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A look at my sewing "area" Jul. 3rd, 2015 @ 08:20 am
in quotes because it's not a very large space - in fact, it's really just a cabinet. :lol: Shoved into the space between the family room and breakfast nook. Please excuse the dirty door and messed up floor - I need to paint the first and replace the 2nd, but it'll be a while before I get around to either one. :sigh:

I picked up this cabinet on CL for $35. It's complete, and my machine *does* fit in the hole, but the metal bits that are supposed to hold the machine....don't. They fit, but the set screws on my White won't crank down tight enough for them to hold the machine when it's folded down.

sewing - area

A very blurry shot of the inside. It has 3 enclosed places on the bottom - the 2 side ones have swing doors, while the middle one swings out. Not very useful....

sewing - inside cabinet

Here's a shot of the organizer I made Wednesday. The idea came from a book - "Sew Retro" - but I had to modify it. ALL the fabrics were from the scrap bin, and I didn't have enough of any of them to make the organizer to the dimensions in the book. :shrug: Works, and looks nice - and that's what I wanted. (Please note - I HATE the pink. HATE it - but it was the ONLY fabric that I had enough of that looked OK with the sewing print.)

Oh - the bottom has a cork board inside it. Very useful!

sewing  - organizer

And - my Thursday sewing projects! I give you a Tailor's ham and sleeve roll:

sewing - tailor"s ham

Again, scrap fabrics. They are stuffed with shavings for the barn, so the entire project? Basically free. The patterns are from the University of Kentucky (from the Ag department.....I'm not sure WHY Home Ec is part of the AG department, but hey - free patterns!)

The tailor's ham is the large, fat thing - you use it to press curved seams/areas (like bust darts). The long, skinny thing is the sleeve roll - you use it to press tubes, so that you don't end up with a crease on them. It's thinner than I expected - but I made it to the dimensions on the pattern, so...I guess it's OK. It'll work - and the pine shavings smell nice! :lol: (Yes, I could have bought the ham, at least - I found it on eBay for $7.99 including shipping. But....I'm trying to save $$ here, and I need to practice sewing. So - win/win. Now I need to sew something that needs them....:lol:

OH! Yesterday I sat down and played with some of the attachments I inherited from DH #1 (a semi-professional costumer). I figured out how to install the Singer buttonholer - and I made 3 perfect buttonholes!!!!!! Feeling smart, I futzed around with the ruffler foot.....it took a bit, but I made a perfect ruffle, too!! I feel very, very smart right now.....:lol:

Hope y'all have a good weekend! I am going to try to get measured so I can start on a sloper....Lord help, I really DON'T want to see my measurements, but....I need to buck up and face the music so I can finally make clothes that *fit* me. Laters!

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Photos! Jun. 30th, 2015 @ 12:54 pm
So....here's the fabric haul from last week:

Spandex for swimsuit(s) - hope I can get 2 out of it!

fabric - spandex

Pre-quilted for insulated bags:

fabric - blue quilted

Cotton for reusable grocery bags, and the Star of David for table settings:

fabric - bags

And, here's the bags!

The Large (penguin/insulated) with the Medium on top, to show difference in size:


The insulated ones:

Bag - quilted

The regular grocery ones:

Bag - medium

Ended up with 3 large and 5 medium bags. We'll see if I need to make any more...we only shop 1x/month, so I need a LOT of bags.

Oh, I don't think I showed you my knitting bags:

bag - large

It holds 5 balls of yarn, a sock-in-progress, and my charts. :lol:

