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*sigh* I knew something was wrong this AM - I only had 2 mares in the girls' pasture. I heard Erynne nicker at me, and it sounded like she was in the cow pasture next door. It was dark, I was (as usual) running late, so I told her so sorry, but I couldn't do a damn thing, and see ya later. Didn't worry a whole lot about her during the day - she didn't sound in pain, so...why worry?

Got home tonight and went out to feed. She was, in fact, on the wrong side of the fence. The 5-strand, BARBED wire fence. OK....1st question: how in the hell did she get over there? and 2nd question: why didn't she do it again to get back to her breakfast?

Then I *saw* her....her right foreleg is....nasty. Really bad. She has a gash on the inside of her leg, from about 3" below her chest, down the leg, over the knee, and down to her ankle. It's about 3.5" wide at the top, and it tapers down to maybe .5" at the ankle. That's the INSIDE of her leg...the outside has a nice hole, about a silver dollar and a half size, inbetween the knee and ankle.

There is NO skin on either injury. The inside of her leg is missing most of the muscle....there's just a thin layer above the bone. She can't bend the knee hardly at all. Surprisingly, there was very little blood evidence. Lots of swelling.

Her left leg has a shallow scrape right on the kneecap.

I heard the neighbor's dogs, so I ran over and asked him to help. I must say, he came thru for me tonight! He came straight over, took one look and said "Shit. I'll cut the fence. We gotta get her home." He went to get his tools; I went to grab a halter, my "vet box" and some more grain.

He cut all 5 wires, and I finally (after 20 minutes) managed to coax her home (we're talking 5 feet, here...she was Right At the Fence). No new bleeding occured - which I guess is good.

I began hosing her off while he fixed the fence. Upon examination, it looks like something spooked her, so she tried to jump the fence. Somehow, her right leg got hung on the t-post; it appears that she flipped over on her back at that point. She managed to regain her feet, and apparantly stood there from that point until I came to get her this evening. *sigh* I am a bad horse mommy.

I dosed her with 6cc's of Procaine Penicillian (it was expired....hell, I'd forgotten I had it in the 'fridge. It was still unopened.), covered her injuries with "Soma Spray" my vet had given me a few years ago (it's great - I had a mare with a similar injury, and it healed her up without a scar. I keep it on hand, now.), the wrapped her right leg completely up in vet wrap. I left the left one open...she can barely hobble around now. If both knees were wrapped, she'd be stuck in one spot. I gave her extra grain, and a bucket full of water, which she drank down.

I removed the bitch horse from the pasture so she could be left pretty much alone - the other mare isn't that bad. The water helped the swelling go down....and the penicillian should help prevent any major infections from getting worse (if they've already set in.)

I will go out tomorrow, re-hose, and ice if necessary. I am also going to buy fresh SIL is an EMT; she said not to worry about the expired part - if she was going to react, it would have been within the first 5 minutes. I'll feel better if it's replaced, though. I'm also going to see about getting some bute or ace for pain. *sigh* Have I mentioned that I *HATE* giving shots? And that I am highly allergic to penicillian??

At this point, I'm not worried about survival - I mean, I am, but I'm more concerned with saving her soundness. It's OK if she's not ridable - I don't ride much anymore anyway, and I'm not showing. I just want her to be able to walk around.

My neighbor reminded me that he owes me $$, so he's going to keep her in hay for a while. I'd feel better if she could walk to the gate - I'd let her roam around the house, away from the other horses - but she's ok where she is. I'll haul water to her if I have to.....

Not what I had planned for my evening, that's for sure.
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