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Ummm, I think I started a war....

with Clan Keith. Remember, HE started it. I just finished it...or at least the first round. *g*

Today, the festival was D-E-A-D. Dead. Deader than dead - there were NO nice kilts around (except the one assosiated with our clan - but he doesn't count.) Bored isn't the word for it. S. and I managed to get 1 lady hooked on knitting - Go S.!

So, anyway, back to the war zone. Early in the day, we had a guest who had heard "something" about me and Clan Keith. I told him it wasn't my place to tell, but hey - go ask HIM. Tell him *I* sent you. :smile: So, he wandered over to the Keith's...I watched, smirking. A few minutes later, a red glow appeared over the tent, and I smiled broadly and waved jauntily. (From this point, I'm just gonna call him Keith. I don't remember his first name - I'm blonde, it was hot, and I'm tired - and that's just easier on me, OK?) Oh, and I should, at this point, mention that Keith is....about 70-ish. Or so he claimed at Irish Fest. (Yes, this makes it all the funnier.)

Keith came over, and said "You sent him over?" I smiled and said "Hey, YOU started it. You should do the explaining, yes?" He got down on his knees (Damn, wish someone had caught a picture of THAT!) and begged me to not do that again.

What's a girl to do? I smiled and said ok...then he hopped up and said "You know - I have 5 months to plot my revenge." I blinked, then smiled and said "Hey - I still have a lot of that yarn left, y'know. *smirk*"

He then started complaining that it was too small. S. popped back with something like "Well, when you have small specs to start out with..." which shut him up...and I said "You know, you just get it wet and it stretches." He blinked at me....and I smiled and said "Knitting WILL stretch, y'know." *snerk*

He slunk back to his tent - and every time he glanced my way I would smile and wave. He came back later in the afternoon....with his nephew. His Young, scrawny, easily-breakable nephew. I'm afraid we scared him off.....*eg*

So, what do I need to do to retaliate against his retaliation? How does one top a willie-warmer? *eg* (Do I really want to know?)
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