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Highland Games, Part 1 - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase — LiveJournal

About Highland Games, Part 1

Previous Entry Highland Games, Part 1 Oct. 9th, 2005 @ 05:25 am Next Entry
Ooooh, yesterday was slow. SO slow. I don't think the coordinators did enough publicity...but it was nice.

Not enough eye-candy, unfortunately. I only saw 3 kilts worth complimenting...very sad.

BUT. Remember Irish Fest? When Clan Keith told me I couldn't embarass him??

He lied. I so won that round. *g*

I brought the package, just in case they were there. Right after the gates opened, I saw their tent, so I meandered over there, bag in hand. I smiled. Said "Didn't you order a kilt from me at Irish Fest?" He looked slightly puzzled "No, I said I wanted a kilt, but I didn't..." "Well, here it is! You know where I'll be - gotta run!" And I took off.

I got maybe 4 tents down, when he lost it :"I'll get you! This-this!" and he started laughing. I shot back - "I'll be here!" and sat down.

You could see his face glowing from across the field. He managed to get himself over to our tent and he was laughing so hard....it was SO worth it.

He offered to model it....ummm, no. I did ask about the tam - he hadn't gone that far into the bag, he stopped at the willie-warmer. *eg*

He displayed it to the boy scout parents, who also lost it. I think my rep is shot....*vbeg*

The tam did fit, and he seems happy. All is well.

I attracted a small crowd with the wheel - mostly little kids. 1 boy scout wants to learn, so I have packed a spindle and roving today to teach him. Very laid back day.

There was yarn, too - the divine Lady S. had picked me up some Lorna's Laces Shepard Socks, so now I have bright happy yarn for me. I got her started knitting...now I gotta find her a table loom or small floor loom. *eg*

Parade sucked - 2.5 hours late, no pipe band (oh, wait - we had *2* pipers, who don't follow directions well; they were told to pipe us in, stop, play *2* songs, then pipe us off. They played.....1 song. Over and over. Not very well. No stop. Idiots.)

Dinner with clan cousins at a nice little Italian place. Then home.

Today will be similar, minus the glow-in-the-dark Clan Keith. *eg*
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