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Yesterday was so Not my day. Yesterday AM, I went out to feed the horses, and 1 was AWOL. Now, I expect that one day I will go out and Dusty the stud-muffin will have gone to the Courts...he is, after all, almost 20...but I didn't want to deal with it at 5 AM, in the pitch black, so I put it out of my mind and decided I'd worry about it when we got home. I then discovered (at 5:01 AM) that 2 of the stupid equines had gotten out - Magic has learned the joys of fence-leaning, and she has apparantly taken Finn on as her Apprentice. Grrrrrrrrrr. Fence-fixing at 5 AM is *so* much fun! (NOT!)

Got to work...had to go to meeting at the boss's house. THAT was fun...he had NO Clue. Which, of course, means that myself and our financial advisor had no clue either. That was a total waste of an hour and a half. :sigh:

Got home, Found the AWOL Horse - he was next door, helping himself to my not-really-useful neighbor's hay. :sigh: Apparantly, sometime before 3 AM, he jumped the fence (it's the only way he could have gotten out of where he was), wandered up to the front gate (the paddocks are behind the house), pushed the automatic gate open just enough so he could squeeze thru, and proceeded to mow my across-the-street neighbor's yard. She said she almost freaked when she came home and saw this ghostly-white *thing* in front of her porch, before she recognized the brainless-wonder. NRU Neighbor caught him at 8 AM and put him in his yard. :double sigh:

So, 5 PM found me attempting to dig a hole outside the gate - I dropped a 75 pound, 2.5 foot steel railroad tie outside the gate, so it can't be pushed open anymore. NRU neighbor hopped the fence and actually made himself useful (for once - will wonders Never cease??); dug the hole for me, planted the tie, and made sure it was nice and secure.

The only drawback...I now can't walk my trash out. *g* Ah, well.....of course, if he's finally figured out that a jumper can jump paddock fences as well as jumps, I'm hosed. (Yes, he really is that stupid. Almost 20, and he - so far - has never connected the arena jumps with the fences that hold him in. The 2 brain-celled wonder, he is!)

I did get the other 2 batches of Rambouillet dyed. I now have 4 lovely colors to play with: brown, orange, yellow with a bit of orange, and a *perfect* mossy green. Yes, pictures will be uploaded shortly. The 1st 2 batches were dry last night, but I was too tired to care.

I also managed to finish spinning the singles I started in June on the Joy. (The Joy is only used at demos, so this is good progress). Now, to ply them up, then those bobbins will be free for Bedford.

I am bored with my sock. Since I *know* I do not have enough yarn, I have lost the energy to complete it. I even CO for a new sock this AM (my former pastor's Columbia wool - it should be nice)...but I am trying to force myself to finish *this* sock. I mean, I'll be ordering more fiber (hopefully it'll match well enough), so it'll have to be finished sooner or later, right?
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