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I have no phone at home. None. It's dead, Jim. Deader 'en Dead.

I think the wet stuff that fell from the sky yesterday (the older folks 'round here called it.......Wain? Reign? No, wait - RAIN. That's it - Rain!) did something to it - the phones are dead, no dial tone, and, of course, this means NO NET ACCESS.

I cried myself to sleep.

Thanks be for cell phones - I turned in a ticket and am waiting for "the technician to fix it". Yeah......let's see how he handles the 3 large dogs and the loose horse. *eg*

Halloween went well - much fun was had by all, much candy consumed by the younger members of the fiberaddict household. My noble gown got many many many compliments, my young Darth Vader was most impressive, and my black cat was...well, cat-like. The moisture held off until after we were home, so we stayed nice and dry. Cold, but dry.
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