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Still here....and tired.... May. 19th, 2015 @ 08:52 am
because we've been BUSY. Let's see...Saturday was errand day. We had car-work done, then went clothes shopping (it's INSANE how much clothes cost AND how the manufacturers have messed with sizing. Women's, anyway. See, I've lost 10 pounds. I KNOW they're gone - my old clothes are LOOSE. Problem - new clothes labels are *2* sizes larger than the old, almost worn out shorts. Seriously....I wish they'd come up with standardized sizing - it's a bit of a downer to try on clothes in my OLD size and they NOT fit, when a) my 3 year old shorts are 2 sizes smaller and LOOSE and b) I've lost weight and a few inches. :grumble:) We also hit Harbor Freight to pick up some tools for SG - and to look at anvils for Himself.

See, he's all of a sudden developed a desire to try blacksmithing (OK, forging - but blacksmithing is easier for folks to understand). I have a gas-powered mini-forge on order for him, but he needs tools, too. Harbor Freight has a small anvil for $59; Himself said, well, maybe it'll work. I dunno. THEN he got upset because we didn't buy it for him. Um......you kinda need to tell me you want to TRY it, y'know?? :sigh:

Sunday was a visit-day - we had some friends over. Good times, but exhausting. The dogs managed to destroy the pet door (they were locked out, and Not Happy.) so I had to spend Sunday evening whipping up a new flap (this one is upholstery fabric, because it's all I had on hand that was even remotely OK for this. Now we have a FLORAL pet door flap...ah, well. It's green-based, so it fits the room, AND it matches the sofa pillows. :lol:

Yesterday...ah, yesterday was Clean the Barn day, because it didn't RAIN. Praise God! (Although we still need some rain, but it's not desperate like before.) I moved Netanya (Hebrew for "Gift of God" - I don't normally do names like this, but she kinda needed it, if you get what I'm trying to say. She IS, and the name fits her.) out to the barn for play time; she ended up out there all night, and did well, so I guess I no longer have a house-goat. We also got the tin to repair the hay barn roof and the milk room roof (a new skylight panel! I will have a light in the milk room again!!)

Knitting: I finished (Finally!!) SG's socks on Sunday, and started a pair of fingerless gloves yesterday...the first one is almost done. :!: I have a pair of socks ready to start, another one I need to wind the yarn for, AND a pair of felted slippers ready to start.

I finished 2 more bags - 1 for me, 1 for a gift - that just need buttons.

I *think* that gets me caught up, except for photos, which I will try to do tomorrow. Today it's overcast - again! - and we're waiting on the dryer repairman. Oh, yeah - the dryer went out on Thursday. :sigh: We moved my clothesline yesterday AM, so I spent most of the afternoon hanging clothes/taking them down (because I was out of things to wear. :sigh:) Hope he can fix it today - the kids are almost out of clothes, and rain is forecasted every day for the next 10.

Hugs to all who need them. Ali, are you taking some time out for YOU? Are you still crocheting? Hearthie, good luck at the Fair!

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So. How's it going? May. 13th, 2015 @ 02:24 pm
:lol: Yesterday was a bit of a quicky, update-wise. Let's do a little bit better today, shall we?

1. Bathroom Baby: Doing well. I think she's got something going on with her right eye; she doesn't open it all the way and it tears up a lot. I put some Gentamycian in it, in the hopes that it'll help. It doesn't seem to bother her, but it bothers ME. She can get up and down now, and she's starting to discover her anti-grav feet. :lol:

2. Sewing: I told you I made a bag a week or 2 ago (did I show you, though? Can't remember.....); well, Saturday I made 2 more. Same Simplicity pattern, but I modified the assembly (because the instructions are...well, stupid. They have you sew the bottom together, then the top, THEN attach the top to the bottom. Um. I'm not the best sewer, so maybe it's just me, but I can't get the stupid side seams to match up when I do it that way. By sewing the top to the bottom, THEN sewing the 2 sides together, it looks much better and was easier to do.) I also lengthened the straps - the pattern ones make the bag snug up into your armpit when you carry it. I.....don't like that. So, I have a new bag (that needs buttons) and Herself has a crochet bag (that also needs buttons)...and I have the fabric for 2 more. (1 more for me, and 1 as a present.) I need to work on my zipper insertion, but the bags work and look - if I do say so myself! - nice. (Buttons are forthcoming. I sketched out 2 more styles, and Herself is going to carve the stamps and get them made in the next day or 2.) (2 color work project bags and 1 sweater bag, if you're interested in why I need 3 bags. We will not discuss how many sock bags I have.....because it got a little silly there for a while. Let's just say that I can knit socks for the rest of the year and not reuse a bag. Maybe 2 years.....:lol:)

