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disappointed but also happy...

We went to JoAnn's Super Store today at lunch. I was only in there for a new flowerpot for my Aloe plant......walked out $40 poorer, with no pot. *g*

One of the things I picked up was a quilt kit. It was clearance marked at $15; the lady rang it up and used my 40% off coupon, so I got it for $9. Not bad. But.

I have gotten kits before, they're ok. Not always my colors, but I usually assemble them different from the instructions anyway, sometimes subbing out of my stash, sometimes using the provided fabric. I thought this one would be the same type: bunch of fabric squares, backing, know, the usual kit.

Boy was I surprised when I opened the package! The blocks were completely done - I mean, completely. So was the border. All I had to do was sew the blocks took me 20 minutes, tops. For a 50" X 60" quilt top. Talk about disappointed!

See, for me, the big enjoyment of quilting is whacking all the bits of fabric up with my rotary cutter. The reassembly is just grunt work - I wanna cut fabric!

Now, I'm happy because it took me only 20 minutes to get a completed top. *g* But.....I wanted the pattern so I could think about (please note I did not say "make") pillows, or placemats or whatever else the blocks could have morphed into.

Ah, well - that's life. At least I have a top ready to be sandwiched and quilted, which I will do tomorrow. We're still slow at work, so that will be tomorrow's project. *eg*

Guess I'll drag out the vacuum and actually do the floors again.....
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