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Inkle looms - more pictures!

Umm, yeah, so I got camera-happy last night. I had to fix the fence (again) when we got home, so I wasn't really in the mood to be creative. Ah, well - ya'll win, so all's good, yes?

small inkle loom
Originally uploaded by fiberaddict75126.
This is my original inkle loom. It is very compact, easy to hold in your lap, and will hold 2.5 yards of warp. I just wish it were bigger. You can't see it, but the builder included a wooden "pocket" on the back of the front upright to hold the shuttle. The tension bar has a nice knob on the other side, and is placed so the weft doesn't get caught in the threaded bolt.

large inkle loom
Originally uploaded by fiberaddict75126.
So, I finally broke down and aquired a larger inkle loom. I don't like it as much - it's *too* big, which makes it awkard to hold in my lap, won't stay balanced and flat on the table..and isn't sanded perfectly smooth. I added a strip of leather to the back of the front upright to hold the shuttle when not in use - I'm spoiled! *g*. The tension bar is held by a wing nut (ick...I WILL replace that with a knob soon) and the weft keeps getting wrapped around it, especially after I advance the warp.

inkle comparison
Originally uploaded by fiberaddict75126.
And, here's a "side-to-side" comparison. You can see how much more compact the original inkle loom is.

I need to find someone who will make me a "super-sized" version of my original loom. I don't have the tools (like a drill press...*g*) to make it myself, or I would pick up some paduak or purpleheart planks and dowels and go to town. Yes, I am an exotic wood junkie...mmmmmmmmmmm, paduak.

That's it for the peep show for now, folks! I'll try to get more pics later...for now, I have to update the webpage. (Yes, I did have more pictures on the camera...but they're for the webpage. Tell ya what, I'll post links when I'm done, OK? *eg*)
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