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Quick Update

This year has started with a bang. Himself asked for a hoodie for an upcoming (2/14) movie, so I got on the ball and have a "blue blur" hoodie almost finished. :lol: Pics when done - right now, it just looks sad. The fabric is on order for the yellow sidekick - Herself said she'd gladly wear it.

The order from came in - it's GREAT. Mid-weight fleece - that is in local stores for $9.00+/yard! - for $3.75/yard, with free shipping if over $36. It sews up nicely, with very little curl. I don't know how it'll wear, but from what I've seen so far, it's a winner.

I have 2 hoodies to do for me (Eevee and a shiny Charizard - why not? They're cute, fun, and not difficult to sew - might as well have some fun!), and 1 for Herself (Toy Bonnie. I'm thinking Birthday prezzie, here. :lol:) I need to find a source for decent, inexpensive sweatshirt fabric (in brown.) for a kigurumi (Eevee, again). I need something warm and casual for lounging around the house.

No resolutions this year. I am going to try to sew up as much of the backlog of fabric as I can, to help clean up my Studio. I'm working on decluttering the house - baby steps. I have to take it slow, because of my wrist (I spent too long in the Studio yesterday, and I'm feeling it this morning. :sigh: Still - need to get it done! Might skip today......we'll see.)

We survived the storms Friday evening, Thank G-d! We're still wet, but that's not too bad. The sirens went off, but everything missed us - it's the first time I've heard sirens out here. G-d is Good!

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Well, this isn't ominous or anything....

This year, that is. 1/2/20, Mom went to the ER - it wasn't serious, Praise G-d! - with a stomach virus and possible pneumonia. I came home with a cough that is trying very very hard to become an upper respiratory thing. :sigh: Fun times!

Ah, well. In better news, Herself has decided she MUST! sew herself a new wardrobe. She's decided she's really into the Japanese Lolita style ( doll, with a serious Victorian vibe. VERY modest - skirts are at least knee length, and very little skin.) - we spent way too much $$ at Hobby Lobby on fabric and ribbons. Still.....SHE'S going to sew, so I won't complain. To be fair, I'm leaning towards the Japanese mori-look, myself (a slightly tighter fitting Lagenlook......basically, layers. Loose-fitting tops over slim pants, or a dress over a skirt.), so I really have no room to talk. I just need to find the energy to actually sew.....:sigh:

Himself has requested a long-sleeved PLAID shirt. Huzzah! and OhNo! :lol: He's also requested (!!!) a Sonic (!!!!) Hoodie(!!!!!!!), to be worn to the upcoming movie. I can do that! I found a shop online with fleece at what I consider a decent price (your; 12 yards of non-pill fleece for $45 total. That's a LOT less than I can get it locally!) - it should arrive Friday, so...we'll see. Here's hoping the quality is decent!

Also, Himself bought Herself a Charizard kirugumi for Hanukkah. Basically, an adult-sized, character-themed onesie. It was.......more $$$ than *I* would spend, but a) Hanukkah, and b) it was part of a buy 2, get 1 free sale. Upon seeing how comfortable it was.....I went hunting for a pattern. :lol: has them......I'm not thrilled with them at the moment. Their patterns are $20, but you have to download the instructions - they don't come with the printed pattern. :grumble: I've printed them out (I don't use my iPad in the sewing studio - I prefer paper, so I can make notes), now we wait for the printed pattern to come. I'm thinking I need to get some sweatshirt fabric....we'll see. Need to decide on what, exactly, I want to theme it as. (Why yes, I DO need a onesie. For days like today, when all I want to do is sleep. The rest of the family won't be able to con me into leaving the house if I'm in a silly onesie, now will they? :lol:)

Not much else is going on. I was hit with a massive "Must Clean All the Things!" bug the last of kitchen has been decluttered and reorganized, and I've started on the breakfast area. Herself has started organizing her Studio, and Himself, not to be outdone, has been working on his shelves. I hope THIS bug hangs around - I'd like to get the rest of the house decluttered, but this chest bug has kinda slowed me down. :sigh:

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We went to see ROS yesterday.....

:sigh: I am going to try to type this correctly, with capitals and everything, in an attempt to rehab my hand. Plus, it'll take longer, so I can edit my thoughts so you don't get a rage-dump.

