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Whee! The world is ending...

Not. I did the math - Texas has a popular of 28.7 million. There have been 2817 reported cases - which doesn’t mean what you’d think. EVERYONE that goes to the E.R. is given a test - even if they go for something totally non-related. This is reported as a “pending positive” test.....anyway. Doing the math, the percentage of “positive” cases for Texas is .000098153. That’s not even half a percent.

US numbers: 327.2 million. “Positive” cases: 161,088. Percent: .00049232

US deaths (supposedly from Covid-19): 2968. Percent: .01842471 (of those that tested “positive”)

So. Not quite 2%. Let’s look at flu numbers, shall we? In the 2019-2020 flu season, there have been *29 MILLION* cases in the US. 16,000 deaths. The percent of flu cases: .08863081. Deaths: .00055172

There is a higher percent of death (supposedly) from Covid-19, but a much smaller percent of contracting it.

Here’s a photo from the 1989 edition of the AMA Encyclopedia:


No, I am not living in fear. I am living like I normally do in cold and flu season. The media-driven panic is over the top, and honestly? The “social distancing” and shelter in place stuff is killing the economy. Please tell me how telling people to stay home UNLESS they need to go to the grocery store, liquor store, fast food drive thru, etc. is actually helping. Because if the goal was to ACTUALLY do some to stop the spread, then NO ONE should be allowed any face-to-face contact; everything should be ordered and paid for on-line, with delivery to your porch, and you get it after the driver is safely away. This? Isn’t going to stop much of the spread. And doubling the number of people on unemployment in a WEEK isn’t the suicide rate is on the rise. But let’s believe the media, right? If it saves even 1 life.....who cares about suicides or domestic violence victims, right? /sarcasm

But go ahead and tell me I’m uninformed (just because I don’t watch the mind-numbing twaddle that is the news doesn’t mean I’m uninformed. I have access to all sorts of news sources, thank you very much.)

In other, actual news: Himself has started sewing. He’s made me a new hip holster (bag - no firearms involved) and is working on a robe for himself. A vintage Folkwear pattern was probably not the best for a 2nd project, but he’s doing well. He inherited Granny’s machine, so it looks like I’ll be getting it tuned up for him soon (he’s using mine right now; I was using hers/his, but it isn’t keeping tension.)

We picked up a pair of heavy lifting gloves for me, to protect my wrist when I get back to the gym. Academy was doing decent business, even with only allowing 25 people in at a time. There was a steady line, so there’s a lot of folk out there trying to live normally.

Off to menu plan for Pesach - it’s next week!

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Get a grip, people!

This is NOT the end of the world - it is a MEDIA-INDUCED circus. The virus is the SAME one we get EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

1. The virus "escaped" in November. It didn't hit the public radar until February....what did it do from November to February? Take a vacation? No - I guarantee it had already traveled around the world, not making waves, until *someone* decided to turn it into a media frenzy.

2. The WHO sold pandemic bonds a few years ago, due to mature July 2020. The interest rates were...2% on some and 11% on the others, IIRC (the 11% I remember. The other is either 2% or 4%, can't remember, don't care.) Only, there's a clause that if a pandemic hit BEFORE June 2020, no repayment was to happen. Gee.........would ya look at that???

3. The death numbers that are do we know they are from Covid-19? We KNOW the media lies. How do we know that the deaths aren't ALL deaths - from suicide/old age/accident/homicide/etc? We don' why should we trust them? (I don't.) How do we know they aren't related to the "normal" flu deaths? We don't. I don't trust the numbers, I don't trust the tests.......I think it's mostly hype and fear-mongering. (Yes, I know this is a controversial opinion. YOU don't have to share it.)

4. The US Constitution grants us the right to freely assemble - and the local governments are denying us that right because of......this. Nope, sorry - I haven't changed my lifestyle, and I won't. I'm not afraid of no hoax, as Herself put it. I mean, we're not popping out for lunch as often, because I don't like eating in the car, and bringing food home defeats the purpose. (At home I have a Duncan that likes to inspect my food. Sometimes I just want to *eat* without the keen observation.) We're still doing our normal craft-store/feed store/quick grocery runs - and will continue to do so.

