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Good Ebay experience

OK, I have to tell you of a great Ebay seller (well, so far!).

I bid on, and won, an antique clock reel Monday night. I immediately e-mailed the seller, as per my usual procedure, asking for the shipping total so I could send him the funds.

He wrote back on Tuesday, telling me that he had already packed the box, but was going to Re-pack it, because "shipping was $75 - that's ridiculous! If I can get the box 3" smaller, it'll be $22. Let me repack" yaddayaddayadda. Cool, thought I - a seller that wants to save me money!

I didn't hear from him yesterday, so I was planning on e-mailing him tonight to see if he'd been successful. He wrote me this AM, first with an invoice, then a response to my payment....not only did he get it repacked (and it was only $18.36 to ship it FedEx), he'd already sent it off - "I'm the trusting sort" he said.


I've never had an unknown seller ship something to me without payment being made. I've never had a seller spend the time repacking something just to save *me* money.

I am impressed - the seller is hscstanman if anyone is interested.

He told me that he packed it really really well, and wants to be sure it arrives safely. That is no problem - I will e-mail him the minute FedEx drops it off.

I'm pretty sure he'll get glowing feedback from me - FedEx is usually pretty careful with packages. Even if it should arrive damaged, I'll leave positive, just because of how he's handled things so far.
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