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Happy July!

It's, lately. And weird. Mask orders are back, but very few people care. It's just too damn HOT, for one thing. For another.......all the orders read something along the lines of "wear masks IF you can't stay 6' apart". Yeah. Whatever. :rolls eyes: Plus, you can claim a medical exemption without any CYA, much? People are pretty much DONE, out here.

We've been busy. Show, don't tell, am I right? :lol:



This is my new path to the Studio. Total cost - $52, give or take a few. I think I want another $20 worth of gravel, so grand total will be $72, or so. Not bad for a pathway, huh?

Next up: Himself and I NEED to get the new dragon cage built. The plywood is cut, we just need to get out there and DO it. Then we need to get the drywall up in my Studio...the eaves were never finished, and it's really bugging me. We have the insulation and drywall, it just needs to be done. :sigh:

In the Studio: working on a gauze top. I finally got my Nani Iro double gauze......I started a Jules in a plain gauze, to test the sleeves, but I'm thinking it's too "fussy" for the Nani Iro. I'm looking at a Scroop Pattern for it....the Henrietta Marie blouse. I need to think a bit more - I'm not sure the pleats at the neck aren't too fussy. :shrug: We'll see. It's not like I don't need a few more cool, breezy tops for the heat that is coming. (It's already in the 90s, here - I am SO not looking forward to August......)

ALSO, LJ is denying DW from crossposting - apparently since 5/4. I don't check LJ much, so I didn't catch it until now. I manually copied over my DW posts for posterity.
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Whew! It's been busy!

and HOT!

So. A couple of weeks ago, Himself and I were out walking. I saw a pile of something on the side of the road - we have a lot of illegal dumpers out here - so we slowed down to take a look. It was a pile of granite cut-offs; they were about 1/2" thick, and there were a TON of them. I took a pic and texted it to the husband with the caption "I can use these as a path?"

He called and said "Yes. We'll pick them up when I get home."

Turns out, there was enough there to fill the truck bed up to about the half-way point. :blink:

Two days later, he stopped at the local new construction home division, and got permission to clear out some of the brick debris pile........despite being photographed and reported by a resident, we came home with 2 truck loads of broken brick and Austin stone. I mean, I GET it, we were picking up bricks...but I deliberately wore my loudest and brightest tie-dyed shirt, we were gathering them IN THE MORNING, in daylight, and we weren't trying to hide - we had permission!! :sheesh!: Guess the lack of face diapers made us suspicious. :shrug:

Anyway. We currently have a path from the back porch to my Studio outlined in brick. We filled it in with cushion....dirt (old compost from the buck barn), and will be placing the granite in the next few days. Our only expense (besides gas and sweat) is $12 for the Liquid Nails (holding the bricks together in bunches of 6 or so) and $7 for the landscaping fabric. Not to bad!

In the Studio - current project is a new set of shorty overalls for me. Fabric is from IKEA, of all places! I have the front done, just need to get the back sewn up and the whole shebang assembled. Then it's another shirt for Himself, and on to shorts for me.

Not a lot else to report.
oh! A hen hatched out 5 chicks; they're currently in Herself's Studio. Fun times!
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Busy, busy, busy!

Let's see...

1. God is Good! I have decided to give up my iWatch (privacy concerns, among other things), so I dug out my old (old enough to be vintage!) wrist watch. It's one of the first Eco-drive (solar-powered) watches, and it's been in the dark for....15+ YEARS. :sigh: It was deader-than-dead; research said to put it in the light for at least a week to see if the capacitor would still work. 3 days of light, and 5 minutes under the dragon's UV bulb, and I have a working wristwatch!!!!!! God is, indeed good - I don't have to come up with the $$ for a new watch/repairs!

