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Today was Fair Day...

but we stayed home. I was...sick...yeah, sick. The kids stayed at Granny's until Herself woke up...around 11 AM. Then they headed home.

While waiting on them, I

a) warped the table loom
b) cleared off the kitchen table
c) knit 2" of 2x2 ribbing on my newest sock project (Lorna's Laces Daffodil colorway on size 2s...bright, yes, but not as obnoxious as my previous socks)
d) Dyson'd the floors
e) Put away all the Legos (all 4,579,874 of them)
f) Handcarded some of the E.E. dyed BL
g) Put most of my sock yarns in a lidded picnic basket and put it next to the CSM - the lid should keep the dust/dirt out of the yarns. (I kept out the yarns I plan to handknit.)

I then crashed and took a nap while waiting on the kidlets. Himself has had a haircut, and looks very nice; Herself is going around flaunting her ears. *eg*

My mother came over, and I got her started on a new knitting project - a pillbox hat. I've not done that we'll see how it goes.

Oh, and we decorated the house for Halloween.

Busy day....and I managed to ignore the loom successfully. I'll crack the whip and get back to it tomorrow. I still need to straighten up the front room, and tidy the studio a bit...but it'll either happen, or not happen, before the demo on Saturday. (Which I am Ready For. Just need to polish the wheel, and load the van on Friday evening.)
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