Been thinking a LOT about my wardrobe. Right now, I live in shorts and oversized t-shirts....and I want to dress more feminine. Not dresses-only - I've never been big on dresses, to be honest - but more...well, shapely. I think that's why I'm drawn to the 40's and 50's - women dressed like Women and weren't ashamed of their size/curves/bodies like we are today. I am especially drawn towards the English fashions of that time.....I keep going back to the Haslam's system (basically a draft-your-own system.....yes, I'm going from basic sewing to drafting my own patterns. :eek!: I never said I was smart, y'all!) because I LOVE the look of the styles. And because I can get a whole whack of scaled patterns for under $20 (but I have to buy the foundation book ($20) and the ruler thingy ($17, I think)....we'll see. I'm not diving right in - I'm trying to be smart about this. (It helps? I think? that I found a BUNCH of 1950's Lutterloh patterns online for download....yes, I am in trouble. :shrug: I like challenges, and I like stretching my brain and my skills. I have to admit that I can do basic sewing....I just need to take baby-steps and get my confidence up and see where it takes me.) I'm going to start with Mrs. Depew's 1950's top and capri pattern, then go from there. H sent me a lovely 1950's wrap dress pattern that I WILL sew - it looks easy! - once I get some proper fabric. I'm thinking lightweight linen......

It's hot, and the pool is calling. More later!

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It's TOO bloody HOT.... Jun. 29th, 2015 @ 03:54 pm
because our A/C went out yesterday. :sigh: It was 92* INSIDE this AM......and the A/C guy JUST finished baling-wiring it back together. We are seriously considering getting it replaced (to the point that the guy is working up the numbers, and SG is on the phone getting approved for financing serious) - because folks, THIS is TEXAS, and it's only June. My electric bill is currently right at $300/month....and it WILL go up, because it WILL get hotter. :sigh: The guy claims a heat pump will cut costs at least 40%....I hope so.

Anyway.....I will try to get photos posted tomorrow. I came home from the Fabric Outlet with 5 yards of "food" fabric, 3 yards of penguin fabric, 2 yards of a coordinating color, 3 yards of spandex lining, 2 yards of patterned spandex, and a scant yard of rose spandex.....for $100. I'm not sure how the patterned spandex will work for a swimsuit - it's a large print - or if I have enough of the rose, but I'll try to get at least 1 complete suit out of them. I need to go back to get some actual clothing fabric (H, the patterns arrived! THANK YOU!!!! The wrap dress is one I've looked at, but not gotten around to buying yet. :lol:)...but that'll be later. I think the A/C is more important. I've sewn 5 grocery bags and 3 insulated grocery bags so far.

And H, I blame YOU for my current obsession with vintage sewing books. I have found quite a few downloadable ones (from the late 1800's and early 1900's), and I have bought...1 so far. Plus the 2 draft-your-own patterns (and I'm looking at others, but I want to read vintage books to see if that's really what my foremothers had to do before I go whole-hog.) I have modern how-to sew books, but....I want to see what people in the '40s and '50s had to learn from. Hey, if I'm going to sew up a vintage-inspired wardrobe (eventually), I want to know how they are expected to sew them. Besides, I'm a book junkie.......I am afraid. VERY afraid - I'm already out of room on my bookshelves. This could get....messy. :lol:

Oh, for all y'all gamers - IF you are into Disney Infinity (3.0 is coming! Star Wars!!!!!!) you might want to get to Game Stop. From now until July 9 all used Infinity characters are buy 3 or more, get them for 50% off. Um.....we have kinda gone off the deep end. We do NOT own Disney Infinity - yet - but we have prepaid a deposit on 3.0. (What? It's STAR WARS. Of COURSE we'll be buying it!) We bought 13 characters and 2 location markers for $80 - which sounds like a lot, until you realize that most of the characters are $19.99; some are $12.99 but the popular ones (like the Avengers!) are $19.99. The Avengers starter pack (Black Widow, Iron Man, and Avengers Tower) is $39.99 new; we got all 3 for $16 used. MUCH more economical! Especially since I was holding out for Star Wars to be added - with Infinity, you have to buy a new game every time they upgrade the characters. They say that it IS backward-character compatible, so.....we are trying to get our favorite characters NOW in anticipation of 3.0.

AAAAAANNNNNNNND - we are getting a 2-stage heat pump. They'll be out to install it on Monday...we are now a little bit more in debt, but what could we do? August is coming......

