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I seem to be on a roll.....

because I just finished something I started on Sunday evening - well, finished it yesterday. Photos today - I had to wait for it to dry from it's bath and block. :lol:

thistle hat front

thistle hat side

This isn't for me; it goes into the "present box" that is woefully empty this year. Normally, I stockpile things for gift-giving.....this year, since I couldn't knit, I couldn't think of anything to gift. I'm trying to make up for lost time......I just started a pair of socks for Herself. Again. I started yesterday, but that little voice told me "too big! Abort!"....I measured it against a pair of my socks, and yeah - it was about 2" to big. :blink: I haven't been that far off in...well, years! I went down a needle size (from 2 to 1.5....:eek!:); this time the cuff looks a bit more reasonable. I'll be restarting the color work in 6 rounds, so we'll see then.

I did bugger up my wrist this AM......I mowed the back yard. I don't use the self-propelled part of the mower, because I figure mowing is the best form of full-body cardio I can get. Normally, it hasn't been a problem. This AM however, I ended up with a weird.......tingly feeling, almost like how you feel when you bounce your hand on a trampoline. The kinda......"sproing-y" feeling, with a bit of pins-and-needles thrown in. Really weird and off-putting. It's still kinda..weird feeling now, almost 8 hours later, so I don't know what's going on there, but I'll watch it. :Sigh: I just got my knitting back, too!!!! :pout:

I need to get dinner going - tonight is spaghetti night. The challah is done and cooling, now to start the sauce.

Have a great one!
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It's photo time!!!!

I know, I know - this is the lazy way out. But....I finished Himself's scarf last night!!! And - AND! Herself actually sewed an entire outfit!!! 95% by Herself!!!!!!

:deep breath:

Let's start with Herself, OK? I'm SO proud! (OK, so it's not a style or fabric *I* would have chosen, but that's OK. She did a pretty good job!)ETA - the blouse is bought; we haven't found a good pattern yet.

Herself dress back

Herself dress front

Herself dress side

Dress pattern is the infamous Simplicity 8444 ("infamous" because a bunch of Lolita's got their petticoats in a twist; seems that a large company can't put out a Lolita dress pattern without "stealing" it. Um. Yeah. Whatever. :lol:). The pattern is OK, the instructions....are a little bit obtuse. Herself didn't want to "wing it" - she wanted to follow the instructions. She ended up winging part of it, because neither of us understood what the instructions said. I knew what we were supposed to end up with, so I talked her through, and I serged all the edges (my serger intimidates her.) We added the waist ties; she cloned a pair from one of her purchased dresses.

The major difference in ours and the pattern, though, is that I did a rolled edge on the underskirt ruffles. The pattern wanted a 1/8" hem.......right. MUCH easier to simply let the serger roll it. Also, the pattern doesn't have you finish the raw edges of the TOPS of the ruffles......:shrug: I did a fast serger edge and we went from there.

The hat is from Choly Knight; it gave her a bit of trouble, but she did ALL of it herself.

Why yes, I AM a bit chuffed! :lol:

Now, for my turn: a closeup of Himself's finished scarf!

Cabled scarf closeup

Pattern is the by now ubiquitous among knitters "Irish Hiking Scarf". Yarn is something-something Shepherd's Wool I got at Tuesday Morning a.....few......years ago. It's nice; not super soft, but bouncy. The marbling kinda hides the cables, but it looks really, really nice.

All 7' of it. :blink: When I picked it back up, I was at 24", maybe. I think.....I think I got back into the rhythm of it pretty quickly. :lol

Oh, and one more photo of what I had to put up with this morning while heading out to my Studio:

Duncan zoomies

ALL the dogs had the "zoomies" this morning. I was able to capture the Dunnelstan in full zoom. :lol: I spared you the joy of having him AND Chloe running into me......THAT was fun. At least I didn't fall!
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You Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know this probably doesn't mean a lot to most of y'all, but....You Guys. YOU GUYS!!!!!

