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Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase


This just gets better and better.... Nov. 13th, 2019 @ 02:28 pm
And - I'm DONE. In fact, the husband is - no shit! - about to quit his job over this. :sigh:

So. Our enrollment period was 9/1/19 - 9/25/19. I wanted to stay with the plan we had, so we a)didn't have to DO anything and b)already knew what we were dealing with.

Nope - that plan is no longer offered in our area/by the employer. OK then. We stuck with Cigna (yup - calling the b*****ds out), because I *thought* our new plan would AT LEAST offer what we had. Boy, was I WRONG.

(As a quick aside - I was chosen BY CIGNA for a focus group, which was held 11/5/19. In it, we were shown a "fake" email discussing "local networks". I flipped out, said it was a HORRIBLE idea, and if I had gotten said email I would have dropped Cigna like a hot potato and run fleeing into the dark. I was told by the moderator - "oh, no, no - this isn't a thing. It's just a mock-up." Keep this in mind, OK?)

Monday I got a bill from my lovely hand specialist. I owed $110. AFTER my copay of $60. Cigna paid $29. I was incensed - what in the hell was going on? So I called......only to be told that my doctor, who IS with Cigna, who hasn't changed ANYTHING on his end at all, is no longer in MY network.

See, he's outside the limits placed upon me by my zip code. So - he's out of network, and they will pay 40% AFTER I meet my new deductible of $1500.

:sigh: Self-pay will cost me $199 for the visit in October and the upcoming one in December. Cigna will happily charge me $700/month + $170 PER VISIT.

So - go on, tell me again that I must keep this piece of shit insurance. Go on - tell me how much I will SAVE in the long run by paying $8,400 in premiums, $1,500 (per person, NO family cap!) deductible (even if it's an accident carry-forward - they don't give a shit, just pay up!), PLUS $170 per visit. (Let's see...6 visits @ $170/each, plus the previous.......$10,920. NOT including any surgery or extra visits. Cash pay = $1,200 for the same 6 visits. Um........anyone see a problem here????) Please note I only included 1 deductible - even though it's quite possible that you have to pay *2* of them, depending on the timing of your accidents. :shakes head"

It really isn't going to matter, though - husband has already told me that he's DONE dealing with the crap at work and this POS insurance. HR will NOT drop me - he is forced to keep me on, even though we CAN NOT AFFORD TO USE IT - so, he wants to quit. I told him go ahead - we'll figure something out.

And for the record - his gross pay is $30K. Think about that, if you will. Approximately $5,500 comes out for withholding/FICA. Subtract the insurance premiums from the remaining, and he has a NET income - or, for the accounting-challenged, Take Home Pay of - wait for it - $16,100.

We can live on that without too much difficulty. (No, seriously. NO credit cards, no splurges. :shrug:) But not when you add in the lack of coverage by Cigna.

Oh, and telling me to "find someone in your network".....yeah. I live in a rural area. There are 2 doctors' offices in town, neither of which are....er......very competent. We have *1* orthopedic doctor who believes that x-rays can't see thru swollen tissue (so tell me why, exactly, you want to hit me with a dose of radiation if it's not going to show anything useful? Seriously.....) The hospital is best avoided - the ONLY reason I went there with the bite is because I had bled through a dishtowel in under 40 feet and was afraid I wouldn't make it to Dallas (60 miles away. For the closest *decent* hospital.) This hospital doesn't deliver babies any more, because there are NO OB/GYNs within 40 miles. The closest nephrologist (for Herself's thyroid condition) is approximately 35 miles away - pretty sure that's not in-network, either (good thing she's got her own insurance that doesn't care how far she has to drive to get to a doctor) - not that it's a GOOD nephrologist. :sigh: Same for Himself's allergy doctor. There's not a lot of choice here, doctor-wise - which hasn't been a problem up until now. (And the orthopedic doctor? Isn't a specialist, and I really don't feel comfortable with a non-specialist looking at my HAND, y'know? I kinda need my hands........although at this point, it's moot. Can't afford surgery, so I guess it doesn't matter.)

I love it here. I love the peace, the land, the livestock, the fact that my closest neighbors on one side are COWS. I do NOT like living close to people. I hate crowds - and traffic! Ugh! I don't think it's fair that I am penalized by an insurance company I am forced to pay, just because I like living with less pollution.

