG is a softie - visited 2 shelters, fell down....and got followed home. I Know, I KNOW - we're nuts. But......it was kinda hard to resist this:

Loki puppy

He's 8 weeks old. Mom is a Catahoula, dad is unknown. Total sweetie, and already spoiled rotten. I have spent the last 2 nights on the dog's futon, because he will NOT shut up when he's alone. I get it - he had 7 siblings, and this is the first he's ever been away from them. I can't let him in our bed - I'm afraid he'd fall off; it's tall and he'd get majorly hurt - so, futon it is. And it is NOT comfortable. :sigh: The things I do......

The shelter was swamped (free animals! Yea! Let's go get Bubba a pet!) and they told us they'd already told a bunch of people that the puppies were NOT available....we have a problem with dog fighting here. :sad: So.....they were more than happy to hand him to me and rush the paperwork, because hey! We had kids! And other dogs! And were specific in what we "wanted" (because I figured if I had a narrow list, we'd get out unaccompanied. Um...that didn't quite work) - male, medium to large breed, gets along with other dogs/goats/horses/kids. We weren't looking for a generic pet......

Loki is his current name. He's been really good about telling us when he needs to go potty - *1* accident! He waits until he's outside to do his business, which is Amazing for an 8 week old puppy!

Too bad he has the hound-dog howl....:sigh: and :wry grin:

Gotta run; we gotta milk and I need to start a batch of cheese. And figure out how to take a nap sans Loki...I'm tired!

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Friday Follies... Aug. 15th, 2014 @ 08:58 am
Just got back from buying feed....have to do it early before it heats up too much. :hot: School to start in a bit - wanted to post progress photos!

I've gotten further along since I took these, but you can at least enjoy the colors. The first one is of the back of the sock and the start of the heel flap:

lizard socks yellow heel

And this one is of the front of the sock and the start of the instep:

lizard socks yellow

The heel turn is now finished, and I'm 14 rounds away from the toe. :whew!: The goal is to finish these TODAY, but I'm not holding my breath. I would have been to the toe yesterday, but I spent 3 hours printing and pro-clicking our Latin and Hebrew worksheets. :oops: (To be fair, I didn't know TGC had downloadable course guides, which have the worksheets in them. I found that out yesterday - so I have an excuse for Latin. Hebrew...I've had those, it just wasn't until yesterday I realized that I didn't have to print all 500 pages for the first 20 lessons; I could just print the worksheets. :face palm: Yeah, sometimes I'm a bit slow....)

Anyway, today we expect the Maytag repair man. I bet that he won't fix it today - I bet he has to "order the parts". Even though we TOLD them the 2 codes, which tells you EXACTLY what's wrong with the blasted thing. :sigh: Ah, well - more knitting time! :lol:

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:hmmmmmmmmmmm: Aug. 14th, 2014 @ 08:04 am
One of the things I like about homeschooling is that I get to learn right alongside the kids. One of the courses we did 2 years ago was "Critical Thinking"...it started with basic logic (If a, then b. If b, then c. Therefore, if a, then c. In other words, if it rains (a), then you'll get wet (b). If you get wet (b), then you have to come in the house (c). Therefore, if it rains you have to come in the house. Make sense?) then went into how advertisers try to manipulate people. Fascinating subject! Which leads me to how movies and TV manipulate people. (It DOES, most sheeple just don't notice it.)

Now, I don't watch mainstream broadcast TV. There's just nothing on that interests me enough to make me want to spend time on it. (My husband is totally different - he'll spend HOURS watching dreck. :shrug: As long and he doesn't want ME to watch it, we get along.) But I do watch the news, and there's a new show that's being advertised all over the place that has me going "hmmmmmm"

It's "Madame Secretary". I noticed something right off.....who does the lead character resemble? (I asked SG this yesterday, and his knee-jerk response was "No, she doesn't look like Hilary!" I said "Um. Why do you think I meant her (I did) - I didn't SAY anything of the sort!" and he got a funny look on his face as he realized what had just happened. We had a nice chat about what I was getting at after that, and he had a funny look on his face as he realized HOW he had been manipulated by a commercial. He doesn't think about stuff like this a lot.)

And this is the thing - people - a LOT of people - can't separate the actor from real-life. I've seen too many interviews where the actor complains that people approach them on the street and ask about something on the show, thinking it REALLY HAPPENED. And get upset when the actor denies it. "Breaking Bad" is a prime example - I've read where people in NM are constantly being asked about where the characters live.....and the askers get pissed when the NM resident tells them it's FICTION.

So. "Madame Secretary". I know what's going on here. It's a subtle attempt to re-write people's memory of Ms. Clinton. THINK about it. You've got a Hilary look-alike (enough that my husband denied the resemblance without being told of the resemblance!) who is doing *good* things in her job - unlike reality, where Ms. Clinton quit/was fired because she wasn't doing *good* (Benghazi, anyone?). If the show has the character doing enough "good" things "for the country"....what's going to happen at the polls in 2016?