I can KNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See, I am a Knitter - knitting isn't a hobby, it's a lifestyle. Sounds weird, right? But.....for the past....20+ years, up until the Incident, I had a knitting project on me at all times (except sleeping and bathing, because that would be weird. :lol:) 20 minute wait at the restaurant? No problem - let me turn the heel of my sock. 3+ hour wait at the IRS (ugh) - Cool! I can get the leg finished! Hours upon hours upon HOURS at the Social Security office? Let me work on my never-ending sweater! (an aside - I don't see how there can be a lot of Disability scams - they were VERY thorough on Herself. Multiple meetings, plus 2 hours-long evaluations with their own was tedious. And thorough. And something I never want to do again!)

The past year has been very difficult for me - my coping mechanism has been unavailable. I don't know how "normal" people cope with lines and long waits. Reading helped, but....I devour books. (3 250 page novels per DAY. Yes, it's a habit. Yes, I comprehend what I'm reading. I very very fast. Always have.)

Yesterday, I ran out of books. :gasp: Herself has taken over the Studio so sewing is out for now.......and I couldn't play any video games because it was Family Battlefront 2 night. I looked at my knitting...and thought "what the heck - if it hurts, I stop."

It. Didn't. Hurt.

I knit for a solid 40 minutes before I got ouchy. 4 pattern repeats on the scarf that was supposed to be last year's present for Himself. I'm SLOW, but......knitting.

I am SO thankful, y'all. Slow is fine - I don't have to rehome my stash! (Seriously. I have......yarn. Enough that I probably don't have to buy any more for....almost the rest of my life (as long as I only knit socks or scarves. Sweaters...I'll have to buy, because I don't have any sweater amounts in my stash. :lol:)

Just wanted to share.....I can knit again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Here, have another!

Because machine embroidering is FUN! :lol:

I forgot to give the details last time, so:

Pattern is Style Arc's Melody blouse. It's very similar to the Twig & Tale Breeze, but it has a back yoke, and it's looser all over, with a hi-lo curved hem. The sleeves are supposed to be 3/4 with elastic, but I *hate* elastic (it's a necessary evil in undergarments, but outer clothes? I prefer gathering and cuffs/binding, thank you very much!) It's supposed to have a collar, but I like the look of the stand by itself.

Fabric is another piece of the Irish Shirt-weight linen from Fabric Mart, this time in lavender. It's gorgeous fabric, and the motifs seem to fit. Herself picked out the embroidery thread - she has a good eye for color.

crane front washed</a>

crane back washed</a>

crane sleeve cuff

The front embroidery came from Royal Present embroidery They have *beautiful* stuff, and an etsy shop - the files are actually cheaper on etsy than they are on their own site, for some reason. Most of the files are larger - at least 5"x7" - so you have to make sure your machine can handle it. The back and cuffs came from Emblibrary - I LOVE their stuff! They have such a huge selection, and the prices are competitive - especially when they run sales!

I need to work on some household stuff next, while I wait on bra straps and elastics to come in. Fun times! Machine embroidery is addictive stuff, I've found - I have to keep telling myself that everything does NOT need embroidery on it. :rofl:
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I made another thing!

Well, more than 1, but I'll spare you the photos. Mostly. :lol:

I finally received my order of Irish Linen from Fabric Mart (it got lost; it went ALL over the Northwest US, almost to Canada 2x before finally realizing that Texas is not, in fact, Up North. :sigh: The first thing I did was sew up a new shirt for Himself, wherein I learned quite a few things:

1. Irish Shirt-weight Linen is, in fact, ultra fine, whisper-thin, and lovely. It takes a steam press perfectly, and is a joy to sew up - and wear.