2. God is Good, part 2! - I have been reorganizing the Studio. I was stalled - I needed another Ikea Kallax, but Ikea is closed, the curbside pickup...well, Ikea's online ordering SUCKS. If you order for delivery, you pay 3x the amount of the purchase (on average! No, thanks!), and it looks like they take your money, cancel your order, and ignore you. :sigh: Trying to order for curbside matter what time of day I order, I get "we have exceeded our ordering numbers for today. Try again tomorrow!". Um. You should be able to take my money and let me PICK the day I want to pick up my order, thanks. :bangs head:

I've been watching CL......Friday evening I found a post for a *green* 2x4 Kallax, for $50. OK...I don't want green, but it's the ONLY 2x4 Kallax I've seen in weeks. Saturday AM I called - yes, it was available, yes, we can pick it up after 4. At 3 we loaded up and headed a house about 1 mile from Ikea. (The irony, it burns...) Turns out, it isn't green, it's *Teal*, and very very close to my slate blue (it's a little bit brighter, but it works). Sunday Himself came out to my Studio, and we swapped the white Kallax that was the ironing station for this one; the white one now holds my patterns. :happy dance:

3. The Studio is now 90% done. I have 2 hotspots - both back corners are messy, but I can't do much with them at the moment. (I simply don't have the room to move stuff around; the spinning wheels are stuck, and the big printer makes that area tight.) I am sewing up the fabric as fast as I can - that'll help one corner, the other.....if I can knit, I can knit down the yarn and spin up the fiber. Unfortunately, that's not an option right now. :big sigh: Anyway, I rearranged what I could, and have more space to move around it. It looks nice.....I'm calling it a win.

4. Himself has a new shirt! AND he likes it! It's a Hawaiian shirt, classic pattern, with "real" Hawaiian fabric. I'm happy - he's finally wearing a PRINT! He's happy - he has a nice, light, cool, well-fitting shirt.

5. State of the hand/wrist. Not good, but........getting maybe better? I've been trying to use it more - the kids want to do a family co-op in Star Wars Battlefront II (the EA one, not the classic.....although at least 3 of us have both classics......hmmmmmmm.) I'm slowly putting in time on the gaming rig - I have to use a controller instead of the keyboard, but at least I'm *playing*.

6. Saw a LOT of people out and about on Saturday, most of whom were mask-less. Looks like sanity is starting to be restored.......I'm glad. We were able to talk to one of our favorite cashiers at GameStop, which made us all happy.

And, NO - I don't "want grandma to die". If I did, I'd be pushing for more house arrest. The best thing for the elderly and immunocompromised among us is to get the herd immunity up as fast as possible - and Anti-Social distancing is a joke that really doesn't work. (Seriously - droplets from a sneeze travel over 20 feet...yet staying 6 feet apart is supposed to "help"? Who thought this shit up, anyway???? I mean, I know common sense is dead, but....seriously????)(And there's nothing SOCIAL about it - it's ANTI-social. Words have meanings.) You wanna wear a mask, be my guest. Feel free to keep a petri-dish on your face, bringing in all the germs into your home and releasing them at once when you remove the I'll stay mask-free, thankyouverymuch.

Gotta skitter - fabric is calling me.
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Organization is da Bomb!

With Himself getting into sewing, I knew I needed to reorganize my Studio. He'd agreed to help, but I have to wait on his for the past 3 days, I've been working on my pattern problem. Since I know there's a LOT of new sewers out there, I figured I'd whip up a post - it might help someone else (even though I think I have a readership of 3. 2 of which are family.....:rofl:

For the past....century or so, patterns have come on paper, purchased from (usually) a fabric store. JoAnn's (and to a lesser extent, Hobby Lobby), has been famous for running sales - usually once a month, for one week, particular companies were put on sale for $1.99/each.....which is a HUGE savings. (Paper patterns tend to run any where from $9.95 - $20.00+ - being able to snag them for $1.99 each is a Big Deal!)