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Wow....3 in a row! Who'd'a thunk it??? :lol: Jun. 25th, 2015 @ 08:24 am
Cyn gave me a Sam's Club membership.....that's a DANGEROUS thing, y'all. I need to figure out storage, because.....yeah. Much cheaper to buy paper goods and bottled water in bulk. And cereal.

Tigger is doing OK. We got home from shopping and I let her out of the bedroom...and she and Chloe AND Bree got into it. :sigh: Not sure what's up with them.....this AM they are besties again.

Today we are going to the Fabric Outlet district. I have a list....:lol: OH, H - have you heard of Mrs. Dewpre on Etsy? I....um.....fell down. She's got a LOT of vintage, scalable patterns (with the rulers and instructions on how to get a perfect fit!) for....not too much money. She has a deal - 3 $8.50 patterns for $22, which.....um. I got Herself a blouse and jacket pattern, and me a blouse/pedal pusher combo. I know HOW to grade/upsize scaled patterns, but I've never done it before (just helped. 21 years ago. This is going to be FUN. :lol:) I also bought a .pdf set on Underwear and Lingerie from the '40s - I printed it out and have some reading to do. It was put out by The Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences, and looks to be from a correspondence course. No, I'm not doing underwear Right Now....but Soon. :lol:

Need to get our Summer School going....then it's off to the stores. Looks to be a fun (albeit HOT!) day today!

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Just a quickie... Jun. 24th, 2015 @ 09:41 am
since I have to run Tigger to the vet for stitches removal, then we have to head out for our monthly shopping trip......:whew!:

H, THANK YOU!!! I will look at the links later today. Defined waistline - yup. Otherwise, I look like Omar the Tent-maker has had a field day. :lol:

God is GOOD, people! I thought - according to all the paperwork I had - that Herself was not getting a SSI check this month. It put me in a small panic - because Himself's check pays the house, the car and house insurance, and the electric bill (most months - electric fluctuates!), her check pays everything else. I did the bills this AM, expecting *1* deposit - we got 2. :scratches head: I put a call in to the "local" office...seems that SS is 1 month BEHIND. So, THIS is her last check.

AND I got a call from the state disability office - they just NOW started working on her claim. :fingers crossed:.....I really, really hope it goes thru without a hitch. SS wanted to speak to Herself (since she's 18 now)...and she Freaked OUT. She doesn't do well on the phone.....or with people she doesn't know. (Funny story: we took SG's dad out on Saturday. He and I got to talking about the kids, and I dropped something about Herself being on the Spectrum. He said "Oh. I had no idea...I mean, yeah, she's always sitting over there, doing stuff...I just thought she was shy or something." I chuckled...."Um, no - she was with family, and that IS her being social. You should watch her when we're out and about sometimes - she doesn't interact with anyone she doesn't know. You? She knows you're "family" but doesn't KNOW you, so she's in the room, but not IN the room, y'know? Once she's......."safe" with you, she'll start talking to you - and you'll wish she was back to today. :lol: Because....YOU don't pick the topic, and YOU don't control the conversation. It's...interesting."

He "got" it - which is good! - and we'll see how it goes.)

So. Today we shop - and be as frugal as possible, while stocking up. Tomorrow...the plan is to hit the Fabric Outlet stores. I got paid for 2 jobs, so I have "extra" $$. (For the record, I entered her deposit after getting off the phone, and immediately took out an extra house payment. I want that in reserve, so I'm not panicking next month. I have just enough left for our normal grocery run....and I should be able to score a LOT of fabric tomorrow at cheap, cheap prices.)

Anyway.....gotta go round up Tigger. Laters!

