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Erynne update...

Her leg is healing. She is barely limping - you can tell she's lame, but not unless you're really looking. There was very little drainage Monday-Tuesday; I didn't change the vetwrap Monday night, but did last night.

I have pictures...I'm just trying to decide if I want to post them. They're gross, and icky.....not sure.

Finn has been contained for 2 days in the pasture. I may have fixed all the holes he was getting out of. He also has a new name: Little shit. Or, if you prefer the gaelic: Beag siota. *eg* Yes, he still needs to be registered. Yes, it WILL be in gaelic. *vbeg*

I'm actually thinking of eachbalach, which is (very roughly translated) Little boy horse. Eachglass is gray horse, which he is rapidly becoming...but I still like beag siota. (Or, siota each (each siota?), for the scots gaelic). We'll see if his attitude improves....*g* (And, if anyone has better gaelic translations, please let me know! I spent hours yesterday with the online english to gaelic dictionaries, and may have totally messed these up.)

Back to trying to spin cotton. I suck at it.
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