About...5 years ago? 10? Independent pattern companies hit the scene with print-at-home pdf patterns. I looked at them, and bought a few, but......seriously, why pay $7.50+ for a pattern *I* had to print myself, when I could hit JoAnn's and get a ready-to-go pattern for $2? It didn't make sense to me, because SURELY it cost a lot to print at home, right? I am ashamed to admit I never did a cost analysis of pdf patterns before Wednesday.....because it never crossed my mind. I mean, I had hauled some files to Staples to print them, because - surely! - it was cheaper to print wide-format and skip the expensive and time consuming step of taping all those (expensive!) pages together.....Staples charges $7.50/page. Or did - Herself bought a plotter for us (which I still need to get up and running; I think I have the correct drivers now on my gaming rig. :shrug: It's actually moot - you'll see...) and we haven't been back to Staples since. (Organization is coming up, I promise!)

OK. So.....I can buy a pdf pattern for $7.50 (or less!). A pack of paper from Wally-World (the closest place to me that carries copy paper) is $3.97/500 sheets. That breaks out to $0.00794 per page. Um......I don't like "messy" math, so let's round up to $0.01/page, to keep it easy. The typical pattern that I buy is 50 pages (36 or so for the actual pattern, the rest is the instructions. YES, I print the instructions; I want them on hand for note-taking, plus you never know when a small company will go out of business.) So: $0.50 to print the pattern....since I rounded up, and since pattern pages don't use a lot of ink/toner, I think we are probably safe in assuming the ink costs are built in. I did a quick online check; regular office printing runs about $0.03/page......again, patterns don't have that much printing per page.

Cost so far: $8. Now we need to tape that sucker together! Scotch brand tape runs $6.47/4 pack (at my local Wally-World) - that's $1.6175/roll. I usually buy generic, but let's run with this. I can usually tape 2 patterns together per roll, so that's $0.80875 in tape per pattern.....let's round up and our total for a print-at-home pdf pattern is $9.

******* $9.00 ********

I won't factor in the cost of tracing paper, pencils and time, since I trace ALL my patterns off as a matter of course. That way the original is safe, and I don't have to reprint it if I decide to change something, like a neckline, sleeve, or length.


I have spent the last 3 days sorting my patterns into storage boxes, both paper and pdf. I also took the time to update my pdf organization...which is the main thing I wanted to post about. I have...a LOT of pdf patterns; most free, but still. That's a LOT of files to keep track of.....what's the "best" way to go about it?

Some people use a filing cabinet; the patterns go in there while the envelope/picture from the pdf go in page protectors in a notebook. Works, do you know what you already have when you are looking a patterns in a store/online? You *could* carry a small spiral notebook around, with all your patterns hand-listed.........but that's a LOT of work.

Some people use OneNote. I looked at that......but it didn't click with me. It makes little sense - it might work for you; it does for a lot of people. I needed something else - what I wanted was basically Ravelry, but off-line. Bonus points if it works on both mobile and laptop! Oh, and it HAS to be Mac-compatible, since I am (mostly) Mac-only. (The gaming rig is nice, but......gaming. And some work. Mostly gaming. Plus my phone is Apple, so....yeah.)

What I ended up with is Tap Forms, a database that also has an app. After a LOT of work, I ended up with 2 databases - the mobile version is a list of all my patterns while the laptop version has the actual files attached. (Plus the laptop version has all my knitting pdfs, all my :sob: weaving pdfs, AND finished projects. Plus blank forms for spinning and tatting, so that all my fiber-crafts are saved in 1 spot. It's....nice. VERY nice. If I could figure out how to link the pattern entry to the finished project entry, I'd be set, but so far that's eluded me. :shrug: It's not necessary, really - it would just be nice.)

While I sorted my patterns in the Studio, I made sure they were on my phone. When I got back to the house, I sat down with the laptop and made sure most of the pdfs were also on my phone - I left off some of the free quilting patterns, and a lot of the free apron patterns. I don't care if I download them again - they're free!

All my paper patterns are in, with photos of both the front and back of the envelope - no more guessing on fabric type and amount! (The pdfs are set up the same way...mostly. If I haven't printed them yet, I don't have photos. :shrug: I tend to print them before buying fabric, works for me.) I have tags, so if I do happen across some awesome fabric that HAS to become a hat/shirt/whatever, I can pull up the patterns that have that tag. PLUS - no more duplicate patterns!