The ONLY reason I went to see that sorry excuse of a movie is because my son *asked* me to go. He even paid for the tickets, and as an apology after, he paid for lunch. (For the record, he wasn't happy when we left the theatre. This kid - this kid LOVES Star Wars. He argued with me for a year and a half over why I was *wrong* about TLJ........this movie? I saw his heart break. He struggled to find positive things to say on the way home. My advice?

Save your money - skip this.

There WILL be spoilers ahead. I am going to put in a cut, but in case the cut doesn't work, I'll scroll down a bit.

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Slight update

so. the kids and i talked earlier this week - they are my chore buddies, and i value their opinions - and we have decided to *not* breed any does this year. no kids, therefore, no milking.

this means, of course, no fresh milk for us. it also means, of course, i don't have to try and hand-milk 4 does. machine-milking is out, for now, because i can't hook up 2 inflations at once right now. we've done 1 at a time in the's not fun, because the does tend to get antsy when only 1 side is being milked, and dance when you try to attach the other inflation. honestly - it's faster to hand-milk 4 or fewer goats than it is to machine-milk them. the actual milking goes faster on the machine, yes - but then you have to haul water to *clean* the machine. that's not an option for me, right now, so - i take a year off, try to strengthen my hand and wrist, and try to regain some range-of-motion.

soap-making *will* happen, but i'll buy the milk. :shrug:

i'm also seriously thinking about down-sizing my loom. i'm not ready to give up weaving, not yet, and i'm not using the full width of my current loom anyway. honestly - i haven't woven much this past year or so, anyway; i've been more focused on sewing. i just.....i'm not ready to *not* call myself a weaver. i need to sit down and see how painful/difficult weaving is before i make any solid decision - but at the moment i think down-sizing is the right thing to do. maybe. i love this loom.........we'll see.

i'm currently in full declutter mode, for some reason. the kitchen was done yesterday - got rid of 2 trash bags of stuff that, while usable, isn't donate-able (i'll use broken/faded/not fully-functionable things, but i won't give them to people.) today is an ikea run to get a few organizers to finish the drawers, then i'll start on the cookbooks. i have SO many cookbooks! i need to weed them, then go thru the other bookshelves and make a run to the used book shop. they'll give me credit - yes, more books, but less than half of what i brought it, so it's still a win. then i'll start on the family room.....

herself is doing a major overhaul of her studio space. 10 trash bags so far, and she's just started. the goal is to get her space clean and set up so i can get my dining room back. himself is working on his room - guess my mood is infectious! hope there's no vaccine for it - this really needs to be done. :lol:

i've got herself's Hanukkah present started - a scorbunny hoodie. pattern is by choly knight - she's awesome. her patterns are well-written, go together pretty easily, and she has "hacking" packs for some of them to customize them. the hoodie pattern was already traced off (herself made her Bakugo hoodie from it), so all i had to do was print 2 copies of the scorbunny add-ons and cut them out. i have all the small parts cut out of the fabric, just need to cut the back, front and sleeves then i can start assembling it. i'm working on a scarf for himself - it's not the one i started back in june; this one is a simple 3-cable one. it's taking me ages - i started this back in october. i can only knit 2 or 3 rows at a time...but it'll get done eventually. then hopefully i can go back to his "real" scarf........:sigh: (he saw fox paws and got intrigued. i got him to give me the 5 colors, i ordered yarn, and cast on. i got almost to the end of the first repeat when the dog nation attacked :lol:.....i can't do the 5 stitch-decrease or the multiple increases right now. hopefully soon.....

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So, I broke up with my doctor on Friday.....

good news is - the bone is healed.

bad news is - this is as good as it's going to get, since I can't afford to do anything else.

according to him, there's no reason I should be in pain, and i should have a *lot* more range of motion than I have. his recommendation: CT scan, followed by MRI and possible surgery.

problem: i am, for all intents and purposes, uninsured. (why no, my husband *hasn't* tried to cancel my insurance, nor has he seriously tried looking for another job. *I* am not that important to him - i've known it for years, i've accepted it - seriously, guys, it is what it is. if *he* were the one impacted by this (well, he is, financially, but that doesn't seem to matter, his whining about how broke he is notwithstanding...), things would be different. because it's me, not him - it's not a big deal. :sigh: again - this is nothing new. :shrug: case in point - we still have suki, and i am forced to sleep in the same bed with her every. single. night. it really isn't worth anyone getting pissed off about - i am plenty pissed off, but it doesn't make a difference.)

