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Quick update thingy.... Sep. 18th, 2019 @ 07:50 am
so. the nerve test was yesterday......the motor nerves are fine, thank God. the sensory portion....are, sorta, barely. still - good news!

i am out of the brace.....again, sorta. doc wants me in it as much as i need it - the bone is not fully healed, and we don't want any set backs. the therapist wants me out of it. um......ok. i decided to try to only wear it when feeding critters. we'll see.

my range of motion has increased ever so slightly. i still can not flip my hand over - which is very worrisome. the therapist told me to not do the exercises if they hurt.....i hurt all the time. so.......:sigh: she didn't like that answer, but it's the truth. so now she says do them up to a 3 on the pain scale.....i decided it wasn't worth telling her breathing rates a 2 - she wouldn't have appreciated it. (yes, *breathing* hurts. i can ignore most pain under a 5/6.....but i am living with 2 right now. everyday activities? solid 5 or more. so stopping at 3? means i don't do much. i'm trying to decide how much to deal with........)

i have managed to make myself 3 hawaiian shirts (victoria jones pattern # 220. i am a medium. my 3rd shirt i added .5" to the side seams, and it fits the way i want it - i was going for a nice, slightly loose fitting camp-style shirt, and that did it. shirt #2 was .25", and it's nice, but not quite loose enough.) pics forthcoming.

himself funded and installed a new stereo in the jeep. he wants - he thinks - to work on older cars, restoring them, and figured this was a good way to start. he has a backup camera for me, but hasn't quite figured out how to route the cables. that's this weekend's project.

gotta skitter!

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look ma, no cast! Aug. 27th, 2019 @ 01:44 pm
(only, not look - i don't have photos yet).

got the cast off today. doc looked at it, did a bunch of tests......and walked me into his therapy dept and had me do a session. i have very very limited range of motion, the novocaine-feeling numbness is worse, and he is concerned. (i can't flip my hand over, i can't rotate it at all, and i can't flap it back and forth at all - which is bad. i also have a distinct lack of feeling on the top of my hand - which isn't as bad, since we don't do a lot of sensitive stuff with the back of the hand. still....)

i have a nerve test set up for the 17th, with an appt with him directly after, and a therapy session directly after *that*. i have 6 exercises i have to do 3x/day, 10 reps each, plus i have to massage my wrist 2x/day. fun stuff! (only, not really). i also have to wear a brace all the time, except in the shower and when doing the exercises/massage.

in other news, i knit 2 rounds of my sock! in about 30 minutes.....:sigh:

i also sewed up a shirt for me on sunday - it only took 5 hours. :big sigh: i cut another one out yesterday - 2 hours to cut 7 pieces out. (some of the doubled, but most single-layer to try to do pattern matching. i failed but the shirt should be wearable anyway.)

gotta say, i've done a lot of reading recently. since the accident, i've plowed thru......14 books. so far. at least i can read 1-handed.

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updatey-thing Aug. 19th, 2019 @ 08:10 am
not much going on - it's hard to do stuff one-handed. do have photos, though!

we "updated" my cast!

cast - side

cast - top

the other 4 doggies wanted to express their well-wishes....i stamped their paw prints on card stock, the traced off clean versions onto stencil plastic. herself cut the stencils out, then used a sharpie to put them on my arm. i used a magic marker to fill them in. i find it highly amusing to have 4 paw prints on the arm that was mangled by the 5th dog....i freely admit my humor is warped. :lol:

here are the 3 shirts i've sewn for himself. the plum one i managed to *finally* finish yesterday.

shirt - blue

blue on blue herringbone shirting from "a famous designer". i love fabric mart!

shirt - plum plaid

this one was fun - look at my plaid matching! i have 2 more plaid shirts to make for him - this was the experiment.

shirt - triangles

this fabric is from "a famous hawaiian designer". i didn't have enough fabric for a pocket; the pattern calls for the pocket to be cut on the bias, which i stupidly did - in this pattern, it looked totally stupid. i didn't have enough to recut it, so...no pocket.

i'm trying to find a nice button-up, oxford-style shirt pattern for me. i have 3 lengths of fabric i want shirts out of.....i have the Granville shirt that i might make up, but it's a little too boxy. we'll see....

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Home again.... Aug. 2nd, 2019 @ 04:11 pm
From the doc, sporting a lovely blue arm:

I have to wear it until August 27......then it’s back in the brace for a bit. Bit of a bother, but it’s for the best.

In other news, we had an oops baby on Monday. The doe we thought hadn’t caught....did. 2 months after every one else. He’s with mama right now, since I am in no condition to tend babies right now.

Gotta skitter!

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well, no news Jul. 26th, 2019 @ 03:29 pm
is good news, right? doc looked at bites, said they looked good, did the pressure-test-thingy (i'm still at the high end of normal), and told me to come back next Friday for new x-rays and - probably - a real cast. whee! i am bruised, slightly swollen, and my pinkie and ring fingers feel full of novocain. :shrug: we wait and see, now.

apple replaced my watch - but didn't give me a band. :scratches head: oh, well - herself bought me one, so soon as the watch finishes updating i can strap it on my right wrist and go. i've missed it - i've gotten used to getting notifications on my wrist without needing to look at the phone.

so, that's where we are at.....Friday i should maybe know something.