Ah, well. I will muddle along, like I always do. I need to try a few different knitting techniques, because the lack of a sock in tow is starting to wear on me. Knitting keeps me sane, and keeps me from smacking people with a clue-by-four when they are being especially dense. :sigh:

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Just.....wow. Nov. 11th, 2019 @ 09:19 am
So. Y'all know the story - dog bite 7/24, ER didn't do their damn jobs yada yada. Our insurance plan changed 10/1 - we had no choice in the matter. Now, my doctor - who still takes Cigna, you understand, and - again! - we had NO CHOICE in whether or not we were going to change plans or not - is no longer "In Network", so Cigna covers 60%, AFTER I meet the NEW deductible.

To recap: I had an accident 7/24/19. I met the damned deductible inn the ER visit on the same damn day. On 10/1/19, our plan changed - again, no choice in the matter - and a) I have to meet ANOTHER $1,500 deductible, b)my doctor - who hasn't changed ANYTHING on his end - is now OUT OF NETWORK, meaning I have to pay $99 out of his $111 visit charge.

Tell me again how this insurance is worth anything?????

EVERY other policy I have had in my life rolled over the deductible if it was an on-going (not chronic, of course) thing. This - I can't even.

Looks like I get to live with an unhealing, broken arm for....well, however long it takes for the bloody thing to heal. I can't afford to go back to the doctor, with OR without insurance, so guess that's that, then.

And NO - socialized/single payer is NOT the answer. 1 - it's not free, doctors/nurses/their suppliers have to be paid somehow, and where do you think that money will come from? and 2 - do you REALLY trust the government to run healthcare correctly? (Ummmm...think $250,000 hammers. Seriously - you want those bozos in charge of YOUR health?)

Sorry - I just had to vent. Now I'm going to go bash my head against a wall for a bit - and then cancel my 12/13 doctor appointment. There's really no point in keeping it if I can't afford to actually DO anything (since doc's already said surgery is the next step, IF I am still in pain (yup!) and if the bone isn't healing (don't know, but since it's swollen and squishy, I'm thinking it isn't, or it's healing very slowly. Either way, I can't afford to do anything, so.....why bother?)

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let's see... Oct. 28th, 2019 @ 08:55 am
1. lizard habitat is still not done. to be fair, it was raining friday, then saturday it looked like rain. brother and niece came out to play with lizards; we talked a lot and watched detective pikachu. fun times! i did start the hammock stands for the new habitat - so at least i did *something* for the lizards. :lol:

2. wrist - same. oh well.

3. sewing - working on laptop case for cynthia. i just need to assemble it today; it looks good. i found some cute owl fabric for the exterior - hope she likes it!

4. husband. has suddenly realized that this job sucks. doesn't pay well, hours are stupid.......but he is still *not* doing anything about it. :sigh: he had to borrow the kids' savings to pay for a water leak repair at his house......and he suddenly realized that taxes are, in fact, due *every* year. no, really? :bangs head: my small savings took a hit friday - we had eye exams and 2 of us needed new glasses. i had hoped i'd get my last contract check...but no. ah, well.....when i do, it'll go back into savings. :shrug: what do you do?

not much else to report. i'm backing up my air - soon as it's done i'll go out to the studio to finish the bag.

hope it doesn't rain........

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i finished a sock! Oct. 21st, 2019 @ 08:31 am
finally! took me 4 hours to knit a toe, but the blasted sock is done! :happy dance:

let's see:

1. had the stand for the new reptile habitat finished and ready to move into the house (not herself's room, yet, but in the house). only.....the husband found 2 more rotten boards that need replacing (no, i did't notice them while painting. he did, when he tried to lift the bloody thing by 1 board and it broke. :sigh:) then he shattered the masonry board on the side........this just gets better and better, doesn't it?

i tried to remove the mirroring on the sliding glass doors of the cage, and failed. we did get new glass cut, but not put in yet. we also got the final boards to make the riser for the bottom (we had boards....he had 2, and i bought 2. he just didn't tell me he was using his 2 to repair the stand. :bangs head:) ah, well - it worked out better. the bottom will be out of 2 x 6's instead of 2 x 4's, which makes it slightly taller, and therefor better for the young kaiju. :lol:

updated plan: the new habitat will be ready for occupancy *next* saturday.