I am trying to find ways to adapt. i used some of my birthday money to buy a cheap ($35!) stand mixer for my lotions; i'm trying to figure out ways to make soap. knitting....i can only do 2 or 3 rows per day, which sucks, but at least i'm knitting. out. maybe a fly-shuttle would help - i need to see if i can rig up something. spinning - right out. i can't flip my hand over to control the twist. when i switch hands - right controlling twist, left holding fiber - i can't control how much fiber is being spun.

sewing. :sigh: i have to sew in very small chunks. 1 day to trace the pattern, then cut out the pattern the next. layout on fabric 1 day, the next to cut the fabric. then i start to sew, but i am only good for about 1 hour - 2 max, before it gets too painful. i can't power thru the pain (well, i *can*, but....) because then i'm worthless for 2 or 3 days to recover. a simple shirt for himself, for example, should take 4 - 6 hours. now, it takes 3 weeks.

i'll get used to it. or i give up all my hobbies, which i am not willing to do.

boy, that's a downer - let me try to turn this post around. last week, himself used the last of his inheritance to replace my dishwasher. the husband forced me into a bosch 5+ years ago; i have hated that thing for 5+ years. i honestly don't know what people see in them - it's small, it doesn't do a good job on the dishes (we routinely have to run 2 or 3 cycles per load to get the glassware clean).......seriously. i had much cleaner dishes with my cheap, bottom-of-the-line kenmore.

anyway, himself bought a nice kitchen aid. it should be delivered tomorrow - i can't wait. the saleslady said they get no repair calls on kitchen aid, a few on the Frigidaire, and a *ton* on bosch - which they don't carry because of all the problems. (i try to go to the small, family-owned appliance store in the next town over. i get better service, and honest opinions on the models they sell and service. they kept my maytag washer going longer than i anticipated, then happily sold me my beloved speed queen. when my dryer finally died earlier this year, herself bought me the matching speed queen dryer - it has no bells or whistles. all it does is dry my clothes in 1 cycle. bliss!)

oh! himself convinced me to pick up a copy of jedi: fallen order; the manager at our game stop talked me into using my points to purchase basically i got the game free. i am trying to play a little bit every day - i can convince myself it's rehab for my wrist. :lol: I've been playing since the day it came out, and am almost halfway done. it's been fun......i can't play more than 1 hour per day (pain!), but it's fun. except for the spiders.....stupid, scary, oversized, nightmare inducing spiders.......:shudder:

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This just gets better and better....

And - I'm DONE. In fact, the husband is - no shit! - about to quit his job over this. :sigh:

So. Our enrollment period was 9/1/19 - 9/25/19. I wanted to stay with the plan we had, so we a)didn't have to DO anything and b)already knew what we were dealing with.

Nope - that plan is no longer offered in our area/by the employer. OK then. We stuck with Cigna (yup - calling the b*****ds out), because I *thought* our new plan would AT LEAST offer what we had. Boy, was I WRONG.

(As a quick aside - I was chosen BY CIGNA for a focus group, which was held 11/5/19. In it, we were shown a "fake" email discussing "local networks". I flipped out, said it was a HORRIBLE idea, and if I had gotten said email I would have dropped Cigna like a hot potato and run fleeing into the dark. I was told by the moderator - "oh, no, no - this isn't a thing. It's just a mock-up." Keep this in mind, OK?)

Monday I got a bill from my lovely hand specialist. I owed $110. AFTER my copay of $60. Cigna paid $29. I was incensed - what in the hell was going on? So I called......only to be told that my doctor, who IS with Cigna, who hasn't changed ANYTHING on his end at all, is no longer in MY network.

See, he's outside the limits placed upon me by my zip code. So - he's out of network, and they will pay 40% AFTER I meet my new deductible of $1500.

:sigh: Self-pay will cost me $199 for the visit in October and the upcoming one in December. Cigna will happily charge me $700/month + $170 PER VISIT.