2. Irish Shirt-weight Linen is, in fact, of the devil. It takes every chance it gets to wiggle off-grain - both before AND after cutting. I quickly came to the conclusion that perfection was over-rated. :bigger sigh:

3. Embroidering on Irish Shirt-weight Linen is.......well. It embroiders beautifully, it's just keeping the blasted fabric on-grain while trying to hoop up and actually embroider that is difficult. After a LOT of back-and-forthing with the designer of the project I'm about to show you, I ended up doing a metric butt-ton of pre-embroidery work.

a. Starching the ever-loving crap out of the entire yardage with HEAVY spray starch, and ironing it 2x, with heavy steam

b. Hooping with medium-weight cut-away stabilizer, AFTER using basting spray to secure it in place (normally, I use medium weight tear-away, and no spray.)

c. Praying. A lot. during the actual embroidery.

The results? Well.....take a look:

celtic dog back

The back, before washing out the Crayola washable marker. If you sew and don't use these to mark your fabric, you are missing out. Nice, solid marks that wash out - usually the first wash. (Red/Pink and yellow seem to hang around a bit longer. The rest of the colors are gone. Ditto with Cray-Z Art washables, if you want to go cheap.)

celtic dog cuff 1

celtic dog cuff 2

celtic dog front closeup

celtic dog front washed

See? No marks! :lol: (You can kinda get an idea of how I set up my files; I mark any seam lines/topstitch lines, then mark the center point of the design. For 2-sided bits, I try to have at least 1 mark go all the way across; on this design I couldn't, because I had to tilt the design to get the effect I was after. It's easier when the horizontal line is the same all the way across the piece.)

The design isn't perfect - the outline still wavered a bit, but it's a LOT better than my first go thru (a t-shirt made from the leftovers from Himself's shirt. Unfortunately, not only did the file not line up correctly, I misaligned the left and right sides of the collar, so it's......wonky. Perfectly wearable as a work shirt or sleep shirt, but.......not what I want to showcase here, y'know? :lol:

*This* is why I wanted an embroidery machine. Back when we did Ren Faires all the time, there was a vendor (House of Dra) that sold lovely embroidered pirates/mens/poets a price I could NOT afford (a shirt like this? Would have run - in the 90's - about $175+. The "economy" shirts, with just a simple knot on either side of the neck slit, started out at $75.). I LOVED her stuff....but could't justify the cost. I can see *why* they were so pricey - it's not that easy (for me, anyway!) lining up all the different motifs - I can definitely see the appeal of a much more expensive machine, with a much larger hoop! I'll stick with my PE800, though - it does beautiful work!

I'm working on another shirt now - this one in lavender linen, with an Asian motif (cranes and lotus blossoms. the files are *gorgeous*!). Pics when it's done!
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I told myself I wasn't going to talk about this again...

but then I ran across of 2 very, very interesting websites. :sigh:

The first website breaks down how much Federal grant money (NON-repayable; basically a free handout) each State gets per case - NOT confirmed, case, just case. In Texas, it's $184,000.

The second is direct from the CDC. It's how much individual providers have received, SO FAR, as "provider relief". I've been reading it.......please explain to me why orthopedic doctors, or CHIROPRACTORS, or gastroenterologists can claim funds. They do not deal with *respiratory* viruses. Which this, supposedly, is - again, coronaviruses are the medical name for *the common cold*. Respiratory.

Follow the money, folks. This has never been about saving us common folk. The death rate has never been as high as the media reported - Canada Health even reported that they inflated their death rate by *50%* per their own website - page 3, specifically. I could understand 10%, maybe 20%, but *50%*????

Once again, I have to ask - if this....."pandemic" really were as deadly and as infectious as the powers that be have been claiming, such that we MUST shut down everything.....WHY are they inflating the numbers??? I know that a few weeks ago, the San Antonio Health Department walked back 3,500 cases that they had overstated.......seriously?