2. rain! we had a gully-washer come thru last night. bad, heavy rain. thank G-d we have no damage!

3. the husband got to see suki at her antics again last night. she decided riley insulted her and jumped him.....and yet, she's still here. :big sigh: is is bad of me to wish he'd been bitten? because...yeah. maybe that would force him to *do* something. :sigh:

not much else to say. i *really* need to get back to putting stuff into tap forms. knitting is pretty much done, except for my projects, but sewing? not so much. :sigh: hurts to type, but.......

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well, that's interesting.... Oct. 17th, 2019 @ 04:15 pm
so. went to the doc today about my wrist. he took x-rays.....seems the bone is NOT healing. i still have a nice gap between the 2 pieces - herself says it looks to be 3mm; i dunno. doc mentioned surgery....not fun. i go back 12/13 to see if it's gotten any better. he's concerned, since the pain hasn't decreased at all.

good news - i have more range of motion now. i think i tore scar tissue, which is why i can move it more. it's still not back to where it should be, but hey - i can move it more! we won't discuss how much it hurts, right? or the fact that it still takes me about 10 minutes per row on my sock...which is ridiculous. it took me 2.5 hours to knit half a toe. :sigh: i've got presents to knit - this is NOT good.

i still have a few exercises to do, but......they won't help the bone heal.

ah well, we'll see. i will keep plugging away at the sock that's been on the needles since JULY. (normally it takes 10 days to complete a pair of color-worked socks. this pair is plain - no pattern, no color, no texture...just knitting. :sigh:

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Other entries
» good morning!
let's see:

1: wrist worse. i fell on friday - it was wet. i was feeding the does, and my feet slipped on the panel we had on the ground to keep out of the mud. i wind-milled, then hit the ground on my hip and - yup - left wrist. felt a pop......good news is i now have almost full range of motion. bad news is i am now at an 8 on the constant pain scale. :sigh: i see the ortho on thursday. fun times!

2: sewing. i have almost completed another shirt for himself - just need him to choose buttons so i can do the buttonholes. i knocked out 2 snuggle sacks for our lizard overlords - need to rework them a bit; torhu *hates* hers. i mean, she loves the warmth, but hates being put in it. i have a few ideas.

i knocked out a laptop case for my air yesterday. i've made this pattern once before (it's the lisette laptop bag from "ithinksew"); in that case i had to enlarge it. this time, i printed it at 82%. it fits.....but i do NOT like the instructions. the designer wants you to finish the inside with bias tape to cover the exposed seams, and she does NOT use any sort of padding to protect the contents. :sigh: yes, it's a bother to sew the lining separate from the outside, then flip them inside out, but the end result is so much more clean and professional! so is adding foam........it's a huge bother, but - again! - the end result is much nicer. i need to do 1 more practice run before doing the real one - Cyn needs a case for her laptop, and this makes a nice gift. :lol:

3: speaking of lizards. last weekend we picked up a new enclosure for the young kaiju. it looks like it was originally a glass display case from a shop - it's 70"L x 20"W x 12"H. i am going to remove the mirroring from the sliding doors, build a frame base to raise it 3", then build a frame top to raise *it* 3", and add a wire top for the lights to hang from. that should make it 18" high (or close) - which gets the heat lamps and UV lamps up high enough. it came with a 3.5' stand custom made (the seller had his turtle in it), so......hopefully next week we'll be able to get it in the house.

i've already started building some fake rock climbing toys for them - you use styrofoam, sanded grout, and polycrylic sealer. (no joke. i think i've spent.....$25 on supplies, and the grout is a 25 lb bag - it'll last *forever*. fake rocks at the pet store start at $20......so, yeah. up next are a couple of hammocks (using scraps from my hawaiian shirts, i think!) and a few more rock structures.

