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Busy Weekend

It's taken me a few days to get this written up, because I had to distance myself from it. I mean - really - it was a madhouse...and my kids looked like perfect angels compared to the heathens that showed up.

The demo Friday night was at the Catholic church. We were told to be there by 8 PM; we showed up at 7:30...I need some time to get set up and all. This was hispanic night, I guess - we were in the parish hall (or whatever the Catholic equivalent is called), and in the "big" room they were having a service in Spanish. Very loud, very noisy. I guess it was happy noise....but I dunno. :shrug:

I got shown to a very very small room...if it was 10' x 10' I'll be surprised. No big deal - I had brought the Joy wheel (small) and RH loom (ditto); my basket of samples and scoured but unprocessed wool was the largest thing in my stuff. Daycare lady hadn't arrived yet (surprise! NOT) but we went ahead (the kids and I) and got things situated. The kids amused themselves by spinning in an old (think ancient here) office chair around the room. Me? I worked on my sock.

Daycare lady arrived. Joy, happiness! She rearranged the 3 long tables in the room to clear out more floor space, and warned me that she was expecting 50 kids. :gulp: Ok....not a problem, think I - I've handled more than that at Irish Fest and the Games. Plus, THEY were drunk. So....I ask if they speak English, and am told yes. Good - we're good to go, then.

The kids are blessed (I guess that's a normal part of a Catholic service? The adults stayed for more songs and music) and converge on the room. Wow.....very rowdy. Extremely Loud. My kids, both pretty outgoing, shrank back against the walls and stared. Daycare lady's oldest son (6) moved a bit closer to me as well (and he's not one to move away from that says something!) It took 15 or 20 minutes to get them to Sit Down...we never did get them to Shut Up. :sigh:

So, she starts in setting up the "lesson". Discusses lack of Wal-Marts and other stores in 700-ish BC. Trys - and I do mean TRYS - to get them to think about how clothes happen. They aren't getting it. So, I pull out the scoured wool (I shoulda brought some raw stuff...but) and try to get them interested.

One bitch (sorry, but she was) - about 12 or 13, spoiled ROTTEN (good grief, she had a fricking Cell Phone and spent most of the evening passing text messages back and forth to other girls in her clique), started screaming: "Oh, GROSS! I'm not TOUCHING THAT stuff! NO WAY would anyone want to touch THAT!" despite the fact that Himself was practically rolling in it, and Herself was petting some of the pre-carded rolags I had in the basket. :sigh: This, of course, set off all the stupid tween-aged girls, and started the boys in with the tossing of the wool and the trying to stuff the locks down the girls' pandemonium.

Meanwhile, the younger crowd were crowding close, because they found all this stuff I brought just too cool for words. They at least got the lesson, I think.

We got them calmed down from the attack of the toxic wool, and I brought out the handcards....
teenbitch said "OOOH, that's TOO MUCH work! No WAY would anyone do that!" despite the fact that I am standing there happily carding away. The handspindle went over about the I brought out the "big guns"...the Ashford Joy.

Now, first let me say that Ashford products are good....not the best, certainly not very efficient, but good, solid wheels. The Joy is nice and small, very portable, but.....I hate it. I try very hard not to let my distaste show up in demos.......and honestly, I prefer that my Joy wheel get the sticky fingers and filthy handprints and get knocked around by idiotic people that have no respect for other people's property, and not my lovely AA beauty.

*ahem* Usually, that gets the rowdy crowds to settle down.....but not this crowd. The younger set were instantly enthralled; they all sat as close as they could and stared. Even asked some intelligent questions. The older group all sat around bitching about....something. Not sure what.

So, daycare lady got most of their attention, and we started talking about how to go from wheel to fabric. Out came Radioactive Sock (which got a lot of "Coolness!"), then we moved to the Loom. Immediately, teenbitch said "Oh, that's Hard! Noone could make enough fabric on THAT thing!" OK, so this was my RH loom, which is maybe 22" - 24" wide. You CAN make clothing on it, you just have to add to the length to make up for the lack of width. As for too hard.....hahahahahaha.

Daycare lady didn't miss a beat. "Too Hard??? Himself, can you show me how to use this loom?" Himself LOVES daycare lady, so he mosed over there and started pounding out the fabric, all the while giving her a running commentary on the whole process.

Me? I stood over in the corner and twirled my drop spindle. :eg:

THAT brought down the house - literally. We had kids lining up asking if they could weave. I told them to ask the weaver - it was HIS loom and his project, not mine. I did get to explain the whole warping process, and the time involved - at this point teenbitch and her cronies were thrown out of the room, and the rest of us had a blast.

We ended the evening (at 10 PM!!) by having the kids make Joseph's coat out of paper sacks and crayons or strips of paper. My 2, of course, wove the paper into the sacks so that *their* coats were woven.....:eg:

So, on the whole it was an OK demo. It would have been better if teenbitch & co. hadn't been there, but at least I planted a few seeds of fiber addiction.

And really, why else do demos?

So, Saturday was "rally" day, the day we kick off the Sunday School year. Our church always has it on a Saturday evening, and lots of fun and merriment is had. This year, they brought in a HUGE water slide for the was very quiet in the Parish hall. :eg:

I brought the Joy (what else?) and got 1.5 bobbins of singles done, and 1 bobbin plied, all before I had to head outside to help Herself compete in the games. (Egg toss - ick, 3-legged race - not too bad, and tug o' war - we won!)

I found out that one of the ladies used to spin and weave, way back in the 70s. I'm trying to tempt her over to play...but she says that she's just not into "that stuff" anymore. We had a nice conversation about HER wheel (now residing in Florida, :sigh:), an antique that came down in her family from....where ever they were originally from. She also had an old barn loom that she wove on (insert serious envy here!)...and she has a COMPLETE antique walking wheel in her garage Right Now. Oh My.

I told her - "OH, wow! Ummmmmmm...(at this point Himself rushed in, soaking wet, to inform all and sundry that the Water! Slide! Was FUN! And also, wet! Come! and! See!) I don't have a space for a walking wheel". She grinned and said, "well, it's my daughter's now, but I've had it forever, and it'll be here." :hint hint:

A couple of knitters came out of the woodwork, too. :g:

We left a bit early, since we had to get up for church the next morning. All in all, a good time was had by all.

And of course, let's not forget the e-mail about my lovely lovely new wheel and the subsequent phone call to California.....whee!

I got a wee bit on the sock done before church, but Herself went to the Sunday School end-of-summer swim party, so Himself and I were by ourselves. He played Lego Starwars, the Video game while I napped, then we (yes, WE) baked brownies. I wove while they were in the oven; he smashed his real-life Lego ships into the dogs. I knit a bit more while waiting at the church for Herself to get back..then we went home and all 3 crashed. There may have been a video involved...I can't remember.

So, I guess my plans for world domination are clicking along quite nicely.

Oh, and I'm on the heel flap of Radioactive sock #2. I hope to be done with it by Wednesday, so I can start on my next pair. All handspun, this time, cuffed. I'm thinking purple fuzzy stuff (from what I spun at Irish Fest, since I have 5.6 oz left of it) with Herself's Tequila yarn (think orange/pink/yellow/red). Should be nice and loud! They'll be cuffed, with....Celtic knotwork if I can find a good graph or 3. Knotwork around the cuff, and a single knot on the heel flap. In orange. :g:
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