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Not much going on here. Horse is doing ok - the legs look fine, no icky smell, not much oozing happening. Kids are fine - Himself did so well yesterday, he got to buy ice cream today (the high is....low 80s. Don't hate me!) Boss still hanging in; his MIL is (was) alive the last time he called.

I have almost spun up all of the EE dyed BL. There's...maybe 1 oz left to card up and spin. I'll try to finish it up this weekend - I'd like to start on the fall collection (the lovely Rambo I dyed earlier). My drop spindle and I are getting along fantastically (spinning up some dyed stuff from my friend BJ - "Color Me" roving in rainbow colors)....the supported spindle and I, not so much. Cotton is...difficult. I'm working on it, though.

I'm obsessing over wrist distaffs. I have my original one, dark green superwash Merino handspun, with faux tigereye beads; my "ocean" one, blue and green handspun (think it's a silk/wool blend, but not sure) with glass beads...and I'm planning an inkle-woven one out of the spindled rainbow. I have 3/4 pound of lampwork glass beads coming, for *that* one. (Well, not ALL the beads, of course...but some). The cotton on the tahkli will also become a wrist distaff...just need to decide the technique to use for the bracelet part. Then, I need a silk one........did I mention I'm obsessed?

I'm working on getting a yarn blocker built. My clock reel is great, but....I don't think it'll work to block the yarn. We'll see.

We're planning a Star Wars extravaganza this weekend - Himself wants to watch the prequels in Order, including both seasons of the Clone Wars. Should be fun......I should be able to get a lot of spinning done!

Speaking of SW...he'll be thrilled at Christmas - his Droid Factory came in, and it looks good. I'm happy - the remote controlled R2-D2 I got from is selling on Ebay for $45+....I paid $19.99 for it. I'm thinking maybe I should hock it....(not really! He'd die if he knew I thought that!) The sellers all claim you could only get it in Japan.....that's news to me. I ordered it direct from Lucas himself, so to Gotta love the storefront!

Got Herself's Unicorn bedsheets last night. Urk. They are so sweet and cutesy...I wanna puke. *eg* She'll LOVE them. *twitch*

Must continue the quest for affordable hay...
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