3. Mixer: Did I mention that SG finally replaced my KitchenAid mixer a few months ago? Well, I had an Artisan - nice, smallish, but nice - that Himself and I managed to overload with a loaf of Rye bread. After a lot of arguing, SG finally replaced it for me (I mean, really - we can afford $200 for a new RC controller, and $99 for a new quad-copter, and $65 for a simulation program, but we can't afford $250 for a mixer the SAME WEEKEND????? I swear.....:grumble:); I found a RED Professional 5.5 quart model for $259. I. LOVE. IT. LOVE it!! I can mix up 2 loaves of bread in under 10 minutes with this thing - it's fantastic!!! Himself used it to make some Pretzels....and HE loves it, too. :lol: (Herself is still scared of it). (Why the love today? Because I have 2 loaves of bread rising right now...with no effort on my part.)

4. Knitting: Still slogging along on SG's socks...I HATE them. :sigh: At least I'm on the foot of #2 now.......I wanna play with COLOR. With TEXTURE. I wanna knit something FUN!!!!! :lol: I need to whip out a pair of fingerless gloves for a friend who was just diagnosed with mouth cancer, but then it's SOCKS. With color. And then with texture.

5. Roof: The check was sent off to the mortgage company yesterday, so hopefully they can get started SOON. It has rained EVERY DAY here since....well.....April or so. Some days it was just sprinkles - but Rain. Which we NEED, but not all at once. I am NOT complaining, mind you - but Rain. I think N. Texas is now pretty much out of the drought - I know 1 lake is 2' OVER it's "full" level - which is good.

6. SSI: The meeting yesterday went OK; the application will be sent to the agent that makes the determination as soon as they get some forms back. I.....have hope, but I'm not counting on approval yet. ASD stuff is kind of hard to quantify - I KNOW she can't work for someone/with strangers, but how do SSA know that? :sigh:

I think that pretty much catches us up. I am VERY glad I journal everything - I spent a few hours yesterday trolling my archives for SSA. Yes, I put stuff out here - and I'm glad I did. Let's hope it helped!

ETA Forgot something!

7. New program: I found a program - Printopia for Mac (not sure if it's for Windoze, too). This program/app makes it so that ANY printer hooked up to your Mac becomes an Air printer (that is, wireless so that ANY device you have can print to it). I have a very old HP LaserJet 4L hooked up to the router (or.....something. I really don't know WHAT it's hooked up to; I just know that any of our computers can print to it, but the tablets couldn't.); now? ALL the tablets can see it and print wirelessly to it (as long as either my Air or SG's iMac is on. Since his is on all. the. time, this isn't an issue. :happy dance:

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We're OK! May. 12th, 2015 @ 02:44 pm
So far, most of the tornados/high winds have passed around us, not over us. Thank God for that! We're just waterlogged and muddy. :lol:

Been running around trying to pull together info to apply for Disability for Herself. It's not something I *want* to do...but I need to. :sigh: She simply doesn't function well enough to be able to hold a job - case in point, yesterday at the theater.

We went to see "Avengers: Age of Ultron" (good movie, not great, but fun. NOT for the..under 10 crowd, but fun) at 11:20. The building was empty - I think there were 4 other people in our theater with us. Halfway thru the movie, she leans over and whispers "I need to go to the bathroom." "OK." I say.

A few minutes later, I say "Honey, if you need to go, GO." "NO." :sigh: A few minutes later, she's squirming, so I say, again, "Honey, go ahead and go!" "NO. Not alone!" :bangs head:

Yes. *I* had to take my almost 18-year old daughter to the bathroom, because she refused to go by herself. In a pretty much empty building, with the bathrooms clearly marked. It's aggravating, because she should be able to do that (most *8* year olds can do that by themselves!)....but she can't.