The laptop version is basically the mobile version, but with a few less details. I don't have a listing for "box" for example (which tells me WHERE the pattern is located in my Studio; if it's blank then I haven't printed it off yet), nor do I have the fabric requirements/recommendation. I do have the actual pdf attached - which is NOT on the mobile version. I also have any embroidery files attached (on the laptop) for things like plushies - it makes it easier to find them/remember I have them. (Embroidery files are also housed on a separate USB stick, for use at the machine. I don't want to have to haul my laptop out every time I want to embroider something. :lol:)

Himself came out today and started brainstorming a more efficient setup. The serger has been moved, as has my full-length mirror. The embroidery machine desk is going to be replaced with a 4x2 kallax - there will be room for a 2nd machine, should we decide we need one! (Right now, no - but the idea has been floated; the current machine for bags and things, and one with a larger hoop for clothing. I'm in no rush, but having space already set up will be nice.) The current desk will be donated. There's just enough room for a new desk for his machine, where the serger was - we're just waiting for Ikea to reopen so we can give them more money.........every day they are closed is another day I might go to Home Depot instead. :hint hint:

That's where we are right now - my Studio is all 6's and 7's right now, but will be put in order tomorrow. I have a blouse cut out (Love Notions' Rhapsody blouse with 3/4 length Bishop sleeves), then I need to make up a new shirt for Himself.

The husband wants to go get dinner - gotta skitter!
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Happy Star Wars Day!

May the Fourth be with you! :wink:

Been busy in the Studio. I now have 3 new blouses, and 2 new pants. Good thing, since Fabric Mart's May Picks had.....ummmm.....a few pieces I *really* liked. And I bought them........:lol:

The Style Arc Jules top is nice. The first one I made as designed, but without sleeves. I realized at the last minute that the sleeves were going to be too tight in the bicep area, and I didn't have the fabric to cut wider ones. :oops: So, that one has overly-large sleeve holes. :shrug: Still wearable; it was a muslin anyway.

The 2nd one I added kimono sleeves; they look good. The bodice is a trifle short - I noticed on the 1st one, but decided to ignore it until I got the sleeves sorted. Again, quite wearable! It's in a lovely Hawaiian print by Tori Richards - I LOVE it!

The 3rd one was sewn today. I redrafted the kimono sleeves, and added 2" to the bodice above the skirt seam. Haven't worn it yet, but it looked FABULOUS on my dress form. I'm planning on wearing it tomorrow; it's another Tori Richards fabric in pinks and blacks. It's just GORGEOUS.

I'm going to switch patterns next; I have the Hot Patterns Peasant Top queued up. The last -new- fabric I have in line is (another!) Tori Richards Lawn; it's Blue with gorgeous Hibiscus flowers all over. I got the last of the bolt, so instead of 3 yards I got approximately 3.25. I don't want to cut up the pattern too much, so the Jules is out; I'm hoping the Peasant top will showcase the print.

When my current order comes in, I'll be back at it......I mostly snagged more Tori fabric - I LOVE her lawns, and her prints are really, really nice. By the time I'm done with all of them, my wardrobe should be pretty much done....until my Miss Matatabi order finally makes it over from Japan. :lol:

Not much else to report.....I have some more hats to make up, but no rush. I'm on the lookout for some more linen for pants.....I need some brown and some indigo. Maybe a nice black - I have 1 pair of black Pheobe pants made from a LOVELY Japanese cotton twill, but it's a soft black, not a nice, solid black-black. I have the Cashmerette Calder pattern to play with, but I wanted to knock the easy-fit pants out first so I'd have something to wear.

Me-made-May looks to be a GO this year....:lol: This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
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Whew! What a time it has been!

Let's see.....week before Easter, we took the aunt shopping. Got home, Himself and I went for a walk, and Herself ran out to get us - she found a dozen newly-hatched chicks! Helped her get the brooder set times!

