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So, the heel is turned, and the gussets started. I had to quit, though - my left wrist decided that it had had *enough*. Ouch. It's just slightly twinge-y now, so I'm hoping by tomorrow it'll be ready to go back to the sock.

I need to get pictures of the sock and the clock reel...I spent a good 45 minutes last night washing (with a mild solution of 95% water and 5% Murphy's Oil Soap) and polishing (with Howard's Feed 'N' Wax), then this morning I wound a skein on it - the 2-ply green lamb's wool from this weekend. My goodness - that thing's BIG. The skein barely fits on my squirrel cage swift! I'm hoping that washing it will shrink it a wee bit....I mean, it fits OK; I can use the swift to wind it into a ball, but it isn't as snug as it needs to be to work properly.

I need to polish the AA for this weekend...that'll happen tomorrow, then I'll move her into the front room where everything else is ready and waiting. I'm thinking, if it's not too wet, I'll back the van up to the front door Friday evening and load up from there - shorter distance and all that.

Am knitting a sock on the CSM - last year at the demo I was spinning Columbia wool. I think it'd be nice to have a finished object out of it so that people that saw me last year can see that yes, I *do* actually use my yarn, and yes, I *do* actually complete projects. *g* I already have a pair of socks out of the purple fuzzy (aka Irish Fest) yarn that I spun on the Joy while at the demo - lots of folks should remember it, as I let some of the kids "spin" with it.

OH! I got the COE Handspinning book today....I'm not sure I'll go so far as to submit my skeins (it's $100 for Part I, and I'm just not sure I can waste that amount if I'm not good enough), but I do want to work my way thru the requirements. The money's not due until Feb. 2007, so I have time to decide. Any locals want to be my buddy to keep me on track?? You have to spin 35 skeins, and do 7 samples.....not a large requirement, by any means, but I'm the type that needs support and feedback to stay on track. (We won't discuss the written portions, 'k? The COE has been described as a Master's Program....with Part II being likened to a PhD, and I can certainly see that. LOTS of writing. Enough to kill your ink supply....and a couple of trees.)

Enough blather - gotta get the kidlets into the tub.
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