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No fiber-y stuff of note today...

my wrist was aching this AM, so I didn't work on the orphan sock at all. I did re-read Deb Menz's "Color in Spinning" chapter on Multi-colored batts, so all was not lost.

The green Rambo is fully carded - all that's left is the yellow, then the layering. Whee - I can see spending a lot of time with my wheel coming up!

The reason I didn't get anything else done....remember the white dresser I got from a Freecycler a few weeks ago? The one I still need to post a picture of, but don't wanna because of the fugliness?

It's no longer white. *eg*

Wednesday, we hit Michael's at lunch, and I picked up a marble-izing kit, and some walnut paint. The top of the dresser is now basecoated in black, and the bottom is a really lovely walnut.

Tomorrow, I will finish the marble, and I will grain the bottom so it looks more like "real" walnut. It shouldn't take too long - this kit only requires 3 steps to turn wood into marble. (My faux-finishing books all require, like, *10* steps to do the same bloody thing. Go figure!)

I will also finish the carding - at least the yellow. And finish more of the "pre-packing" portions of my lists.

Bedtime - must go force the kidlets into bed.
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