Then, last Sunday (Easter), she came in....with 4 still-wet kittens. She had been cleaning the nesting boxes and had heard something. Went to investigate; in the milkroom (not currently in use, for rather obvious reasons), in the old grain bin, was a dead(!) possum with 4 newborn kittens on top of it.(ewwwwww!) I had her set up a bucket to put them in, next to the can......and we watched. For 24 hours. No mom ever showed, so we brought the 4 wee ones inside, added the heat rock from the lizards' habitat, and tried to keep them alive.

Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful. The last one died yesterday - we kept it alive a week, which I guess is something. :sigh:

Anyway. I've been spending a lot of time contemplating my wardrobe. I have sewn a LOT of dresses over the last few years, but I never wear them. Dresses, to me, are - well, Dress-Up, not everyday clothes. I started looking at all the sewing books/patterns I've bought/bookmarked over the past year, and I realized that I really, really like the Lagenlook.....look. :lol: Slouchy, loose-fitting pants under tunic tops, with (a few!) ruffles. I discovered the Tina Givens patterns (freebies!) I had downloaded, and decided to sew up a pair of Plinka pants.

I. Am. Loving. Them! I now have 3 pair, and a pair of Phoebe pants hanging in my wardrobe. With fabric on order for a few more pair.

I have weeded my wardrobe, and am down to a few tunic tops that I love. (Guess I kinda/sorta Marie Kondo'ed my wardrobe......heh.) I have the patterns for a few more, and will be sewing them up soon. I don't plan on over-layering things, but a swingy tunic over the plinka's is a cute outfit.

I seem to lean more toward the Japanese take on Lagenlook instead of the German/American version - I am not interested in 2 or more "slips" on top of a skirt on top of the plinkas; I like the tunic-over-pants look. It's comfy, it's breezy, and - because the Plinkas are so....wide-legged, it's still swishy! :lol: The Phoebe pants are still wide-legged, but no ruffles - I'm planning on wearing them with "louder" tops, and the Plinka pants with more subdued ones. Maybe........I mean, I'm finally over 50 now, so why not? I might even start wearing Red and Purple together - on purpose! (only, not really. I don't like a lot of red....)

I discovered Adelica Patterns over the weekend - simple items, good prices, kinda lacking on instructions. Still, for $4.50/pattern, it's not bad - and, for me, the sizing is spot on. (They're on Etsy as well as their own website.) Today I bought the StyleArc Jules Woven tunic - I have some lawn that *needs* to become this.

I've also made a couple of sun hats - 1 for me (using some leftover linen so it matches a pair of Plinkas) and 1 for Himself (using canvas from my Studio couch slipcover.) We'll wear them on our walks. Herself wants a (few) hat(s), too, so I'll be busy. :lol: That's good, since the world's gone mad.

(I am seeing signs this is winding down - there were a couple of mass-shootings over the weekend. False flags, of course- what, do you think that all the mass-shooters actually obeyed the quarantine? Not. This would have been the ideal time to go shoot up grocery stores, since that's the place most people are congregating, but oh, no - they stayed indoors like model citizens.:snort: The media needs to find a way to exit this gracefully, so they conjure up stuff. Oh - all you Trollus Langleyites that have started appearing in my comments - give it up. My blog is honestly NOT that popular, nor do I want it to be. I can do math, thanks, so I know the media is lying. :shrug: I really don't care if anyone else believes me.)

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Passover begins tomorrow night

according to the New Moon, anyway. Wednesday night, according to the calendar. :shrug: We're going with tomorrow night, so today has been a whirlwind of cleaning out the 'fridge and freezers. I'll be vacuuming later, to make sure all the crumbs are gone.

We're trying something sorta new this year - last year, we had company over Passover week, so I made a menu plan. We're doing that again this year, because it worked so well last. We kick off Pesach with Shepherd's Pie; then sometime over the week we'll have Quiche, Butter Chicken, Brisket, Steak, Pot Roast, Lasagne, and Spaghetti. Lunches will be salads and/or mac 'n cheese. We did our normal once a month shop last Friday, so we a good to go.