So - go on, tell me again that I must keep this piece of shit insurance. Go on - tell me how much I will SAVE in the long run by paying $8,400 in premiums, $1,500 (per person, NO family cap!) deductible (even if it's an accident carry-forward - they don't give a shit, just pay up!), PLUS $170 per visit. (Let's see...6 visits @ $170/each, plus the previous.......$10,920. NOT including any surgery or extra visits. Cash pay = $1,200 for the same 6 visits. Um........anyone see a problem here????) Please note I only included 1 deductible - even though it's quite possible that you have to pay *2* of them, depending on the timing of your accidents. :shakes head"

It really isn't going to matter, though - husband has already told me that he's DONE dealing with the crap at work and this POS insurance. HR will NOT drop me - he is forced to keep me on, even though we CAN NOT AFFORD TO USE IT - so, he wants to quit. I told him go ahead - we'll figure something out.

And for the record - his gross pay is $30K. Think about that, if you will. Approximately $5,500 comes out for withholding/FICA. Subtract the insurance premiums from the remaining, and he has a NET income - or, for the accounting-challenged, Take Home Pay of - wait for it - $16,100.

We can live on that without too much difficulty. (No, seriously. NO credit cards, no splurges. :shrug:) But not when you add in the lack of coverage by Cigna.

Oh, and telling me to "find someone in your network".....yeah. I live in a rural area. There are 2 doctors' offices in town, neither of which competent. We have *1* orthopedic doctor who believes that x-rays can't see thru swollen tissue (so tell me why, exactly, you want to hit me with a dose of radiation if it's not going to show anything useful? Seriously.....) The hospital is best avoided - the ONLY reason I went there with the bite is because I had bled through a dishtowel in under 40 feet and was afraid I wouldn't make it to Dallas (60 miles away. For the closest *decent* hospital.) This hospital doesn't deliver babies any more, because there are NO OB/GYNs within 40 miles. The closest nephrologist (for Herself's thyroid condition) is approximately 35 miles away - pretty sure that's not in-network, either (good thing she's got her own insurance that doesn't care how far she has to drive to get to a doctor) - not that it's a GOOD nephrologist. :sigh: Same for Himself's allergy doctor. There's not a lot of choice here, doctor-wise - which hasn't been a problem up until now. (And the orthopedic doctor? Isn't a specialist, and I really don't feel comfortable with a non-specialist looking at my HAND, y'know? I kinda need my hands........although at this point, it's moot. Can't afford surgery, so I guess it doesn't matter.)

I love it here. I love the peace, the land, the livestock, the fact that my closest neighbors on one side are COWS. I do NOT like living close to people. I hate crowds - and traffic! Ugh! I don't think it's fair that I am penalized by an insurance company I am forced to pay, just because I like living with less pollution.

Ah, well. I will muddle along, like I always do. I need to try a few different knitting techniques, because the lack of a sock in tow is starting to wear on me. Knitting keeps me sane, and keeps me from smacking people with a clue-by-four when they are being especially dense. :sigh:

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So. Y'all know the story - dog bite 7/24, ER didn't do their damn jobs yada yada. Our insurance plan changed 10/1 - we had no choice in the matter. Now, my doctor - who still takes Cigna, you understand, and - again! - we had NO CHOICE in whether or not we were going to change plans or not - is no longer "In Network", so Cigna covers 60%, AFTER I meet the NEW deductible.

To recap: I had an accident 7/24/19. I met the damned deductible inn the ER visit on the same damn day. On 10/1/19, our plan changed - again, no choice in the matter - and a) I have to meet ANOTHER $1,500 deductible, b)my doctor - who hasn't changed ANYTHING on his end - is now OUT OF NETWORK, meaning I have to pay $99 out of his $111 visit charge.

Tell me again how this insurance is worth anything?????

EVERY other policy I have had in my life rolled over the deductible if it was an on-going (not chronic, of course) thing. This - I can't even.

Looks like I get to live with an unhealing, broken arm for....well, however long it takes for the bloody thing to heal. I can't afford to go back to the doctor, with OR without insurance, so guess that's that, then.