I'm pretty sure they'll deny it, and we'll have to appeal. NOT what I want to do, but what choice do we have? Her survivor's benefits ends at the end of May.....and while I could get a part-time job, it'll cut into the homeschooling time with Himself. (And it would leave him alone with her, which....isn't really ideal. She doesn't do that well without supervision, unfortunately.)

Anyway, SS is do to call me in about 15 minutes. Should be fun - NOT!

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:sigh: May. 6th, 2015 @ 11:52 am
We lost Risky Monday afternoon. Vet is confused, but thinks it was too much stress. I even took li'l girl out to her, to see if that would help, but.....:sigh: Animal care sucks sometimes.

In GOOD news, li'l girl actually STOOD UP on her own this AM!!!!! This is HUGE for her! I feel a little more secure now - although I'm still paranoid.

In other good news, my hand is "better". Still very little sensation, but it doesn't look nasty any more. I'm sure I'll scar, but hey - I got a cute baby goat out of it, so that's worth it. :nods:

Herself fired her large kiln Monday. Neither of us have a clue, so we went with the recommendations in the manual - slow heating, small hold, powered cool-down. The heating took *14 hours*, and it took another 16 to cool down to "off" (still at 250*!). It wasn't room temp until this morning......I told her she'll need to make sure the kiln is FULL any time she fires it, to make it worth the wait. (She had about 25 buttons in it this time; not full, not by a long shot, but enough to test it, and yet not enough to break her heart if it didn't work properly.) She's had an offer from my potter friend - friend will take a basket full of buttons to sell at her July event if Herself will get them made. :fingers crossed: This could be good for Herself!

Gotta run - got 4 hungry kids to feed!

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:sigh: Trainwrecks are No Fun! May. 4th, 2015 @ 06:19 am
Updated count:

doelings: 4 (+1 dead)
bucklings: 1 (+2 dead)

So.....as you know, I induced Risky Saturday evening. I did it after a LOT of soul-searching; her due date (day 150) was 5/10; they can go 5 days before - 5 days after (but after the fiasco that was Mocha and Annie a few years ago, NONE of my goats will go more than 36 hours or so over their due date.) SG and I had a HUGE fight over this, but Risky had started showing signs of early labor on Monday (pawing, avoiding the other goats, not *eating*) and by Saturday all she was doing was laying in one sot moaning. I decided that having her pop on day 144 (which would have been today, and still early) would be better than making her wait any longer. (When you induce, you give them Lute. 36 hours later (or so), you have babies. I NEVER do it willy-nilly, I always make sure we're within (or close) to day 145 or later, and I make sure I have a damn good reason to induce. This year, I did Inara, because we weren't going to be home on her due date (she went the day before), I did Annie (because I will NOT let her go over - she's a smaller goat, and I don't want to lose her like we did Mocha), and I did Zoe because she was due tomorrow, and, again - we aren't going to be home.)

Cut because it got long. Click here!Collapse )

Oh, and to top it off? The insurance adjuster came out on Friday, and not only were the barns damaged, but we need a new roof. :fun: And it's my fault that the adjuster came out.....even though I simply did what I was told and reported the barn damage. I......don't get it, but such is life.

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» Update thingy....
First, new count:

doelings: 3
bucklings: 1 (+1 dead)

Zoe gave us a BEAUTIFUL brown and white doeling, and Annie had a pretty (but, unfortunately) dead black buckling. I'm kinda glad it was this way, though - bucklings are hard to sell. (We're keeping May Flowers, because, well, she's GORGEOUS.)

Now, story of my stupidity Cut for length. And photos.Collapse )

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» Out of commission
Because I am dumb. I managed to dunk my right hand in a bowl of HOT grease tonight. ER says not as bad as could be - they aren't living it. Pain is an easy 12. So bad I BEGGED for pain meds and Benadryl.

I will be offline for....a while. Ice water is my friend. Sleep.....hopefully. Have silvadene - hope it soothes it!

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» The weather outside is frightful....
Don't know if our night made the national news - it did make the local! - but, first - we are all OK. Animals and people. Including the 2 new babies Inara gave us last night. :lol:

Doeling: 2
Buckling: 1

Anyway, we had MAJOR storms roll through.....at 8:30 last night the rain was HORIZONTAL. Freaky! At 11:30 PM we went out to check on Inara (and the horses)...but we didn't SEE the damage clearly until this AM.