I just.....I can't even.
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Apparently, grief makes me focus...

on craft stuff. I, a bit busy in the Studio last week, and now have 3 new shirts. :whistles innocently:

Real quick: Loki is healing. He's still a bit ouch-y, but......we think he kinda likes the attention. Sometimes he'll walk normally, and jump on the couch and bed with no problems, other times he's limping and whining. Now, I've BTDT, so he could still be hurting,'s funny. I took him off his pain meds 2 days ago - I don't like giving too many, and I like to keep the extras on hand. (IF he were really hurting, he'd get meds. I'm not a horrible person! I just don't like the side effects.)

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This is hard to write.....

we - make that I - had Suki put down yesterday. WITH the husband's grudging OK. :big sigh:

For those following, you'll remember she jumped Chloe 7/14/19, then attacked me when I intervened. I had the talk with the husband then - this was bite #4! - but no, it was my fault for trying to stop the fight. (Yes, it was my fault she got out when Chloe was out, but I refuse to accept blame for her attacking me.)

There have been a few incidences over the past year, but nothing major....until Sunday. We have - had - a pretty elaborate schedule of who was out when; it was time for Suki's mid-day bathroom break. I locked up Chloe, let out Suki, and told her to go outside. She didn't. I went to the back door, she ran outside. I didn't go out, so she came in and barked at me - normal stuff. I checked the other dogs - all were back, not near the pet door, so I opened the door, she ran out the pet door, and I stepped outside.

Normally, she'd jump off the porch and bark at me until I stepped off the porch. This time, she didn't. I took 1 step toward the porch edge, and Loki came out the pet door (along with Duncan).

Suki went from nice to vicious killer in 1 heartbeat, and attacked Loki. I panicked and started screaming; the husband vaulted the fence and tried to get her off. (He's lucky he didn't get bitten; I'm a little bitter that he didn't.) He managed to get her off Loki, and Himself grabbed him and rushed him into the kids' bathroom for treatment.

Herself had to guide me inside - apparently I had a panic attack. We doctored Loki up, and the husband came in to check on him. I will NOT share pictures - it's bad. Not life-threatening, but bad. His left front leg is pretty chewed up.

Long story short, I snapped and demanded he Do Something. He finally told me he couldn't, but I could....but it had to be tomorrow (Monday). (He actually wanted to find her another home. She has bitten humans *4* times, now - she was, legally, a dangerous dog. He disagreed, but facts are facts. *I* couldn't put another family in this position, nor could I live with myself if bite #5 was to a child.)

So. After a night spent on the couch (because yes, he let Suki sleep in the bed. Still.), I went in to check Loki (he had dragged himself into Himself's room, and after a bit of effort got up on his bed, where he refused to move.)....his leg was swollen to 2x its normal size, and he cried anytime we came close to touching it. I called the vet, actually got a tech, and set up both appointments......:sigh: and :sob:

Loki will be OK. He's having a hard time getting around - he can't put weight on his leg - and his appetite is just....not there. He has to take 3 pills 2x/day, and 1.5 pills 1x/day, so I have to go buy more lunch meat - cheese is Not Acceptable. I did finally get him outside this AM - he *really* didn't want to go, not that I can blame him. All the dogs know something is off, but I'm not sure they know she's gone. :sob:

Yes, I am sad - I HATE that it came to this. Yes, I have spent the last year terrified something like this would happen, but still.....

The husband is, as I expected, upset and pissed. At me. Because......nothing is ever his fault. I did expect this, and told the kids to expect it - I really didn't need 2 kids pissed at him on top of everything else. (They still are, but not because he's upset with me; they are because they saw this coming, too, and he did nothing he promised to try and head it off. :sigh:)

Hopefully I can sleep today - last night was not good. Loki managed to get in our bed, but any time someone bumped him he'd whimper. The husband was all in knots because Suki wasn't on top of him.....:big sigh:

Oh! To top everything off yesterday - as we were coming home from her appointment 3 skunks decided to cross in front of me. Not like the day already stunk or anything.....(G-d has a sense of humor. I can chuckle over it now, but yesterday not so much.)