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Other entries
» and once more, into the breach....
i got a call yesterday morning (7:40 AM!!!) from the hand specialist. went in.......he's even LESS impressed with our ER. Not only should they have surgically cleansed me, and x-ray'd me, they SHOULD NOT have stitched me. at all. the wounds should all have been left completely open to drain. :sigh:

he didn't like the top bite. he opened it up right there in the office and did a quick cleaning......it's draining a lot, now - both blood and yellow-ick.

i am now in a soft, below-the-elbow cast. i have orders to take it off 3x/day to wash my arm.....and i have been ORDERED to knit. oh happy day! granted, it hurts like h**l, but - knit! it took me 20 minutes to knit 2 rounds last night (144 stitches)....i am supposed to work my arm so that when he sees me again on Friday (for those playing along, that will doctor visit #4 for this week) he can see how improved i am. NO sling - which is kinda sad - Herself helped me make one Sunday afternoon. ah, well.

he's not sure about the nerve. it's not destroyed, because i do have some movement and reduced sensation; worse case it's been torn/split. it might just be the swelling - in any case, it will make no difference in outcome if he did surgery now vs. surgery in a month, should surgery be needed. :whew:

i can't flip my hand over - at all, due to pain. i can't spread my fingers very far apart, but i CAN make a fist. it hurts - tear-inducing, in fact - but that's good.

friday we should know more. hopefully, it'll be good news.

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» this just gets better and better
i called the local ortho yesterday, first thing. he's out of the country until the end of the month. this is probably a good thing.....i called the other ortho the ER recommended, and they got me in.

after a 20 minute trip to get a copy of my x-rays ("go in, fill out a form and we'll copy them for you. 5 minutes, tops!") we headed to Dallas. the doc is nice, personable, and......had a few issues with how or local ER handled things.

1. they did not x-ray me the first trip. that should have been done to be sure nothing was in any of the wounds, and to check for breaks. no, it's not common to "miss breaks because of swelling".

2. they didn't clean the bites correctly. if we'd come to him, (if he'd been on call at the ER), he'd have taken me straight to the OR to properly clean them. while they look ok on the surface, 2 of them are still draining - which he finds worrisome 8 days out - and we have no idea how they look inside. at the minimum, he thinks i need more antibiotics - you don't mess around with dog bites, even if you know the dog in question. (for the record, our ER squirted saline solution in each bite, and dabbed it dry before letting me sit for 30+ minutes, then they stitched them up. yup, the bites were open while i sat there.)

3. it's rather apparent i have some nerve damage. if they'd properly cleaned things, it would - most likely - been discovered then, and fixed. he put in a call to a colleague who specializes in hand/wrists nerve issues, and ordered me to get in to see him Thursday or Friday of this week. to say i am a bit apprehensive isn't even starting to cover it.

he put me in a better fiberglass splint/soft cast. i have to keep it on the sling unless i am in bed or in a chair. i....well, i'm not really looking forward to the next visit, but something has to be done. the pain is pretty bad, and the lack of feeling in my pinky and ring fingers is a bit worrisome. and have i mentioned i can't do anything that requires 2 hands? dressing is fun - bras are a major problem. so are buttons/hooks/snaps and fitted anything.

oh, and i didn't mention my lack of appetite or hot flashes. i haven't had an age-related hot flash in over a year.......so...you know.....:sigh: no thermometer here, so haven't been able to check my temp. our ER didn't check, either visit. to be fair, they didn't yesterday, either - but they are orthopedic docs, not GPs.

so, that's how i am doing - how are you?

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» So...I went to get the stitches removed
and came home in a fiberglass splint. only i could get a closed fracture of the distal end of my left ulna from a dog bite. :shakes head:

seriously - i broke my bloody wrist. or rather - the damn dog broke my wrist. :sigh:

i have to call the ortho first thing tomorrow to set up an appointment. and a followup with my worthless gp.....

anyway. apple IS going to replace my poor, destroyed watch with a brand-new one. i have to pay a $69 deductible - but still! they are covering a dog-bitten watch! the "genius" couldn't quit laughing over the situation....you have to admit, it IS funny.

still can't knit......i am going to go crazy soon.

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» I LOVE AppleCare.....
because - they are going cover this:

apple watch devoured

that, my friends, is my Apple watch. or...was. Let me explain - Suki and Chloe HATE each other. not dislike, HATE. we keep them separate to prevent, well, things like that from happening.