I'm telling you, people WILL get the show mixed up with reality. They will go to the polls and vote based on a FICTIONAL show instead of voting from a realistic stand. And this frightens me. It's bad enough when people vote based on race instead of issues......this just takes it one step further.

I don't have a solution, except to point this out in hopes that enough folk will *wake up* and see how they're being manipulated. (This is just 1 point out of millions - we're all being manipulated all the time. Ask yourself "Why THIS scenario? And why THIS show?" anytime you sit down to watch TV or go to the movies. You might be surprised with what you come up with.)

:sigh: It's a mess out there, and most people are oblivious as to what's going on under the surface. I know I don't know it all - I've only scratched the surface, and honestly? I kinda don't want to know. But....the curtain's been peeled back a little. :big sigh:

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Other entries
» Mid-week blahs....
RIP Robin Williams. :sigh: I wish the world had a better understanding of mental illness - it's just like cancer, only you can't *see* it. He died of his illness...and he'll be missed.

RIP Lauren Bacall. What a lady!

We had to do "emergency" fence repair this AM. Not really an emergency; but I couldn't let the babies out without doing *something* to the fence between the doe paddock and the back yard. The spacing on the cattle panels was too large, so I pulled out the chain link roll we had. God is good! It was *just* long enough to cover the distance we needed covered. And now there's no way the kids can get their heads thru the fence for the dogs to "play" with. :whew: (And yes, God IS good - we got the roll when SG's company closed the warehouse. It was free, but we really had no need for chain link. We took it, just because - and it was exactly what we needed to dog-proof the fence!)

Almost to the heel turn. Would be further along, but...well, Dr. Who happened. I can't knit a complicated pattern AND watch the Doctor at the same time. :lol:

We started adding classes back this week. This week was Art/Music - we're using the Teaching Company's "Great American Music: Broadway Musicals". When that's finished, I have a PBS documentary on more modern Musicals, and then we'll be watching and doing studies on various musicals. Both kids are actually looking forward to this - amazing, huh? :lol:

Back to the knitting - I want to FINISH this pair THIS WEEK, so I can start something different. Something...I dunno - NOT blue and yellow! :rofl:

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» The world has gone Mad!!
And I have proof!

So. We went to the Laundromat today - 2 hours to do 5 washer loads and 2 dryer loads. (Amazing. I was able to fit all 5 loads in to *2* dryers, and they took 38 minutes to dry everything Bone Dry.) Hauled it all home and put it up, then I realized that I didn't have any pizza sauce for dinner tonight. :sigh: Off to Dollar Store!

Now, I don't like to run just a couple dollars thru on my card, so Herself and I were wandering around trying to up it to a least $10. (Yeah, I'm funny like that.) I was at the front, grabbing cheese (it's already shredded. I don't have to dig in the Studio 'fridge for some of the cheddar I made last year!), when Herself found the bargain DVD bin. "Mom! They have "Sound of Music! For $5!!" We headed up to the checkout.....the cashier started ringing us up. The register "dinged!".....and she got a funny look on her face. She looked at the DVD, looked at me, the looked back at the register. "Um. I....um. Need your birthdate...the register says.....um....you have to be over 18 to....um...purchase this.?.!?" :giggle: We had a rollicking good time making fun of this; I said I hoped that CPS didn't find out I was teaching Broadway Musicals this year, and Herself said that maybe she wasn't old enough to have seen "Phantom"...and the lady in line behind us totally lost it.

But seriously - WHY is there an age limit on "Sound of Music"??????? :sigh:

I'm knitting the heel on sock #2. I'll try to snap a photo tonight - I need to update my Ravelry project page. I'm hoping - HOPING - to finish this thing this week, because I am over it. Well-written pattern, but...it's not intuitive, I don't like the colors Herself picked (although it got LOTS of attention at the Laundromat today), and...I'm ready for something else. I'm thinking something 1 color this time that I can knock out in a week or so....then I'll probably do the Hieroglyphic Socks. (Egyptian Hieroglyphics that spell out "knitting socks". :lol: Too funny!)

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» Blah de blah de blah....
Let's see:

1. The washer died. Again. It's less than 5 years old; it's a Maytag, so I kinda expected better. Should'a known...at least *I* buy the extended warranties.....service can't come out before Friday, though...so we get to go to the Laundrymat this week! Oh, joy! We got 2 codes this time, instead of 1, so I think it's pretty well dead.

