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Blather and stuff...

Hmmmm, my rant didn't get any dissenting comments.....geez. Guess I need to work on my rhetoric....*eg*

There must be something in the air......I spent most of last week cleaning; it culminated Thursday night with me rearranging the studio (the Glimakra was turned 90*, and if you don't think that counts as rearranging, you've never tried to move a fully warped 60" Glimakra Mora loom!) While it didn't give me a whole lotta space, it gave me enough to move the drum carder, ball winder, and Joy wheel to behind the loom bench (you can see all this fun stuff here. It's a bit cramped, but everything is usable and convienent. Now, if only I could squeeze the 2 table looms into here, I'd be in business!

Friday, we went to the "world famous" (in their dreams) Mesquite Championship (yeah, whatever) Rodeo (yes, Himself got a star finally!). Herself *loved* it - the bronc riding, the bull riding, the sheep races, the barrel racing...Himself got tired and cranky. Just ask him - he'll tell you "It was too long and Tiring". *g* Stupidest "event" - the Cowboy poker game. Ummm, yeah - let's set up a table and 4 plastic lawn chairs in the center of the arena, find 4 stupid willing cowboys to sit down and play poker...and, just to make it interesting, let's get the most pissed off bull we can find, and...oh......let's TURN HIM LOOSE in the arena. Oh, yeah - let's do THAT. :shakes head:

And let's don't forget the mounted square dancers that couldn't.....

Saturday was more cleaning.....we did hit Wallyworld, where I scored gas at $2.59/gallon. Go me! I also got most of the green lambswool carded up - it's a beautiful, slightly heathery emerald now. I can't decide: should I drop everything and spin it on up, or should I be virtuous and card up the purple first?

Sunday was a lazy day....but I did drag out and dust off the CSM. I have attempted to crank out a sock, but I am *way* out of practise...this AM was spent knitting a tube out of leftover sock yarn to remind me of what I'm doing. (Speaking of which, J - did you make it to the yarn store? How much do I need to send you?)

And, I love Freecycle! I woke up Saturday AM with the idea that I needed a dresser in the front room to store my fabric stash. Posted at lunch time, came back in the late afternoon and someone had responded (10 minutes after I posted, in fact) with the perfect item! I ran over Sunday afternoon and picked it up. It's butt-ugly, but nothing a bit of paint and faux finishing won't fix. Solid wood, 62" long, about 2.5" tall, and...18" deep. 6 big drawers and 3 small drawers. The best part? It's solid wood. Nice and heavy! Even holds most of my fabric.....:sheepish grin:

Co-worker still out today - her DH had surgery Thursday, got to recovery, and threw a bloodclot. Back in surgery Friday afternoon, made it thru recovery, then 3 hours later threw another bloodclot. Thursday, they had started him on Heparin, they started Cumadin Friday. Today, he's slated for surgery AGAIN......:sigh: Fun stuff here!

Oh, and it's National Talk like a Pirate day, m'hearties! Arrrrrrrrrrrgh!
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