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I had forgotten

how steep the learning curve is on the CSM (circular sock machine, for those joining in late).

Before Steve died (yikes - 3 years ago!), I could crank out a pair of socks in an hour - including kitchenering the toes! Now.......not even close.

I spent 2 hours last night cussing out the CSM. Finally, FINALLY, I was able to get it working correctly (it takes a combination of proper tension, which I thought I had, correctly wound balls of yarn, the exact amount of weights, and the perfect cranking speed. And lots and lots of luck and cursing.). I now have 1/2 a sock done.....I did the first 1/2 of the heel, and tonight will increase it back up and finish the blasted thing.

Still a lot faster than handknitting them......

Oh, and anyone that complains that socks made on the CSM shouldn't be called hand-knit are full of it. It takes more hand-manipulation to get a perfect sock from this possessed piece of tin then it does to knit them on 4 needles. And, if you still argue that machine made things aren't hand-made...then explain Handwovens to me, please. And handspun. :smile:

Worked some more on my dishtowels this AM....I like weaving in the early morning. It's quiet, and peaceful. A very good way to start the day.

I'm stalled on the needles...I keep starting projects, getting about 1" into them, then I decide they look horrid, frog them, and start something else. :sigh: I need something to keep my hands busy while on the phone up here at work.

Think I'll go make some icons....
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