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» Sewing blather
you've been warned! :lol:

H, YES, please!!! I have...curves. Think Marilyn - my "girls" are, well, I am 8" larger at the widest part of my bust than my under bust, which means that most RTW and patterns just don't *fit* correctly. (Most patterns are sized for a C-cup....yeah, not so much with the fitting. A C-cup is 3" difference.....:sigh:) I also have HIPS, and a "rumble-seat". :lol: If I find pants to fit my hips, the waist gaps, but if they fit my waist, I can't get them over the hips. :sigh: So, at some point I am going to HAVE to start sewing clothes for me. (I think there's 12" or more between my waist and hip measurement.....curvy? Yup.)(Also, most women are wearing the wrong cup size - most stores assume that a "D" is the largest cup size....it's not. :wink:)

I LOVE Gertie's sundress pattern in the book, only I need straps. And a longer skirt, but...I prefer tea-length to knee-length. I LOVE the 50's look - that cute top with full skirt! - but honestly? I live in shorts/pants. Dresses are fun, but not so practical with the horses/goats (I know some people do it, but......not me. Not right now, anyway.)

I am currently living in unstructured clothes - t-shirts and loose shorts - even though I love the look of the 50's silhouette. Just....I can't wear a corset every day. :lol:

I have books on altering patterns, and I have a working knowledge of it (I did regrade my Bombshell swimsuit - I was 1 size at the waist, and another at the bust and hips, so I re-drew the lines to get a perfectly-fitting suit. It wasn't as hard as I thought - but I am leery of attempting that with pants. I'll get there - eventually!)...I just need to get more comfortable with my machine and with actually assembling things. And get over the "must go fast!" mindset I have.......

Anyway - help would be MOST appreciated! Tips/suggestions - lay it on me, girl! I'd love it!

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» Week...end Recap
or thereabouts. Let's see....

1. Tigger is healing; she gets her stitches removed Wednesday. Yippee! No more Cone of Shame!

2. Knitting: Finished the Egypt socks, need to get photos. Started my next pair - "Companion". One of the Firefly themed socks. It's going well - and it has BEADS. Never knit with beads before...this is interesting.

3. Books: We hit Half-Price on Saturday. It seems I'm being pushed towards sewing.....I brought home a few felted knit books and a couple of sewing ones. BUT. I was browsing eBay...and I scored a copy of Gertie's New Vintage Sewing (or...whatever. Her first book) for.......$11.41. With $0.01 shipping. I got it Saturday as well.....and it is Impressive. I am NOWHERE near ready to tackle the projects - yet - but it is chock full of techniques and tips. I'm debating buying her 2nd book from JoAnn's - even with a 40% off coupon it's more than I usually spend on a book, but this one is just That Good. I also scored a copy of Colette's book (I love the patterns, but don't want to shell out $15 for a shorts pattern, you know?) - it should arrive today. (It was $9.98 with $2.98 shipping).

4. Sewing: So, the current plan is to read, read, read, then make some bags. One can never have too many bags, right? I'll use some of the techniques from the new books, and get comfortable with them, THEN I'll tackle some actual clothing for me. I need to get comfortable with zippers - and bags are good for that.

5. Life, in general: Still haven't heard from SS on Herself's disability. Starting to panic, a little - I mean, I KNOW God has this, but.....bills are coming due and we're down the house payment each month. :gulp: Trying to stay calm.....

Need to get started with Himself's school. We're on the Summer Schedule, so it's light, but it still needs to be done. Laters!

(Oh, and it's raining. Again. I don't want to complain, but we are going to need to evolve flippers soon if this keeps up. Normal annual rainfall is 34". In May, we got 32". I have no clue what we got over the weekend, but it was at LEAST 2.5" here......we went from the entire state being in Extreme Drought conditions to NO DROUGHT at ALL in 4 weeks. Nice? Yes. But I'm a bit tired of the mud and glop. And mosquitos........Oh. My. Goodness - they are flying around in packs now. :shudder:)

