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The socks are a bust - and a dilemma


Previous Entry The socks are a bust - and a dilemma Sep. 14th, 2005 @ 06:32 pm Next Entry
I finished the cuff....it ended up 4" long.

That's not the problem.....the problem was the yarn choice. The purple is a good choice - it's mostly evenly spun, nice and good twist. The green? Not so much. It was demo yarn - and I must have spun it at an active demo, because it's all over the place.

So, we had tension problems....which I could live with, but we also had fuzzy problems- the fuzz factor makes the knotwork almost disappear. You have to really study it to see it. :sigh:

So, it's back to the drawing board for them. I've got some suffolk lamb in the stash that I will dye, card and spin up specifically for these socks. The green? Will go back in the stash until I figure out what to do with it. The purple? Will head over to the CSM to be cranked out this weekend. (I will get a pair of socks out of that yarn!)

The dilemma:

Himself has been...well, he's been a holy terror at Kindegarten this week. Bad enough that the teacher called me yesterday. He says that it is "too hard to be good 'cause they do bad things to you there". I'm thinking, what? They beat you every Tuesday and didn't invite me? They serve you moldy bread and brackish water?? Geez, I miss all the fun!

He won't tell me exactly what the "bad things" are. I'm thinking they're: mind the teacher, do what you're told..you know, the basic get- along-with-others stuff. He also hates his teacher, because "She's old and not pretty". :sigh:

I informed him that it didn't matter *what* she looked like, he was stuck with her, and in fact, if he had to re-do Kindegarten, I would make sure he was put back in her class. That got a quiet "oh." No improvement in behavior, though.

I know he's bored........but sheesh! He's reverting back to the terrible two's here, what with pushing, shoving, hitting, pinching....:sigh:

I have taken away his Lego Star Wars video game (which is way cool and totally addictive.....), his Legos (all 5 bazillion of them), and today he lost all TV privledges. Unfortunatly, this means Herself has lost TV, too...but she seems OK with it right now. Let's see what happens tomorrow.....when, in addition to all that (my removals are cumlative, not day to day...), he loses his Star Wars toy collection.

We have tickets for the Rodeo Friday night...anyone wanna bet that I get to stay home with an irritated terror?? (Herself can go with G'ma.....)

Anyone out there got any suggestions? I'm at my wit's end here....he's never been one that I had to spank...and time outs don't really do any good (he sits in the corner and plots his next move. Not really a good thing).
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Date:September 15th, 2005 08:03 pm (UTC)


This is going to sound totally counterintuitive, but try spending 30 minutes each evening one-on-one with him doing what HE wants to do (Legos, playing outside, whatever). I would suspect he is feeling overwhelmed at school for some reason, and dreading coming home to be punished by mom is pushing him over the edge. If you tie the one-on-one to something he has to do anyway (bath, eat dinner) it won't seem like a "reward" for misbehaving, but just a normal part of the day. Worked wonders with my daughter. We played Barbies. Re: the "bad things there" might be as simple as a gentle reprimand from his teacher that embarresses him in front of his friends, or a time-out. He might be figedty (sp?) and have a hard time sitting still. My daughter couldn't stop talking ("She's a lovely child, but she Talks So Much!") Also, the teacher, if she has called you, should have been very specific about what he's been doing. If she's experienced, she should have some guess about what his triggers are, too. Sorry this is so long.
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