4: himself requested i mention the Hong Kong situation. it's complicated, but people (Americans) who think that HK citizens shouldn't be punished for speaking out....are very naive. look, the only people who have a protected right to free speech are American citizens - and that only here, in America. Chinese citizens can NOT speak freely against the Chinese government - that's illegal there. i don't like it, but there it is. we, here in America, CAN speak out against it - and any American company that punishes an American citizen doing so should be taken to court. if they punish a NON-American - well, not much we can do about that, especially if they punish a Chinese citizen, in China, who breaks China's law against speaking out against the government. (the NBA needs to be legally b****-slapped into next week for kowtowing to the Chinese government, imnsho. as an American citizen, the coach has the *legally protected* right to speak his mind. granted, he was in China.....so what should have happened (imo) was that China threatened arrest, our embassy made "so sorry" noises and whisked him back home. yes, visitors in a foreign country should obey their laws........but still. the NBA could have made the right political noises to mollify China while not violating the coach's 1st amendment rights.) it's complicated......but money shouldn't be a factor in how a company treats it's people. blizzard, on the other hand, was within it's rights to punish the Chinese player at their tournament in Tokyo. i don't agree with it, but.....they were in China, it is a Chinese citizen - Chinese laws prevail. the guy has no protected right to free speech. i do NOT like it, but......it is what it is. yes, i'm sure money had a lot to do with it - but, again - the guy is Chinese, and he knew it is against the law to speak out against the Chinese government. (for the record, i think Hong Kong *should* be allowed to be sovereign. not that my opinion means much - i have no skin in that fight.)

i need to start waking up the kids, so hope you have a good one!

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» well....this is going to be interesting!
let's see....a lot has happened over the last..2 weeks or so. himself decided he wanted to work on cars - i think i mentioned that. he replaced my stereo (excuse me, "head unit"), then this past sunday he installed the backup camera. works a treat!

we did a run to mom's. on the way there, he started kvetching about how he was going to be bored now, and he wanted to do something with cars. the husband had talked to his dad about having himself work on his dad's vast collection of collectible bugs, but - as usual with the husband - nothing further was decided. anyway...on the way home, we passed a house with an older model jeep cherokee out front with "for sale" written on the windshield. we stopped, talked....$500. NO motor - it was blown. body in decent shape, interior in good shape - just needs a headliner. all the motor parts are there.......

i heard a goat, so i jokingly asked if they needed another one. free. they said sure! so we said we'd bring biff back after feeding. off we went to discuss.

fed the critters, packed up biff. himself and i discussed, decided ok, this was a good project car. dropped off the goat, told them we were interested, but needed to get the funds....and the husband took $100 off because we gave them a goat. :blink:

so. tuesday we ran to the bank then to their house, and himself is now the proud owner of a $400 (+ 1 goat) jeep. yes, it'll be a ton of work. yes, he's aware - but he WANTS to do this. so, he's going to start with the small stuff- replace the lights/headliner/etc, then start breaking down the engine. he's excited - this is good. very good.

only thing - it's a 5-speed. it's been 30 years since i've attempted to drive a stick......at least i have time. :lol:

today is errand day - hope you have a good one!

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» good morning!
i have pictures! been busy, as usual - i can sew, but can't knit much. i spent most of last weekend tidying the studio - i have carpet! who knew?? :lol:

let's start with my arm - these pics are about 2 weeks old, but nothing's changed. it is a *lot* better than it was when it happened, so i don't mind sharing these:

arm top

arm underside

the worst one, pain-wise, is the one at the heel of my hand. it feels raw......i still can't flip my hand over, and my range of motion is still very limited. my pain level is sitting at....3.5-ish. :shrug:

next up, meet Tohru! herself has had Iroh for almost a year, now, and he was acting very mopey. we discussed it, but had decided to not get him a tank mate - females are hard to find, and putting 2 older males together isn't recommended....then the serpantarium called with an owner-surrendered female. we resided...until my brother sent a photo. :sigh:

Tohru and Iroh

she's the bigger, darker one....and according to herself, she's mine. :lol: she and Iroh are getting along, so that's good - and he's no longer mopey. (i like lizards, just hadn't really considered owning one. herself didn't want to be a multi-lizard owner, so.......*i* have a lizard. :rofl:)

now, the important things: what i have been up to in the studio: shirts. for me. i wanted some classic camp-style shirts, and victoria jones #220 caught my eye. it's a traditional man's hawaiian shirt, which was the look i wanted.

hawaiian shirt green

this was the first one - fabric was from a "famous hawaiian designer" from fabric mart. this was my muslin - it fits, but not quite well enough.

hawaiian shirt birds

2nd attempt. fit is better, but not quite there. i added 1/4" to the side seams.....it made the body fit my curves better, but i wanted a little more ease. the collar is better - i didn't like the pattern instructions; too much hand-sewing. i basically used the simplicity dress shirt's directions - i like the finish the yoke-burrito gives you. fabric is from the same lot from fabric mart as #1; i have enough left to make herself a top, too.