Now, this doesn't mean I'm not taking the usual precautions - I know how to properly wash up, thanks, and do so. I am not forcing Mom or Cyn to go out - both of them have lung issues, and this IS cold and flu season. I will NOT be getting any flu shots - I never do, and never will. (I used to, but a) almost never noticed a difference, and b) 1 time (the LAST) I got so sick I wanted to die. NEVER again. I know it was a reaction to the vaccine, because I was perfectly healthy the day of, but a few hours later got sicker than I have ever been. NEVER again.)

I'm not sure what the end-game is, here. I'm seeing a lot of money being pledged.....but I'm not sure where it's actually GOING. I have suspicions, but no proof. Is it real? The virus itself might be, but the media hype is just more blood-and-circus fear-mongering. I'm also not sure what started the toilet paper drought...this virus doesn't cause bathroom problems, so....why the run? (Pun NOT intended). It makes no sense......

Ah, well. To be honest, I don't watch the news anymore - haven't since before last Passover. I catch it online, but I don't spend a lot of time reading it - I am sick of the lies and the misrepresentation. I'm much happier now.

In other news, Himself has me playing Drake's Fortune - it', so far. I suck, but that's OK. He enjoys offering me advice. :lol: I need all the help I can get!

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It's NTIF weekend......yippee?!!?

Normally I'd have my wheel, and sit happily in the tent spinning and chatting up kids/adults. This year? I can't spin, so no wheel. No wheel means *I* am on display, not The Spinner...and I don't like it. *I* don't like people - The Spinner does. :sigh:

Add to this that the husband doesn't want to hear about my sore wrist, he's pissed I refuse to spin.....and he doesn't want me to TELL anyone why I can't spin (because he knows HE'S at fault, and more at fault for KEEPING the damn dog......:big sigh:)

Eh. I'm almost not bitter!

The embroidery machine still rocks! I made a new hip bag for myself with Celtic embroidery - if you ignore the fact I sewing the inside in backwards, it's great. :lol:

Well, gotta get ready for day #2. Fun stuff.....:sigh:

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Whee! What Fun!

So. Got the new embroidery machine on Monday, but it was too late by the time I got home to try it out. Same thing Tuesday (see, I can't go to my Studio if I get home and Suki is out. She goes nuts, runs out the pet door, and attacks any dog that goes out after her. She ONLY does this if *I* open the door to go outside. It's weird. Anyway, my Studio time is in the mornings. I shower, feed the dogs and lock her up, then go out to do my thing. She gets let out at 2-ish, and I am stuck in the house form that point. If I HAVE to go out, she gets locked up until I either get in the Studio, when a kid will let her out, or until I come back inside. Sucks, but what do you do?) - so, today, I got to put the Brother thru it's paces.

Let me cut to the chase - if you are thinking about maybe getting into machine embroidery, buy a Brother. I can't speak for the combo machines, but if they are anything like the stand-alones, they are *awesome*.

I set it up, flipped thru the owner's manual (it's a bit different from the Singer), then hooped up some cotton, plugged in my USB, and let her rip.

It. Stitched. Out. PERFECTLY.

Next up, fleece. The thread got caught in the bobbin slit (not the machine's fault - I should have turned the bobbin so the slit was on top. My bad!), then I broke a needle because I didn't push it up far enough. I got things sorted, and it Stitched. Out. PERFECTLY.

The Singer? I think, in the almost 3 years I've had it, and the 15 or 20 projects I did on it, I only managed *1* perfect stitch-out. *1*. EVERY other project has had something borked - usually skipped stitches or bird's nests.

Now, granted, when I ordered the machine Friday I added in a box of 24 pre-wound bobbins - but that shouldn't make that much of a difference. I also added in the extra hoop package (4 hoops; 3 of which are "new" sizes) - for a grand total of $687, delivered. The dealer wanted $1200 for (basically) the (same, almost) machine. (since I can't use the software or the classes.) For another $18 I got a repositionable hoop, so I can do projects that are too large for the machine (I'll have to use Embrilliance to split the designs; no, I have no clue. Still - Singer doesn't offer other hoop sizes for the machine I are limited to the 2 that came in the box.) The Brother only came with 1 hoop (5x7), but the machine had no problem dealing with the smaller (4x4) hoop I put on it this AM - it stitched it out like it came with it. (I can't sew anything larger than 5x7 without splitting the designs, even if I add a larger hoop. The machine simply can't fathom a larger embroidery space. No biggie - most of my planned projects are in the 4x4 range, to be honest. I don't think I need a larger hoop - the repositionable one was a good price, and I was in a spending mood. :lol:)

AND! Every hoop I have has a plastic grid to aid in alignment. I have gotten used to marking my fabric, then using a ruler to try and align my mark to the center of the hoop. I don't have to do that any more!! Also, this machine tells you how long it should take to stitch out the design - which is cool, because I can plan my other projects around that - I knew not to start any complicated sewing, because I only had 13 minutes before the embroidery was done. How cool is that?

