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The Radioactive socks


Previous Entry The Radioactive socks Sep. 14th, 2005 @ 04:30 am Next Entry
are done! I can put the yarn up and never never never look at it ag- oh, wait. I'll be *wearing* the socks....well, my feet are pretty far from my eyes, so it'll be OK. *Other* people will need to protect their eyes, but that isn't my problem. :g:

I've started the Celtic socks. I am loosely following Nancy Bush's "cuffed socks" from her "Folk Socks book. Loosely, because I am using handspun on size 3s, following a chart from the Dover Publications book on Charted Celtic Designs, and I CO 10 less stitches. Oh, yeah - and I'm putting a knot on the heel flap, and hers is plain.

Must go fit some weaving in before waking the kidlets up!
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The possessed iPod says:: annoying cricket somewhere under the printer stand
spin a yarn
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