hawaiian shirt purple

this one.......my favorite. the fabric is from hawaii - it's cotton, it's a nice mid-weight, and it is lovely. i have 2 more pieces i need to sew up.....anyway. i added 1/2" this time, instead of 1/4", and the fit is exactly what i wanted. loose, comfy, and iconic. i did move the buttons to the other side.....silly, but i wanted to emphasize it was a women's shirt. i'm not sure if the other 2 pieces will end up as this pattern, though, as herself and i went in together and bought 2 used lutterloh sets.

lutterloh shirt green

which...here's my first attempt at a lutterloh shirt for me (i made up a tank for herself, but it needs a little more work. the first book is from 1980....and i had to lower the neckline/armscyre/bust dart. i should have just lengthened the shoulder straps.......) this pattern is from the current supplement; lutterloh is interesting as you get a book of 40 tiny patterns that you have to draft to your size. it's not a perfect fit - you still have to make your normal alterations - but it's closer than commercial patterns. and cheaper - 40 patterns for $20. (if you're interested, try to find an older set - the new sets are about $130; we scored 1 set for $30 (280 patterns) and the other for $42 (280 patterns) Supplements are $20-ish.......all you really need are the supplements and the ruler. instructions are on-line - it's easy. and fun. and faster than tracing, for me.) we'll see how it fits, once i get it done.

think that gets you up-to-date....later!

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» Quick update thingy....
so. the nerve test was yesterday......the motor nerves are fine, thank God. the sensory portion....are, sorta, barely. still - good news!

i am out of the brace.....again, sorta. doc wants me in it as much as i need it - the bone is not fully healed, and we don't want any set backs. the therapist wants me out of it. um......ok. i decided to try to only wear it when feeding critters. we'll see.

my range of motion has increased ever so slightly. i still can not flip my hand over - which is very worrisome. the therapist told me to not do the exercises if they hurt.....i hurt all the time. so.......:sigh: she didn't like that answer, but it's the truth. so now she says do them up to a 3 on the pain scale.....i decided it wasn't worth telling her breathing rates a 2 - she wouldn't have appreciated it. (yes, *breathing* hurts. i can ignore most pain under a 5/6.....but i am living with 2 right now. everyday activities? solid 5 or more. so stopping at 3? means i don't do much. i'm trying to decide how much to deal with........)

i have managed to make myself 3 hawaiian shirts (victoria jones pattern # 220. i am a medium. my 3rd shirt i added .5" to the side seams, and it fits the way i want it - i was going for a nice, slightly loose fitting camp-style shirt, and that did it. shirt #2 was .25", and it's nice, but not quite loose enough.) pics forthcoming.

himself funded and installed a new stereo in the jeep. he wants - he thinks - to work on older cars, restoring them, and figured this was a good way to start. he has a backup camera for me, but hasn't quite figured out how to route the cables. that's this weekend's project.

gotta skitter!

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» look ma, no cast!
(only, not look - i don't have photos yet).

got the cast off today. doc looked at it, did a bunch of tests......and walked me into his therapy dept and had me do a session. i have very very limited range of motion, the novocaine-feeling numbness is worse, and he is concerned. (i can't flip my hand over, i can't rotate it at all, and i can't flap it back and forth at all - which is bad. i also have a distinct lack of feeling on the top of my hand - which isn't as bad, since we don't do a lot of sensitive stuff with the back of the hand. still....)

i have a nerve test set up for the 17th, with an appt with him directly after, and a therapy session directly after *that*. i have 6 exercises i have to do 3x/day, 10 reps each, plus i have to massage my wrist 2x/day. fun stuff! (only, not really). i also have to wear a brace all the time, except in the shower and when doing the exercises/massage.

in other news, i knit 2 rounds of my sock! in about 30 minutes.....:sigh:

i also sewed up a shirt for me on sunday - it only took 5 hours. :big sigh: i cut another one out yesterday - 2 hours to cut 7 pieces out. (some of the doubled, but most single-layer to try to do pattern matching. i failed but the shirt should be wearable anyway.)

gotta say, i've done a lot of reading recently. since the accident, i've plowed thru......14 books. so far. at least i can read 1-handed.

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