To say I am happy is an understatement. I'm going to spend some time converting all my embroidery files to .pes (from .xxx) so that I can use them on the Brother. The Singer is currently boxed up, waiting instructions from Asurian. I'm also back to browsing the embroidery sites - something I haven't done in a good long while. It was hard to get excited when I was dealing with a finicky machine.

I hope the honeymoon lasts - so far, this is great! It's such an improvement over the Singer - and no, it's not just because I am upset at the damage. 2 perfect projects, right out of the box is a big deal! I'll try to do an in-depth review in a week or 2 - or after tax season :lol: - but as of right now, I highly recommend Brother embroidery machines.

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It's the gift that keeps on giving....

So. Got the embroidery machine back, sans power cord, on Tuesday. I ordered a replacement from Amazon (after calling Asurian back...:sigh:); got it Wednesday. Called Asurian back on Wednesday, since no one had called me back....they told me that "there was no cord in the box when you sent it to us." There WAS a cord, because how else could they turn it on to try to fix it? I didn't assume they'd have a power cord compatible with an embroidery machine.....:bangs head:

Anyway. Didn't have to work today, so I headed to the Studio at 7:30 to start work on the husband's (secret) birthday gift. Decided to test the machine on cotton, instead of fleece, so hooped up fabric for a new holster bag - I wanted to test the embroidery file for the husband's present. It turned on just fine, the hoop moved into position, I threaded it up, went to thread the needle.....and the needle is Down.

OK. I went to turn the hand wheel...and the bloody thing is STUCK. It will NOT budge, no matter what I (or Himself) attempted. Asurian has broken my machine. They BLOODY BROKE MY MACHINE.

Himself offered another loan, so we headed out to the only store within 60 miles that carries Brother machines (as an authorized dealer, I mean). I've been looking at the PE-800 for a bit, so that's what I asked about.

"Oh. We don't carry....THAT model. That's ENTRY-Level. Most people get them, then trade them in. :sniff: (No, really! There was a very audible :sniff:) I'm going to show you - THIS machine will suit you." She led us to the Brother Innov-is NQ1600E.....and dropped the "We don't sell it for MSRP, we sell it for $2600. It's a *little* over your budget...." (I had made the mistake of telling her my budget was $1500. Thing is, the PE-800 is $599 on Amazon........keep this in mind, OK?)

"Um." I said. "I like the larger hoop, but I do NOT NEED TO SPEND $2600 on a machine." ~pause~ "Oh." she said. "Well, the closest thing we have to the PE-800 is the Innov-is NS-1150E. Let me get Our price for you!"

While she was walking off, I grabbed my phone, went to Brother's website, and did a comparison. Oh, look - the 1150e is almost the EXACT same model as the has 1 or 2 things that I DO NOT NEED OR WANT that the PE800 doesn't.....

Himself checked in, to make sure I wasn't going to bite. "No," I said. "Unless they offer me a price comparable to Amazon's....." The lady came back. "This is the lowest we can go. Now, understand, this includes the option to take classes and Floriani software -"

"Classes won't do me any good - we live 60 miles away. I have Embrilliance, so don't want or need any other software."

"Um." She said. "Let me go see something...."

At this point, the kids and I are plotting our escape. We should have moved faster. "OK. THIS is the lowest we can go for the 1150e....$1200."

"I need to think about this.......are you open tomorrow? Good. I'll go home and think......" and we fled into the parking lot.

Here's the thing. I DID go into the store with the intention of leaving with a machine in hand. I would PREFER to buy locally. However........when someone comes in with a product (and price!) in mind, that means that that's what they *want*. Do NOT try to force them to buy something more than 4x that price, even if their budget is more than that price, and certainly don't try to sell them a rebranded model at 2x the price.