Sunday I screwed up. i went to grab the laundry hamper, and Suki got out of the bedroom....and went straight for Chloe, who was napping behind the couch. sigh.

i - stupidly - tried to break them up. Suki got me instead of Chloe.....after she broke the watch band (seriously - the stainless pins that hold the ban to the watch are broken), she got me.

i'll be fine - eventually. they could only put in 6 stitches, due to having to let bites drain. (3 bites...2.5 cm, 2.5 cm, and 2.0 cm). my wrist is swollen to the point of deformity, and it hurts to breathe. it could have been worse - the watch caught 2 teeth, instead of me. (although one of the bites is right where the watch face sits on my wrist. it's....well, interesting.)

we haven't had The Talk yet, but we will. i can't do this again. still allergic to all pain meds - i have been taking benedryl like it's candy, just to get a little pain relief (2 aleve, 1 benedryl. still hurts, but gets it to a level i can mostly deal with. nights i take 1 hydrocone and 1.5 benedryl.....i can sleep in short bursts. fun times! itching like mad....but so far the pain relief is worth it.)

the worst part? no knitting. you KNOW it's bad when i can't knit!

anyway - why i love AppleCare. we had called in 3 weeks ago because the watch would freeze up randomly and not respond to my screen taps. a hard reboot temporarily fixed it, but it had started up again last week. i decided to call in yesterday to tell them to cancel the claim #, since i was pretty sure "mauled by a dog" wasn't"t covered...and found out you get 2 accident claims. we're going in to a store on Saturday to get things worked out.

so, apple wins again.

in other news, the Duncan turned 1 year old yesterday. no pics, because i can't easily snap a pic of him one-handed. especially since he is very concerned over my arm......Lord love him, he keeps hurting me trying to make it better. (he's asleep on my foot right now.)

i need more ice, so i need to wrap up. hope y'all are having a better week than me!

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» I did it. I deleted my Rav account...
because I can't stand for discrimination - of ANY sort. (FYI - discrimination doesn't just cover skin color or sexual orientation. It covers anything one can use to "other" people.)

Honestly, I'd been thinking about it for a *long* time - especially after R. started demanding people buy patterns from People of Color (that term is SO racist - it's just Colored People backward. I HATE it - we ALL have a color. Some are darker, some are lighter, some have a different tone......we're PEOPLE.).....I have NO IDEA what the pattern designer of ANY pattern that I own looks like. I don't run a background check before hitting buy it now. I buy patterns because there's something about them that speaks to me.

I didn't get to join the Rexit - I hit delete July 5. It took me that long to download all my PAID FOR patterns - I'm still not done organizing them! - but I did it. I joined in 2009 (at least, that's when my earliest projects were listed), so I had a LOT of stuff to delete/download. At least it's done - I have to delete Herself's account next, but I need to have my stuff organized first. (She suggested I keep it and use it to get more free patterns ("Mom, don't the liberals like giving stuff away for free? They shouldn't mind, then - right?" Clever, cheeky girl. :lol:) but I just...can't.)

Meanwhile, I found a list of folk that agree that discrimination is OK - they are now off my vendor list. I'm kinda sad - some of them write really lovely patterns (and I have a LOT of them on my currently owned list....:sigh:) but I simply can't support someone who supports ANY sort of discrimination - or who agrees with the libel that a small percentage of half the US means that ALL of that half are racist, white supremacists. Statistically speaking, that isn't true.....and realistically speaking, that isn't true. It's like saying that ALL gays are pedophiles.........just because a very small number of gays are. (I am NOT saying that - it's an example wrong-think.) Designers that I like that haven't openly agreed with R are still on my OK list - and I've found websites for most of them. I even ordered from 1 last night! (6 patterns that I didn't need, but I found out she'd been booted off R back in May. I don't know why, but I can certainly support her. She's Russian/Slavic, and her designs are *breath taking*. One of these days I'll knit a few up!)

I'm not going to toss the problematic patterns - I acquired them before this kerfuffle, and paid for some of them with real money (others I got with free-for-a-limited-time offers. :shrug: They showed as paid for in my R library, so.....I honestly couldn't tell you which ones used real money and which ones didn't, at this point.) Going forward, I'll only be purchasing from non-discriminatory designers - it's not like I really *need* any more patterns at this point. I have....well, I'm up to 1,400+ in my database right now, with.....at least 500 more to go. No, I don't have a problem......really. No, I don't expect to actually KNIT all of them - some of them are just so gorgeous I couldn't help myself. I use them as inspiration (especially the shawls. I don't wear shawls. They sure are pretty, though!)

Ah, well. I think I'll stay away from any of the new knitting sites for a bit.....I really do NOT like social media. R was a convenient place to get patterns......so is Love Knitting. And Etsy. And direct from the designers. :shrug:

(And...I think R did this with an ulterior motive. I *think* they might be thinking about selling....but their membership numbers have always been suspicious to me. 8 mil members? I think that's a bit high - especially since their "active right now" numbers were never over 50K. If even that much. I think the numbers are padded - a lot - and this was a good way to drop them without anyone getting too suspicious. This is just me thinking out loud, though.......I have nothing to back it up. Just....feelings. Which are as good as facts, right? :wink:)

Oh - shout out to Tap Forms! LOVE it! I haven't figured out how to link my project page to the pattern page, but everything else works beautifully! I even have forms set up for my sewing projects, so everything will be in one easy to access spot. I *highly* recommend them (if you're on iOS) - or any database app, if you're not. It makes finding downloaded files *SO* much easier!

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