I'll just...show you:

The milk room roof:

storm - milkroom

The hay barn:

storm - hay barn

The buck barn:

storm - buck barn

The "missing" roof:

storm - roof

(that's in the neighbor's pasture...about 50 feet from the barn.)

It.....wow. There are tree limbs down everywhere. The news says there's lots of damage in town - doesn't surprise me!

Oh, and Ali - April is doing GREAT. The Bo-Se shot apparently flipped a switch - she is taking full bottles now, and demanding MORE. She's not real happy this morning, having to share her space with 2 interlopers that get bottles while she is STARVING. :snicker:

We're waiting on the insurance adjuster now, but I have a feeling this is going to come in just under our deductible. We'll see......

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» Quickie....
OK, so I am revising my thoughts about April - she has a strong suck reflex, but is very, very weak. She can manage maybe .5 oz before getting tired; we have to really work with her to get her take 2 oz per feeding. (I guess she was VERY hungry that first meal!) She hasn't done more than stand up, wobble a couple of steps, and fall down to sleep - normally, kids are starting to discover they can defy gravity by now. :lol:

Ran to the local large animal vet for a bottle of Bo-Se (a selenium supplement).....they sold me 1cc. For $5. :bangs head: What makes it worse is that baby Nubians only need .25 cc.....:sigh: I was able to give her a little under .5cc - the rest is in the diaper bag for the next kid. (Bo-Se helps give kids a "boost" - she needs all the help she can get. Normally I have it...but I used the last of it last year and didn't get around to buying a new bottle. :sigh:) So we went to our DOG vet - who quite happily ordered a bottle for me, and will call when it gets in. :shakes head:

Not much else going on - I'm on baby-watch, so I'm tired. Almost too tired to knit - so you KNOW I'm tired! Herself is starting to crank out buttons - our potter friend said they'll probably sell, and offered to take a batch to her next show. :bounce: *I* just want Herself to fire the big kiln - buttons work! :lol:

Shabbat Shalom - may your day be Blessed! And may we have no more early babies!

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» And so it begins......
Let's see.....today was Grocery day; Herself and SG both had morning eye exams and SG had a doctor's appointment at 1:30. I told him that I was sorry, but I simply could NOT see how I could do all I needed to do and be done by 12:00 so that I could go with him to the doc. He was a little miffed, but got over it.

Anyway. We got home a little after 1:00; he got home about 3:30. He wanted to eat early, so we all piled in the truck to grab a bite. Now, before I walked out the door I did a quick check on the goats. Our first doe isn't due until next week, but with goats you just never know. Everyone looked fine, so out we went.

Came home at 5:00. The kids headed out to do evening stables.....and Herself started yelling. Trillian had decided that today would be a good day to kid. According to my records, she wasn't due until 5/5 - so she's very early. Or I am a doofus that didn't write down the dates correctly. (Either one is possible, take your pick). So, kid count:

Doelings: 1
Bucklings: 0

She's a very, very pretty, mostly black, little girl. Looks to be full-term, has a STRONG suck reflex, and could stand up and wobble around. She was dry, so she wasn't new-new, but her belly was empty, so she wasn't more than maybe an hour old.

She's currently in the playpen in the bathroom. She took 3.5 oz of colostrum (THAT was fun - Trillian is a first-freshener. And she acted like it. :sigh: She wasn't too bad, but I don't like fighting does for the milk. She'll get better......or else. :lol:)

We're calling her April...maybe April Showers. *I* was kind of hoping for a sister - then we'd also have May Flowers. :snicker:

Anyway, we've started our kidding season with a bang! Next up (according to my possibly borked records) is Inara (who looks like she's carrying triplets; poor Risky has her own gravitational field, she's so huge!), due on Wednesday. Because that's an orthodontist day I'll be inducing her to go Monday AM (should she go that long. She's big, and her udder is starting to fill). Then we have a few days until Annie (5/3), then Zoe (5/5) and finally Risky (5/10...but I don't think she's gonna go that long. She looks about ready to pop!) I'm praying for more girls than boys - girls seem to sell better. We are just about at our limit - I plan on keeping 1 girl from each doe (so if Zoe gives me a girl, she's for sale, because Trillian is her daughter. Same with Inara - Padme is hers) to keep the bloodlines.

Gotta skitter - got to see if April needs more milk!

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