I'm noticing some good signs - a lot of folk are out and about, and NOT wearing masks. (Masks really won't do any good if they aren't air-tight against the skin....cloth and paper masks are NOT. They'll stop you spreading sneezes, but they won't stop anything from actually getting into your system. At least, that's what a lot of scientists are saying.) There's a LOT of grumbles, too - mostly from older folk. Younger, more indoctrinated folk are doing everything the gov'ment is telling them to do.......:sigh: Oh well, not my circus, not my monkeys. I do find it amusing that they are out en masse, wearing masks like good little sheep.

Our ISD is delivering lunches to the students out here, so at least they are earning their tax dollars. Good to know that *something* productive is happening!

Himself finished his robe, and is awaiting a pants pattern so he can start his next project. Herself is happily working on accessories; I finished a batch of bags and will be starting pants for me (finally!) tomorrow. He and I have been walking every day - averaging 2 miles. I did something to my right leg today, so tomorrow we're taking off; my left leg hurts, but it's livable.

Saturday was go-shopping-for-the-aunt; I'm glad that 2 months ago she bought TP and Paper Towels, because they are NOWHERE to be found right now. Mom is hunting TP - I think she'll have to take some of mine. I can't figure out the hoarders - C19 doesn't affect the digestive tract! :shrug: We're OK for another month, I hope! IF not, well, the shower's right there - basically a large bidet. :lol:

Not a lot to report - we're still doing our normal routine. Bluprint is offering free classes until 4/19 - not *all* of them, like they claim, but most of them. It looks like they are discontinuing the "own forever" classes (called it!), but at least you can watch for free right now. I'm trying to see if there are any I need to hunt hard copies of......

Anyway - Hag Samech Pesach!

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Whee! The world is ending...

Not. I did the math - Texas has a popular of 28.7 million. There have been 2817 reported cases - which doesn’t mean what you’d think. EVERYONE that goes to the E.R. is given a test - even if they go for something totally non-related. This is reported as a “pending positive” test.....anyway. Doing the math, the percentage of “positive” cases for Texas is .000098153. That’s not even half a percent.

US numbers: 327.2 million. “Positive” cases: 161,088. Percent: .00049232

US deaths (supposedly from Covid-19): 2968. Percent: .01842471 (of those that tested “positive”)

So. Not quite 2%. Let’s look at flu numbers, shall we? In the 2019-2020 flu season, there have been *29 MILLION* cases in the US. 16,000 deaths. The percent of flu cases: .08863081. Deaths: .00055172

There is a higher percent of death (supposedly) from Covid-19, but a much smaller percent of contracting it.

Here’s a photo from the 1989 edition of the AMA Encyclopedia:


No, I am not living in fear. I am living like I normally do in cold and flu season. The media-driven panic is over the top, and honestly? The “social distancing” and shelter in place stuff is killing the economy. Please tell me how telling people to stay home UNLESS they need to go to the grocery store, liquor store, fast food drive thru, etc. is actually helping. Because if the goal was to ACTUALLY do some to stop the spread, then NO ONE should be allowed any face-to-face contact; everything should be ordered and paid for on-line, with delivery to your porch, and you get it after the driver is safely away. This? Isn’t going to stop much of the spread. And doubling the number of people on unemployment in a WEEK isn’t the suicide rate is on the rise. But let’s believe the media, right? If it saves even 1 life.....who cares about suicides or domestic violence victims, right? /sarcasm

But go ahead and tell me I’m uninformed (just because I don’t watch the mind-numbing twaddle that is the news doesn’t mean I’m uninformed. I have access to all sorts of news sources, thank you very much.)

In other, actual news: Himself has started sewing. He’s made me a new hip holster (bag - no firearms involved) and is working on a robe for himself. A vintage Folkwear pattern was probably not the best for a 2nd project, but he’s doing well. He inherited Granny’s machine, so it looks like I’ll be getting it tuned up for him soon (he’s using mine right now; I was using hers/his, but it isn’t keeping tension.)

