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Quick Update and List

I have to head to the boss's house at 10:15 for a "meeting"...since he's in the early/middle stages of dementia, this should be fun. :sigh: Anyway...

I dyed 5 oz of wool last night - pretty, pretty stuff! Fall orange, with dark red highlights and bright yellow underlights and a mossy brown. I overdyed Silver's Yummy! I'll run the other 2 batches tonight, and hopefully I'll be able to card it up this weekend. Pictures will be forthcoming...:g:

I also got the fuzzy-sock-from-hell knit to the toe. The CSM HATES this skips stitches, drops stitches, gets hard to crank...but I will perservere and have warm,fuzzy, purple feet soon. I promised it that the next socks will be out of easy to eat knit commercial sock yarn in a nice subdued colorway.

I've got 2 demos coming up back to back - the first one is Oct. 8-9 (Highland Games) the 2nd is the 15th (Public Library) I need to get my act together and get stuff ready to toss in the van both weekends. Most of the stuff I can use at both sites (the Games demos are a lot more laid back; basically I sit and spin and idly answer questions. The Library is a "real" demo - I am there to educate people. And boy, do most of them need it!) 1 list will work.

Expect to see this reappear periodically over the next 2 weeks....:g:

Things to Do

1. Pull out Garb, make any adjuments (waistbands-30+ pounds gone since June!) and repairs (re-thread chemise laces), wash and iron

2. Dye Wool; prepare as necessary
a)Fall Blend: Brown YellowOrange Green
b)Bright Blend: colors to be determined (roving or locks?)
c)Card up Fall Blend
d)Card up Purple Lambswool

3. Wind a warp and dress table loom (scarf? Acrylic warp/weft - bright colors!)

4. Clear off wheel bobbins so can start fresh

5. Pack kids' suitcase to go to Granny's & take to Daycare (Games)

6. Download and print spindling instructions and possibly inkle weaving instructions

7. Clear off and re-warp inkle loom in greens (Games)

Things to Pack

1. Spinning Wheel (Joy wheel for Games; AA Scottish for Library - UNLESS new AA comes in, in which case she'll go to both..but that's doubtful) plus extra bobbins/oil/driveband cotton

2. Niddy Noddy & tie strings, scissors

3. Basket with wool (Games: ready to spin)(Library: carded? Locks? - if locks, include handcards)

4. 2 card tables and 2 tablecloths (Library)

5. 12H LeClerc Table loom, shuttle, extra weft yarn (Library)

6. Sample Rack and clothespins (Library)

7. Samples - Dishtowels, sweater, hat, mittens, shawl (knit/woven), socks, socks in progress(Library)

8. Small ice chest with munchies

9. Handspindles - the AA North Seas, the AA Student, and the AOL spindle

10. Instructions! Must infect new people with the spinning/weaving bug.
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