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Busy Weekend... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase — LiveJournal

About Busy Weekend...

Previous Entry Busy Weekend... Sep. 25th, 2005 @ 04:01 pm Next Entry
but not a lot to show for it. Rita fizzled out here...we got *maybe* 3" of rain yesterday; lots of wind, but it was all bluster. :sigh: We really need the rain!

So, while it was too windy outside to do things (I need to fix fence, and cleanup the back gate where Dusty dug a hole), I cleaned house. And vacuumed. (BTW, I love my Dyson and my Glimakra. The Dyson fits *inside* the loom, and sucked up all the bits and pieces of fuzz; it also sucked up all the stragglers on the drum carder). Did 4 loads of laundry, and had just settled down to watch a DVD with the kids (Clone Wars, Vol. 1, of course) when...

ZAP. Power went off. I called it in...and we waited. 20 minutes or so later, it came on, went off, came on, and ZAP - off again. I managed to get 1 dishtowel woven, then I pulled the Joy into the Family room (where the kids were freaking out, because WE HAD NO POWER, MOM! It's going to get DARK soon!...at 4:15 in the afternoon.) and cleared off most of 2 bobbins.

The power came back on at almost 5, so I served dinner (crock pots are great!) and sat down with my fuzzy purple handspun and cranked out 1/2 a sock. I would have gotten further along, but the CSM is picky about what it likes, and slightly bumpy yarn is a definate DIS-like. Since this was demo-yarn, it's not my best...but it is knitting up into a loverly sock. With a bit of patience, I'll be able to finish it and get it's mate done, too.

Today was potluck at church...nice, but not a lot of participants. We came home, I napped, then I made a batch of cookies for the kids...colored sugar cookies in fun shapes. They devoured the 4 color rainbows...*g* Himself now has fun cookies to take for snack time at school..a ladybug, a flower, a butterfly. More cookies will be made later in the week.

Must go plan some new pics for the website. I need to re-do all the sock photos (they were taken at work and are a bit dark) and get pics of the new ones I've made. Oh, and dinner.
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