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Blather and stuff...

So, not a whole lot going on right now. I lured 2 folks over to the dark side Sunday - a 7 year old at church has been begging to learn to knit, so I hauled up a set of 8s and some worsted wool for her...when I left, she was happily knitting away, pleased as punch.

Then, I coaxed my mother over...bwahahahahahahahahahaha. She had knit before, but forgot a bit. She's cheerily knitting along, now. And today? I have aquired a new padawan - she'll be learning at the Bedford Games. :g:

Daycare lady has also expressed a desire to learn knitting...and possibly weaving. My dark plan for world domination and a sheep for everyone is coming along nicely. :snerk:

Did not tackle the CSM last loom was singing her siren song, and I had to answer it. I'm already sick of this warp..20 yards is an awful lot from this side of it (I've woven off maybe 3 yards. :sigh:) I want to start on my shirt fabric! (/whine) Purple warp with occasional green (narrow) stripes/variegated purple/green/electric blue weft. Should be nice, and I am excited with this idea.

My padawan sold my corset, and I'll be getting the funds at Bedford. I've already started getting my wish-list together - I need some more 8/2 cotton, and I want to restock my wool stash. (Like I *need* any more wool...)

Now, a question: Can anyone help me figure out how to re-size pictures for iconage? I can shrink them down to 100 x 100...but I can't get the stupid files to compress. I've got some pics of the CSM, Finn, yarn samples....and I'd like them to become icons. :sigh: My blonde-ness is showing again.
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