I sincerely hope y'all's day/week is going better. I *know* this is for the best, but.........still. Any one wanna place bets on when we get another dog? (I've already had THAT talk, too - NO strays. Rescues/shelters/breeders ONLY. Puppies preferred. No, I'm not heartless - I know how he is. If I hadn't put my foot down, we'd be over-run with strays. I have to think of our current pack, and don't want to take in another unknown. Any bets on if THAT rule gets broken? :weak grin:)
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What I've been up to lately

I *have* been quite busy, and QUITE productive lately in the Studio. Buckle up - this post is VERY photo-heavy.

For the record, all fabric is from FabricMart, unless otherwise noted. What can I say - they have *awesome* fabric, at *fantastic* prices. Most of these came from the Swatch club......I can say that I have honestly gotten my money's worth from that!

Without further ado, let's do a cut! Collapse )
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1. Duncan is 2!!!!! Silly boy cut himself last week - I was treating him, but yesterday he didn't eat. :sigh: Took him to the vet (not our usual - they were booked.) - he's fine, just a little sore. The cut looked good - I think he just wanted to go for a car ride. The trip to Dairy Queen on the way home didn't hurt - nor did the Hunger Buster Jr. he got. :lol:

2. Did a little digging...seems that last year, in Texas, 11,000 people died from the flu. This year, in a "pandemic", not quite 4,000 have died from the "super deadly novel coronavirus". Um....yeah. These numbers are from the Texas State Health Department - make your own conclusions. (Because honestly, you can extrapolate. Texas can't be an outlier - not when we're "2nd in the Nation for new cases!" - so you can bet most other states/countries numbers are pretty close to the same.)

3. Sewing! Been hitting it out of the park, lately. I finally got brave and started embroidering some new shirts - I have 2 (pics forthcoming!) that turned out WONDERFULLY well and fit my style. I've always leaned BoHo, but squelched it because it's not easy to find at a price point I can afford. Now? Sky's the limit!

3a. My new favorite top pattern is the Twig + Tale Women's Breeze shirt. Kinda peasant-y, kinda flowy, and a perfect canvas for embroidery. My first one is linen with bluebonnets; the 2nd is a cotton/ramie chambray with hummingbirds and flowers. I'm going thru my files to find more......this is fun!

3b. Although my machine isn't quite with me. The automatic needle-threader decided to die violently on the 2nd motif on the front of shirt #2. Not a huge issue - I can manually thread the needle - just an annoyance. 25 thread changes weren't fun......but do-able. Himself looked at it, but it's FUBAR; I'm not sure if I want to go to the hassle of trying to get it repaired now, or if I just live with it (probably live with it. Again, it's not a big deal.)

4. There is currently a possum in my chicken feed can. I noped right out of there - the kids will handle it. The chickens got goat feed this morning......that's farm life for ya! :lol:

5. There is no 5.

6. Been reading.........did you know that masks are big in the occult? And that symbolically they silence people? And make them into "others" (think cyber-bullying, and how people act differently behind a screen than they do in real life.) Putting that together with the Reality of Duality........folks, I think the Mark of the Beast might not be what the church has taught - it might be symbolic and NOT physical. This guy takes a few hundred words to say it, but it's worth reading.......if you have ears to hear. Yes, it's wordy....but I think there's a lot of Truth to it - and it's sobering. And worth considering. (And Anonymous, I don't care that you don't agree with me. Just.....don't read me. No one is forcing you to, right?? (OR...are they?????:wink:) Just move along......but you might want to check out the link. You might learn something.)

Gotta skitter - got to buy grain, evict a possum, and get a new shirt cut out. And find some linen for shorts/pants......I've just about replaced all my cheap, store-bought blouses (NOT my t-shirts, though. Those I'm keeping. :lol:) with nice, natural-fiber ones. ( a bit problematic. YES, it's "natural", but...only through man-made means. :sigh:) I need that's next up. I think Cashmerette's Calder pants fit the bill...we'll see.