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Erynne - Pictures!

OK, so here ya go! Just be warned - they're kinda gross....and not as clear as I'd have liked. It's very hard to get decent pictures of a horse, especially when the horse wants to jig and jog and wiggle. Drugs, however, are our friends, and helped a little. They're just a bit dark - when I enlarge them on my PC, I can see the details...not gonna promise anything, though!

Quick recap: The injuries occured sometime Thursday night/early Friday Morning. I knew she was in the cow pasture Friday morning, but at 6AM she had to fend for herself. (Plus, I couldn't see anything in the dark). I discovered her and the extent of her injuries around 5:30 Friday evening....and it took us about 2 hours to get her back home (had to cut the fence and coax her to walk 5 feet back home.)

These pictures were taken Saturday afternoon, about 18 hours after discovery.

erynnes leg 2
Originally uploaded by fiberaddict75126.
This is the least damaged leg - the knee is scraped, not deeply, and there hasn't been a lot of blood.

erynnes leg
Originally uploaded by fiberaddict75126.
The worst one. Healing is already occurring here - the "yellow" area in the bottom of the cut is all new. Soma Spray works miracles - this is only 18 hours after I treated it the first time!

erynnes leg 3
Originally uploaded by fiberaddict75126.
The grossest part of this is the skin flap at the bottom. I can't bring myself to slice it off...but it needs to come off. I am going to try to talk my mostly useless neighbor into doing it for me.

She got 6ccs of Penicillin Friday - Monday, and 2 grams of Bute 2X/day. Today, I skipped the AM dose of Bute, but will give her 2 grams tonight, to help with any pain she might feel tonight. I will not be unwrapping the leg tonight; I did a through cleaning and medicating last night and want to give it a chance to heal more before ripping off the bandages (they tend to stick).

She's going to end up with some nasty scars, but at least she's alive and not too lame. She can bend the knee (especially when the water hits it *g*), so there's a chance she'll be ridable. She's still got a bit of swelling in the right knee - I don't know if it'll go down or not. I think I'll start introducing the saddle while she's on the injured reserve list. *eg*

In one of the pictures, you can see Finn in the background - the picture dosen't show all his grey hairs. He is either going to be a nice Red Roan, or he's going to go all grey. Right now, I'm betting on the grey - he has a half-dollar size spot on his rump and a patch on his neck about the size of a dollar bill that is solid grey. Only time will tell!
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