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I love UPS!

Wow - the UPS guy had never seen anyone get so exicited over a box before! See, I knew it was my Dyson - yes, I won the Ebay auction yesterday, did an immediate payment over the phone (I was on the phone with the seller to get some more info, so while we were talking I went ahead and hit buy it now. ), and, since they are also in Texas, I got it today.

This thing Sucks! Really well! I am impressed - the amount of stuff it sucked out of the office carpet was impressive (and scary! We pay for the janitorial service to vacuum daily!); I can't wait to see what it does to the hardwood floors at home.


Since we're very very slow at work (ie: No work to do, period), think I'll watch Hidalgo. Love the DVD player on my PC!!
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