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List goodness


Previous Entry List goodness Sep. 29th, 2005 @ 12:47 pm Next Entry
Things to Do

1. Pull out Garb, make any adjuments (waistbands-30+ pounds gone since June!) and repairs (re-thread chemise laces), wash and iron

2. Dye Wool; prepare as necessary
a)Fall Blend: Brown YellowOrange Green
b)Bright Blend: colors to be determined (roving or locks?)
c)Card up Fall Blend - finished the Orange and Brown!!
d)Card up Purple Lambswool

3. Wind a warp and dress table loom (scarf? Acrylic warp/weft - bright colors!)

4. Clear off wheel bobbins so can start fresh

5. Pack kids' suitcase to go to Granny's & take to Daycare (Games)

6. Download and print spindling instructions and possibly inkle weaving instructions Just need to copy them, now

7. Clear off and re-warp inkle loom in greens (Games)

Things to Pack

1. Spinning Wheel (Joy wheel for Games; AA Scottish for Library - UNLESS new AA comes in, in which case she'll go to both..but that's doubtful) plus extra bobbins/oil/driveband cotton

2. Niddy Noddy & tie strings, scissors

3. Basket with wool (Games: ready to spin)(Library: carded? Locks? - if locks, include handcards)

4. 2 card tables and 2 tablecloths (Library)

5. 12H LeClerc Table loom, shuttle, extra weft yarn (Library)

6. Sample Rack and clothespins (Library)

7. Samples - Dishtowels, sweater, hat, mittens, shawl (knit/woven), socks, socks in progress(Library) I have these gathered in the "staging" area, ready to pack.

8. Small ice chest with munchies

9. Handspindles - the AA North Seas, the AA Student, and the AOL spindle

10. Instructions! Must infect new people with the spinning/weaving bug.
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spin a yarn
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Date:September 29th, 2005 05:53 pm (UTC)
I have sock yarn! In a lead-lined container in the trunk of my car ;)

I'll take pictures tonight for your perusal. I've got one skein of Opal in pinks oranges and purples, 2 balls of one Reggio colorway, 1 other ball of Reggio and 1 of Reggia. This should make 2 pairs of socks for each kidlet.

Email me your mailing address and I'll mail them out on Saturday (unless you take strong objection to the colors or the price of Opal in which case I'll return them and try elsewhere).
(spin a yarn)
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