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Horse Update..

She's not as swollen today. She's putting a little weight on her right leg, and moving a bit more (she's by the water tank right now, 20+ feet from where I left her last night).

I went to the vet/feed store (hard to explain...but the local vet has a feed n tack store attached to his offices.) and picked up 2 tubes of Bute (a NSAID)...he asked why, so I told him. I also told him it wouldn't have done any good to call *him*, since he'd tell me to do what I'm doing anyway. He smiled, and said, besides, he doesn't DO horses anymore. He asked about the penicillian, and said yes, I am doing all I can. I also got her some more stylish vet wrap - the green just does Nothing for her coat. *wry grin*

I am toying with the idea of taking pictures. It's a bad injury, and I'd like to be able to show "before and after" shots....but, it's gross. I'm not sure I really WANT to be able to remember this, in all it's glory.

Himself wants to play Star Wars, so I gotta run. Plus, it's about time for another dose of Bute for the girl.
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