If she had said, "oh, we don't carry that model - most people find they outgrow it too quickly - but I'll be happy to order it for you! Or maybe you'd like to see our lowest-end model - I think you'll probably outgrow it, too, but it's close to what you are looking for, and we have it in stock now, and - since you don't need the extras we offer, I can get the price down to almost what you found the other model for." - I would have walked out the door WITH a machine, or a receipt from her ordering in the one I wanted.

PLUS, she would have made a sale of thread/stabilizer/bobbins, because I am all about stocking up.

Instead, she lost a sale, and a customer. When we got home, I called a dealer I found online. Unfortunately, Brother won't allow them to sell to someone who is in another dealer's I went to Amazon and ordered the "entry level, will outgrow it soon" model (it'll be delivered on Monday - gotta love Prime!)

Brother lost the chance to upsell me, all because of a very pushy sales lady and a - quite frankly! - stupid policy. See, I'd looked at both of the more expensive machines online last night (because honestly? I'd already decided to trade in the Singer on a Brother, and had just about decided to go with the 1600e - I had found it online for $1600 (but I can't find the site again. Oh, well!) We will NOT be going back to that dealer, and since I gave her the home phone number, I won't be talking to them, either (we don't answer the home phone. :shrug: She wanted a number, she got a number. It's just not one I use.)

The new plan is to get Asurian to fix the Singer, then I'll either sell it on CL, or go take it to my favorite sewing machine repair man and see what he'll give me for it. That money will be spent on thread and stabilizer.

:sigh: Instead of embroidering this weekend, I'll be sewing up what I can. Wednesday I'm off again, so I'll put the Brother thru it's paces - hopefully it'll live up to it's reputation!

At least I have some sewing to do - I have the husband's gift, and a hoodie for me (Himself wants to go to see Sonic again, and wants me in a matching hoodie. So, I get to have an Amy hoodie. :lol:), then I have to hit pants and under things, none of which require embroidery. Wednesday I'll pick up where I left off today, and see how it does.

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Um. Well Thanks for the prayers, guys!

Because.....I am no longer with loom. !!!! I posted it on CL on Monday, got a nibble Tuesday (but he never came back after I responded), updated the listing Thursday (added a BUNCH of stuff, and raised the price a little bit)....and yesterday. Yesterday a very nice lady contacted me, we emailed back and forth, and she paypal'd me the money after lunch. They are coming up to pick it up next Saturday. !!!!!

I am....well, sad. This is the end of an era for me. I'm also happy, because this is an awesome loom that deserves to be used and loved - and this weaver has been wanting *this* model of loom for a while. (Like me!) I'm glad - she got a really good deal, I got a fair price, and I will be able to move on now, without being depressed every time I look at the loom, sitting forlornly on the other side of the studio. (I'll stop with the dramatics now, I promise!)

I'm going to take it apart today, label the various extras, and start planning on the reorganization. I'm not going to fill up the space - honest! - but I am going to hack an Ikea kallax into a pressing station and get rid of the ironing board. The dress forms will be moved over on that side, and I'll rearrange the furniture.

So. That's a huge blessing for me - and I know someone else out there had to be praying. Thanks! :hugs:

In other news, Friday we headed out to hit the fabric outlets in Dallas. Last November a tornado had gone thru - according to everything I found online, the stores were "slightly" damaged.....yeah. Not so much - 2 of our favorites are...well, basically gone. The one with the awesome denim prices is half demolished (but I found out yesterday they've moved temporarily down the street...would have been nice to know that Friday, but that's on me). The one next door, owned by overbearing but kinda endearing gentleman is totaled. He just opened an etsy shop mid-January, so we can continue to shop with him, but it's kinda...sad. He had the best button collection! And interesting fabrics - online isn't quite the same.

The largest store is still there, untouched. They have great prices on silk - but we weren't there for silk. Their clearance room has great prices, but.....the selection is a bit weird. Still, I scored 10 yards of knit fabric (5 green, 5 blue) for $0.99/yard, and Herself got some nice...I don't know what it actually is, but it looks like a silk noil for $1.99/yard. Among other things...she made out like a bandit, I spent $10. :lol:

I think that brings us up to date. I need to head to the Studio to start packing up the loom and all it's accessories, and to try to organize some of the fabric. Tomorrow is grocery day...then it's on to Tax Season. Fun stuff! :lol:

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OK, so that happened....