And NO - socialized/single payer is NOT the answer. 1 - it's not free, doctors/nurses/their suppliers have to be paid somehow, and where do you think that money will come from? and 2 - do you REALLY trust the government to run healthcare correctly? (Ummmm...think $250,000 hammers. Seriously - you want those bozos in charge of YOUR health?)

Sorry - I just had to vent. Now I'm going to go bash my head against a wall for a bit - and then cancel my 12/13 doctor appointment. There's really no point in keeping it if I can't afford to actually DO anything (since doc's already said surgery is the next step, IF I am still in pain (yup!) and if the bone isn't healing (don't know, but since it's swollen and squishy, I'm thinking it isn't, or it's healing very slowly. Either way, I can't afford to do anything, so.....why bother?)

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let's see...

1. lizard habitat is still not done. to be fair, it was raining friday, then saturday it looked like rain. brother and niece came out to play with lizards; we talked a lot and watched detective pikachu. fun times! i did start the hammock stands for the new habitat - so at least i did *something* for the lizards. :lol:

2. wrist - same. oh well.

3. sewing - working on laptop case for cynthia. i just need to assemble it today; it looks good. i found some cute owl fabric for the exterior - hope she likes it!

4. husband. has suddenly realized that this job sucks. doesn't pay well, hours are stupid.......but he is still *not* doing anything about it. :sigh: he had to borrow the kids' savings to pay for a water leak repair at his house......and he suddenly realized that taxes are, in fact, due *every* year. no, really? :bangs head: my small savings took a hit friday - we had eye exams and 2 of us needed new glasses. i had hoped i'd get my last contract check...but no. ah, well.....when i do, it'll go back into savings. :shrug: what do you do?

not much else to report. i'm backing up my air - soon as it's done i'll go out to the studio to finish the bag.

hope it doesn't rain........

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i finished a sock!

finally! took me 4 hours to knit a toe, but the blasted sock is done! :happy dance:

let's see:

1. had the stand for the new reptile habitat finished and ready to move into the house (not herself's room, yet, but in the house). only.....the husband found 2 more rotten boards that need replacing (no, i did't notice them while painting. he did, when he tried to lift the bloody thing by 1 board and it broke. :sigh:) then he shattered the masonry board on the side........this just gets better and better, doesn't it?

i tried to remove the mirroring on the sliding glass doors of the cage, and failed. we did get new glass cut, but not put in yet. we also got the final boards to make the riser for the bottom (we had boards....he had 2, and i bought 2. he just didn't tell me he was using his 2 to repair the stand. :bangs head:) ah, well - it worked out better. the bottom will be out of 2 x 6's instead of 2 x 4's, which makes it slightly taller, and therefor better for the young kaiju. :lol:

updated plan: the new habitat will be ready for occupancy *next* saturday.

2. rain! we had a gully-washer come thru last night. bad, heavy rain. thank G-d we have no damage!

3. the husband got to see suki at her antics again last night. she decided riley insulted her and jumped him.....and yet, she's still here. :big sigh: is is bad of me to wish he'd been bitten? because...yeah. maybe that would force him to *do* something. :sigh:

not much else to say. i *really* need to get back to putting stuff into tap forms. knitting is pretty much done, except for my projects, but sewing? not so much. :sigh: hurts to type, but.......

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well, that's interesting....

so. went to the doc today about my wrist. he took x-rays.....seems the bone is NOT healing. i still have a nice gap between the 2 pieces - herself says it looks to be 3mm; i dunno. doc mentioned surgery....not fun. i go back 12/13 to see if it's gotten any better. he's concerned, since the pain hasn't decreased at all.

good news - i have more range of motion now. i think i tore scar tissue, which is why i can move it more. it's still not back to where it should be, but hey - i can move it more! we won't discuss how much it hurts, right? or the fact that it still takes me about 10 minutes per row on my sock...which is ridiculous. it took me 2.5 hours to knit half a toe. :sigh: i've got presents to knit - this is NOT good.

i still have a few exercises to do, but......they won't help the bone heal.

ah well, we'll see. i will keep plugging away at the sock that's been on the needles since JULY. (normally it takes 10 days to complete a pair of color-worked socks. this pair is plain - no pattern, no color, no texture...just knitting. :sigh:

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