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Shopping trip....

We hit the HUGE JoAnn's at lunch today. Bad idea....see, I am on their mailing list. I had the latest flyer - hadn't looked at it, except to notice the 40% off 1 item coupon on the back. I didn't need much, but 40%..

So, before lunch, co-worker was browsing the mailer...there was a 50% off 1 item coupon inside...good today. Whee! now I can get *2* things.

Go to do a last-time-before-lunch e-mail check..and there is an e-mail from JoAnn's...another 50% coupon! *g*

So.....I had brought my tahkli and some cotton roving in today, so I can start practising on my cotton-spinning skills (which are horribly lacking). I had lost my wrist distaff, so I also brought in some nice blue/green/ocean-y 2 ply to make a new one. A-HA! thought I. I can pick up some beads for the dangly parts.....

$19 later, I have a beautious distaff. All glass beads..little fishies, blue and green starfish looking ones, blue roundels, and nice happy green roundels. Plus the latest Handwoven. I still need to find a large bead with a large hole to cover up the transition from the bracelet part to the fringe, but all-in-all, the distaff looks great. (And notice how I got out of spinning! *eg*)

I also called Steph...Alden was not where she had left him, so I didn't talk to him, but she said things are moving along. HER wheel is almost done - the one she sent me the photo of, she claimed *eg*. I get #2. I'm cool with that - the fact that she loves this wheel says a lot about it to me. Besides, I've been patient this long...

AND, there's a gaping hole in the stash now. The Ashford Joy is on it's way to it's new home. The nice UPS man picked it up about 20 minutes ago. It's new owner is excited about it, and so am I - it's a nice wheel, very cool idea, it's just not the right wheel for me.

Off to look at more wool....I gotta stock up. *g*
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