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I love my PG carder!

I have carded up the orange and brown Rambo fibers - 3 passes and the colors are almost perfectly uniform, the fiber is light and fluffy, and I want to dive in and sleep on them. The green has been run thru once - it's nice, and spinable, but will be *so* much nicer after I split them, re-card, re-split and final card. (I card them once to open the fibers and align them. I then split them in half length-wise, and card half of #1 with 1/2 of #2, etc., then I split them length-wise into fourths and card them together. It blends the slight variations in for a more cohesive color)

Of course, they're not done yet...I am going to stack them a'la Deb Menz. I'm thinking (but this is subject to change) of doing a layer of brown, then stripes (can't decide whether to use long skinny stripes around the drum stripes or short, across the width stripes) of yellow and green, then a thin layer of orange. Once they're blended (lightly - I want to keep the colors separate!), I'll pull them into roving and go to town.

I'm also not sure of the size/grist I want in the finished yarn. It'll be 2-ply, for socks..but should I go for standard sock weight, or go up a wee bit to showcase the colors? Like, worsted or sport weight? Opinions gratefully received.

Of course, *then* I have to decide on what type of socks: normal, mindless knit ones? Cabled? Lace-y? The options are endless...*g*
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