2. I'm 11 rounds from starting the heel on Lizard sock #2. It was a BAD idea for me to sort all my Ravelry patterns; now I want to Knit All The Things! And I'm SO over this pattern...:sigh: I will be good, though - Herself REALLY wants these, so I have to get them done. (Kitting up all those patterns didn't help, either, because now they are READY to start. :sigh:)

3. It just rained! Thank You, Lord!

4. We found a new-to-us warehouse outlet in the next town. We'd seen it before, but never stopped in. Yesterday, we did....that is a very dangerous place. They just started carrying Homebrew supplies; they have tons of stainless stock pots and strainers.....and they stock oil. In LARGE quantities. (OK, not super-large, but 3 gallons of oil isn't seen around here any where else.) At GOOD prices. I know where I'll be going for my base oils!

5. Wrist is still sore, as is my thumb. :sigh: Could be worse...but it could be better, too.

6. We got the dogs a kiddie wading pool.....yesterday, it was full of acid death water. Chloe finally braved it - with 1 paw. I went out there and taunted them with a tennis ball - Riley finally got brave and got in with me to get the ball (he's a ball FIEND.) This AM, Chloe decided it was hot, and got in on her own. I went out and hopped in with her; she and I splashed around quite happily for a few minutes before Riley jumped in to see what we were doing. :lol: I don't think Bree will ever brave it; water not in a bowl is deadly. She'll melt into a chihuahua if she gets wet - or so she seems to think. :rofl:

7. I hate video games. Wait, let me rephrase: I hate Skyrim. Herself is OBSESSED with the stupid game; I know all the tricks and "secret stashes" and I don't even play the blasted thing! It's just about all she talks about; when we upgraded the PS3, she lost her save files.....and I am STILL hearing about that! (Even though she has finally started again....):grrrr: Now, SG has started playing again.....all I hear from the 2 of them is Skyrim talk. :bangs head: And Himself has started playing....I am SO glad I have mastered the listening without actually paying attention perk......because honestly? I Do Not Care about Skyrim! (Some of it sticks, because I told SG how to win a fight last night. :bangs head: Stupid waste of my brain cells.......:arrrrrrrrrrgh:)

Guess I've played enough....I really need to work on the sock. :sigh: Sooner done, sooner I can start something *new*! :lol:

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» Friday Follies...
Been a busy morning. Made a batch of Queso Fresco, finished the 5 project bags that I had started (but didn't have any more of the lining fabric; I hit the stash and made-do.), ironed all the things, and bagged up the soap to cure. At 3, we have to hit the feed store to pick up a bag of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds - we went yesterday, I paid - and they were out. :sigh:

I'm almost halfway down the leg of Lizard socks #2. It's AMAZING what the change in Main and Contrast colors does to the finished item! Herself is loving them, which is great, since they're hers. :lol:

I'm watching what's going on in Israel with great interest - I mean, I know how it's going to end (Israel Wins!), but to *see* it happening! It's......Awesome. And Awe-Inspiring. To see miracles in action - it's......Wow.

Yesterday I had to trim Dewie's front hooves.....and had a mishap. The foot rot shears slipped and punctured my left hand, right in between the thumb and hand. :sigh: I am a terrible judge of pain, due to all the surgeries, but this? This HURTS. Hurts when I'm still, hurts when I move it. :big sigh: Ah, well - guess I need to rest my left wrist some more.

It's stupid movie day - today's choice is Pacific Rim. Can't wait to read the papers on this! /sarcasm.

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» It's Wednesday!
Yesterday was take-the-Aunt-shopping-day, and it went well. We made a run to Krispy Kreme (YUM!) and scored 2 dozen fresh donuts for us, and 1 for her. (THAT was an argument; she KNEW I was planning on getting her 1 dozen, we talked about it many, many times......so why it was such a surprise when I put her box on the table I don't know...)

I did finish Lizard sock #1 - yesterday. I was hit with a bad headache Monday, and honestly didn't trust myself to count stitches properly. Ah well - sometimes, the knitting has to wait.

This AM I wound and bagged all the yarn I dyed this weekend. I even went a step further and put the yarn in a project bag before putting it and the pattern in a ziplock. All I have to do is just grab the ziplock, pop out the project bag, grab my needles and *go*. Pretty snazzy! :lol:

My wrist is a bit owie, so I'm trying to NOT knit for a bit. I've wound yarn, packaged yarn, and even sewed a new project bag....but the itch is still there. :sigh: I even organized my Ravelry pattern stash - all the patterns that I've printed off have been put in page protectors (1 per pattern), then organized by 1) Item 2) Technique and put in a binder. Socks have their own binder - it's organized by Cables/Colorwork/Lace/Textured/Unusual. I have....well, I have a lot of patterns to choose from. A...whole lot. :rofl: Not counting the books......oi! :snicker:

Think I need to try to take a nap..maybe that'll ease the itch to knit. (Must Knit All the Socks!) :lol:

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