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It's Friday!!

Finally! It's just a half day today, because it's Meet the Teacher day at Herself's school. Let's hope 2nd grade is better then 1st was!

Last night was interesting. See, awhile back I got some Wood Beams from Goodies Unlimited. It is a wonderful wood polish - smells great, easy to rub in, leaves a nice glow - all around good stuff.

The problem? It smells good...especially to dogs. Most specifically Irish Wolfhounds. I've had to take it away from the Zoeymonster numerous times, and I have to hide the wheels after I use it on them, at least until the scent fades. *shrug* It's just something I've gotten used to doing. After I used it the last time, I put the container up on the breadbox on the kitchen counter. Safe, I thought, because it was not in line-of-sight, or reach of nose.....yeah, right!

Seems Ms. Zoey decided it was snack time. She managed to get it off of the breadbox and into my bedroom, where she systematically chewed it to bits. Or pretty much - there are teethmarks all over the lid, where she was obviously trying to pry it off (thank the Lord she wasn't given opposible thumbs!). When that didn't work, she flipped it over and started in on the bottom. (This is judging by the teeth marks and smears of the Wood Beams on my floor - no one was home during all of this (of course!))

She finally managed to split the bottom open, and licked quite a bit out of it. I guess she then got a little concerned over my reaction...because she tried to hide the evidence. She went back into the kitchen, where she discovered a *brand new and unopened* box of pancake mix was trying to infiltrate our stronghold. Since this is a violation of the Geneva Convention, and very dangerous to human-kind, she went into protect mode and subdued the hapless (and quite innocent, according to witnesses) box, then drug it into the bedroom, where she brutally killed it. (Not only do I have eye-witness accounts of this (the spice rack was most informative), Zoey wasn't smart enough to clean up the mess.....)

Now, the story gets interesting *g*. There was residue of Wood Beams on the laminate floor where she was disposing of the evil intruder. Pancake mix *sticks* to wet surfaces. Mixed with water, it hardens, but can still be removed fairly easily by a determined housewife. Mixed with Wood Beams, becomes a cement-like substance. (I think I need to inform the county of this, so that they can finally fix my potholes!) Mixed with Wood Beams and dog hair, it becomes hard, stiff, and impossible to wipe off. (Especially on muzzles and legs).

The good news: Dyson vacuums will suck up all the loose detrius of a box of pancake mix, and will suck up some of the dried and stuck on the floor stuff as well. (I haven't tried using the Dyson on Dogs, yet.....) Wood Beams shines up laminates as well as it does real wood. It also shines up canine noses really well.

Moral of story: I need to keep everything remotely edible up out of her reach. This means I need to call the contractor back and have him move my cabinets up to the ceiling, and raise the counter top 3 feet. Maybe she'll stop growing before that becomes too short.......*g*

And yes, this is a true story. I have the chewed up container, the dessicated box, and a strange, cement-looking spot on my floor to prove it. Oh, and Zoey has more of the cement-like stuff on her legs and muzzle. Plus, the 2 Pyrs would love to squeal on her.
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