Let's see. The Jeep has been acting up lately - it'll try to start, then "hang" and shake. We took it in last month, but of course the minute we got there, she straightened up and refused to show the mechanic what she was doing. She'd been running normally....until yesterday.

Yesterday we were at Thrallmart picking up bubble wrap*. I got back in, turned the key....and she did her thing. 10 or 12 times. She finally started, so Himself and I took her straight to the garage....where she promptly started like a good girl. :bangs head: We tried...for 30 minutes, but she was a perfect little angel. The owner told me I could leave her.....I didn't want to walk home, so I made an appointment to drop her off on Saturday. We got back in....and she acted up. Himself ran in, the owner came out, and she demonstrated. And totally confused all 3 mechanics, because it wasn't the starter - it was getting power. It wasn't the fuel pump, because it showered the guy lucky enough to check. :lol: They gave me a soccer mom van, and told me that they'd look at her.

I just picked her up....she wanted new spark plugs. :bangs head: At least it wasn't an expensive fix!

*We needed bubble wrap, because I had to send my embroidery machine in. Saturday I sat down to do a pair of eyes on a new hoodie. It did half of the first eye, and died. The icon said "overheat". OK. I let it sit for 10 minutes after the icon went away, and started it back up. 5 stitches later, same icon. Waited again for 10 minutes, wash, rinse repeat. I did a hard reboot (i.e. I turned it off, counted to 10, and turned it back on again.) Same thing.

Sunday morning, I tried again. This time it made it 10 stitches before dying. :sigh:

Fortunately, I had purchased the 3 year Protection Plan. Since I bought it 8/1/17.....Asurion kicked in. And promptly rejected my claim. I called in Monday AM and a supervisor approved it. I sent in the paperwork...and gee, because I used my cell number instead of the home number, it got kicked out. Again. Called back, got it straightened out, then got an email telling me to box it up and send it in for repairs. Sure. I hooped up the stabilizer, fleece, and water soluble on the other half of the unfinished piece, made sure there was a bobbin in the machine and thread on top, then wrapped the entire thing in almost 200' of bubble wrap. :lol: I did NOT include the USB stick, so....they'll have to figure it out. (They told me NOT to include any peripherals. I'm not really sure HOW they think they can recreate the problem without that specific file - I did try, on Sunday, to use quilting cotton and 1 of the pre-installed files. It died, started up, died, started up, and actually got 1/4 of the way thru before I stopped it and re-attached the hoodie.......where it promptly died after 2 stitches. :sigh: It's NOT the fabric - this is hoodie #4, in a row, using the same combo. Same thread in both bobbin and spool, too. And a new needle. And eye #3 of this dunno what's going on.)

I'm kinda hoping they say Nope! Refund! because I'd kinda like to downgrade to a Brother. They have better reviews - but I'll be happy with a working machine. I'd like to get that hoodie out of the Studio....I have plans for other embellishments, now that I'm kinda, sorta, over my intimidation.

Also, in other news, the husband called me today, said his former boss (the electrician) called and offered him a job, what did I think? He already he said he's turning in his 2 weeks notice tonight. Yeah, we'll see. I hope he goes thru with it....I hate this job.

Oh! I listed my loom and all it's flotsam and jetsam. :sigh: The kids convinced me that if I can't weave (nope. Can't. Tried. Cried.) there's no reason to keep the books, yarn, warping reel, bobbin winder, bobbins, shuttles....:sigh: I AM keeping most of my handmade Bluster Bay shuttles, though - I just can't get rid of them. They were all custom made to order for me, most out of paduak, and BB is out of business now. :sob: I've had one nibble, but no one's wanted to come look, yet. I hope someone does - this loom needs to be used and loved!

Herself has a dress all cut out. We've done a muslin of the bodice, and it looks like it fits (maybe a titch big, but that can be easily fixed.) - she's excited and already planning her next 20+. :eye roll: I'm glad she's gung-ho, but......I'm tired of hearing all the plans. Aspie's get *intense*, yo. :lol:

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Picture Intensive Post - You have been warned!

