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Update on the Ebay thing...

Well, well, well....I decided to report the suspicious activity to Ebay. Basically, I cut'n'pasted part of my LJ entry (to save the wrist, y'know...*g*) into Ebay's reporting form, and sat back.

Got home to find 'net access had been restored (Yay!), but had choir decided to leave faint positive feedback this AM. Went to Ebay...and low and behold the seller AND other bidder are no longer registered users.

The seller didn't have any feedback from buyers...I don't know if this is the First sale she attempted, or if they've done this before and the others just didn't leave feedback. *shrug*

The fleece is almost dry....can't wait to start working with it. Even if I *do* feel a little guilty about reporting the seller.
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