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» Sorry for the silence...
we actually didn't lose 'net connection, but I tried to stay off anyway. (We won't discuss the roof..it's done, but I don't think they did the dish correctly. I mean, except for the 1.5 hours we had no power (and the crew did NOTHING), we had no blips with our connection...which means the dish was NOT moved. :sigh:) I did not get much knitting done, though......Tuesday was the Endo (Herself seems fine, according to the doc....:sigh:), Wednesday was spent with my Mom (we also got Herself an ID card - she does Not want to drive. At ALL.), Thursday we had friends over, and Friday....Friday we were HOME, but trying to get ready for Shabbat AND Herself's 18th birthday and party on Saturday. (Yes, she's 18 now....but maturity-wise, she's...maybe 8. :big sigh:)

And then there was Saturday evening. After the party, SG, Herself and I went to look at a hay field 2 towns over. Himself wanted to stay home...good thing, too. He called as we had just turned around to come home - Chloe and Tigger had gotten into a disagreement, and both were bleeding. I got him calmed down, and SG sped up. Himself called back....Tigger was "bleeding all over the bed, Mom. Looks bad. What do I do?????" :bangs head: I told him to dump a handful of flour on her (flour will stop bleeding - good to know, right?), and to check out Chloe - who seemed fine.

Got home......yes, Tigger was bleeding, but NOT all over the bed. Just 2 smallish spots. BUT - it was bad. She had a deep puncture wound on her back leg, with 2 smaller ones near it, one on her forehead, and one on her neck. Chloe had a couple of small spots on her front leg and some scratches on her belly. :sigh: We flushed Tigger's deep wound with peroxide, squirted some on Chloe, then packed Tigger up and took her to the doggie ER (SG was resistant...after Risky? Not me - I'l figure out some way to help pay off the Care Credit card.)

LONG story short - Tigger had surgery Sat. evening/Sunday morning. Vet called at 1 AM to tell us she made it thru the surgery OK, had a drain tube and about 14 stitches. We picked her up at 8, and have been trying to keep her quiet (HA!) and isolated (HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Anyway. I am TIRED - no sleep last night, because SG thought Tigger was depressed (probably right - she HATES the cone of shame, but keeps shimmying out of the soft one I made for her (needs work. :sigh:)) so he plopped her in bed. Then fell asleep himself and kept kicking her in his sleep. :huge sigh: Now, of course, she thinks she's allowed in the bed (which...normally she is, but we have orders to NOT let her jump. Riiiiiight. Her name is Tigger for a REASON.)...and she can jump up there faster than I can realize she WANTS up. :big sigh:

Our vet called yesterday to check on her - which I thought was nice. I have to bring her in tomorrow to get the drain checked and possibly removed; she'll have stitches for 2 weeks. I am going to be a zombie for those 2 weeks, methinks........

So. Very little knitting has been done. I have turned the heel and finished the gussets on sock #2, but that's about as far as I've gotten. I want to get it DONE, because I want to knit something else.

But right now, all I want is a few solid hours of SLEEP. It looks like rain - again - so maybe I'll get that. :fingers crossed:

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» Real quick...
Roofers are here, and the roof is already almost completely shingle-less. They will be moving the dish soon, which means we'll be without internet...and Skybeam can't get out before FRIDAY. WHAT on Earth will we do?????? :lol:

Anyway, we're fine at the moment. I foresee lots of knitting time.....

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» Update thingy...
OK, so Herself is moderately better. Doc appt. yesterday was honestly a waste of time - we learned NOTHING. And nothing was done - just "come back in 6 weeks for more blood work" :bangs head: At least she sees a "specialist" on Tuesday....maybe we'll learn something then.

I finished sock #1, and am on the leg of #2. I am itching to dye up some more yarn to kit up yet more socks....but I am fighting the urge. I need to knit more down, first......maybe. :lol:

Tomorrow we go to pick up a sewing machine cabinet/table....I want to move my White (30-ish pounds!) into the house, as I can't sew in the Studio. No room! I found a cheap, antique cabinet on CraigsList - hope it works. (No picture....but the lady is nice, and it's CHEAP.) Not sure where I'll put it.....ah, well. Such is life, right? :lol:

Himself got his forge, and promptly freaked out. :rofl: I'm working on him......

Shabbat Shalom! See ya on the flip side!

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