Figured I should show you what I've been working on since Hanukkah - it's quite a bit! I'm limited in what I can accomplish each day - 4 hours is my maximum, and that leaves me sore and achy for a couple of days. :sigh: I'm trying to push through, which...isn't really a good idea, but I don't know what else to do. I can't take anything for pain - allergies are *great*, aren't they? - and I don't want to just STOP, y'know? Anyway - onwards!

To be nice, I'll put them behind a cut.

Collapse )

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Quick Update

This year has started with a bang. Himself asked for a hoodie for an upcoming (2/14) movie, so I got on the ball and have a "blue blur" hoodie almost finished. :lol: Pics when done - right now, it just looks sad. The fabric is on order for the yellow sidekick - Herself said she'd gladly wear it.

The order from came in - it's GREAT. Mid-weight fleece - that is in local stores for $9.00+/yard! - for $3.75/yard, with free shipping if over $36. It sews up nicely, with very little curl. I don't know how it'll wear, but from what I've seen so far, it's a winner.

I have 2 hoodies to do for me (Eevee and a shiny Charizard - why not? They're cute, fun, and not difficult to sew - might as well have some fun!), and 1 for Herself (Toy Bonnie. I'm thinking Birthday prezzie, here. :lol:) I need to find a source for decent, inexpensive sweatshirt fabric (in brown.) for a kigurumi (Eevee, again). I need something warm and casual for lounging around the house.

No resolutions this year. I am going to try to sew up as much of the backlog of fabric as I can, to help clean up my Studio. I'm working on decluttering the house - baby steps. I have to take it slow, because of my wrist (I spent too long in the Studio yesterday, and I'm feeling it this morning. :sigh: Still - need to get it done! Might skip today......we'll see.)

We survived the storms Friday evening, Thank G-d! We're still wet, but that's not too bad. The sirens went off, but everything missed us - it's the first time I've heard sirens out here. G-d is Good!

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Well, this isn't ominous or anything....

This year, that is. 1/2/20, Mom went to the ER - it wasn't serious, Praise G-d! - with a stomach virus and possible pneumonia. I came home with a cough that is trying very very hard to become an upper respiratory thing. :sigh: Fun times!

Ah, well. In better news, Herself has decided she MUST! sew herself a new wardrobe. She's decided she's really into the Japanese Lolita style ( doll, with a serious Victorian vibe. VERY modest - skirts are at least knee length, and very little skin.) - we spent way too much $$ at Hobby Lobby on fabric and ribbons. Still.....SHE'S going to sew, so I won't complain. To be fair, I'm leaning towards the Japanese mori-look, myself (a slightly tighter fitting Lagenlook......basically, layers. Loose-fitting tops over slim pants, or a dress over a skirt.), so I really have no room to talk. I just need to find the energy to actually sew.....:sigh:

Himself has requested a long-sleeved PLAID shirt. Huzzah! and OhNo! :lol: He's also requested (!!!) a Sonic (!!!!) Hoodie(!!!!!!!), to be worn to the upcoming movie. I can do that! I found a shop online with fleece at what I consider a decent price (your; 12 yards of non-pill fleece for $45 total. That's a LOT less than I can get it locally!) - it should arrive Friday, so...we'll see. Here's hoping the quality is decent!

Also, Himself bought Herself a Charizard kirugumi for Hanukkah. Basically, an adult-sized, character-themed onesie. It was.......more $$$ than *I* would spend, but a) Hanukkah, and b) it was part of a buy 2, get 1 free sale. Upon seeing how comfortable it was.....I went hunting for a pattern. :lol: has them......I'm not thrilled with them at the moment. Their patterns are $20, but you have to download the instructions - they don't come with the printed pattern. :grumble: I've printed them out (I don't use my iPad in the sewing studio - I prefer paper, so I can make notes), now we wait for the printed pattern to come. I'm thinking I need to get some sweatshirt fabric....we'll see. Need to decide on what, exactly, I want to theme it as. (Why yes, I DO need a onesie. For days like today, when all I want to do is sleep. The rest of the family won't be able to con me into leaving the house if I'm in a silly onesie, now will they? :lol:)

Not much else is going on. I was hit with a massive "Must Clean All the Things!" bug the last of kitchen has been decluttered and reorganized, and I've started on the breakfast area. Herself has started organizing her Studio, and Himself, not to be outdone, has been working on his shelves. I hope THIS bug hangs around - I'd like to get the rest of the house decluttered, but this chest bug has kinda slowed me down. :sigh:

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