We picked up a pair of heavy lifting gloves for me, to protect my wrist when I get back to the gym. Academy was doing decent business, even with only allowing 25 people in at a time. There was a steady line, so there’s a lot of folk out there trying to live normally.

Off to menu plan for Pesach - it’s next week!

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Get a grip, people!

This is NOT the end of the world - it is a MEDIA-INDUCED circus. The virus is the SAME one we get EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

1. The virus "escaped" in November. It didn't hit the public radar until February....what did it do from November to February? Take a vacation? No - I guarantee it had already traveled around the world, not making waves, until *someone* decided to turn it into a media frenzy.

2. The WHO sold pandemic bonds a few years ago, due to mature July 2020. The interest rates were...2% on some and 11% on the others, IIRC (the 11% I remember. The other is either 2% or 4%, can't remember, don't care.) Only, there's a clause that if a pandemic hit BEFORE June 2020, no repayment was to happen. Gee.........would ya look at that???

3. The death numbers that are do we know they are from Covid-19? We KNOW the media lies. How do we know that the deaths aren't ALL deaths - from suicide/old age/accident/homicide/etc? We don' why should we trust them? (I don't.) How do we know they aren't related to the "normal" flu deaths? We don't. I don't trust the numbers, I don't trust the tests.......I think it's mostly hype and fear-mongering. (Yes, I know this is a controversial opinion. YOU don't have to share it.)

4. The US Constitution grants us the right to freely assemble - and the local governments are denying us that right because of......this. Nope, sorry - I haven't changed my lifestyle, and I won't. I'm not afraid of no hoax, as Herself put it. I mean, we're not popping out for lunch as often, because I don't like eating in the car, and bringing food home defeats the purpose. (At home I have a Duncan that likes to inspect my food. Sometimes I just want to *eat* without the keen observation.) We're still doing our normal craft-store/feed store/quick grocery runs - and will continue to do so.

Now, this doesn't mean I'm not taking the usual precautions - I know how to properly wash up, thanks, and do so. I am not forcing Mom or Cyn to go out - both of them have lung issues, and this IS cold and flu season. I will NOT be getting any flu shots - I never do, and never will. (I used to, but a) almost never noticed a difference, and b) 1 time (the LAST) I got so sick I wanted to die. NEVER again. I know it was a reaction to the vaccine, because I was perfectly healthy the day of, but a few hours later got sicker than I have ever been. NEVER again.)

I'm not sure what the end-game is, here. I'm seeing a lot of money being pledged.....but I'm not sure where it's actually GOING. I have suspicions, but no proof. Is it real? The virus itself might be, but the media hype is just more blood-and-circus fear-mongering. I'm also not sure what started the toilet paper drought...this virus doesn't cause bathroom problems, so....why the run? (Pun NOT intended). It makes no sense......

Ah, well. To be honest, I don't watch the news anymore - haven't since before last Passover. I catch it online, but I don't spend a lot of time reading it - I am sick of the lies and the misrepresentation. I'm much happier now.

In other news, Himself has me playing Drake's Fortune - it', so far. I suck, but that's OK. He enjoys offering me advice. :lol: I need all the help I can get!

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It's NTIF weekend......yippee?!!?

Normally I'd have my wheel, and sit happily in the tent spinning and chatting up kids/adults. This year? I can't spin, so no wheel. No wheel means *I* am on display, not The Spinner...and I don't like it. *I* don't like people - The Spinner does. :sigh:

Add to this that the husband doesn't want to hear about my sore wrist, he's pissed I refuse to spin.....and he doesn't want me to TELL anyone why I can't spin (because he knows HE'S at fault, and more at fault for KEEPING the damn dog......:big sigh:)

Eh. I'm almost not bitter!

The embroidery machine still rocks! I made a new hip bag for myself with Celtic embroidery - if you ignore the fact I sewing the inside in backwards, it's great. :lol:

Well, gotta get ready for day #2. Fun stuff.....:sigh:

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