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All ready to go...

this weekend. Everything is packed, in the front room, ready to be loaded in the van tonight. Garb is laid out, clean, ready to jump into in the AM. Kids suitcase is at the daycare, and they are ready to rock and roll. (Did I mention the bliss I will be feeling tonight? No kids? House to myself?????)

I spent last night dyeing Border Leiscester locks.....with Easter Egg Dye. Nice, bright, happy, spring-type colors. This is for the Demo next weekend at the Terrell Library (drop by, if you're in the area! It'll be fun!) I'll demo handcarding as well as spinning, Lady S is weaving on the table loom, and another friend (no LJ) will be demo-ing spinning and inkle-weaving.

Speaking of weaving, I have wound the warp for the table loom...just need to actually thread it. I'm off on Monday, so that's what I plan to do - warp the loom. Some sort of twill pattern (haven't decided, so I'm bringing the pattern book to Bedford tomorrow and will let S. decide. *g*) Also need to crank out some more socks. And spin. Must get reaquainted with my wheel(s).

I'll have an Ashford skein-winder for sale soon....if you're interested, let me know. I'm thinking $20 - $25 for it - it's in good shape, works well, but I just bought a clock reel and don't have room for both. (The reel is due in sometime next week.)

Guess I should pretend to work now....
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