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*sigh* Not a good day...

First, the boss's MIL died this AM around 1. The funeral is set for it'll be fun this week at work.

THEN, I get home from the grocery store this morning to see a vulture in my pasture. I go out to see...and, yup, as I feared, Moonie had aborted her foal. This makes #2 for her, just since I've had her. He was a very well put together little guy, about 1.5 - 2 months early (I think). (My not-as-worthless-as-I-had-thought-neighbor took care of the body for me. I just can't do that myself, no matter how many times I've been faced with it.)

I wasn't sure she had caught - she wasn't big, she wasn't moody, she wasn't....well, motherly. I *hoped* she was in foal, but didn't have the $$ to have the vet come out and check her. She slipped the last one at around 4 months; right around the time I was having the house built.

I had feared it was Magic, but she is, at the moment, still big with foal. Or maybe hay. *weak grin* (Since hers is a Daddy/Daughter breeding, I would not be surprised to find a dead foal....I know other breeders do this as a matter of course, but *I* don't. This was an accident..)

Yes, I'm upset. No, I'm not devastated - Arabians carry a gene mutation (I can't remember the "name" of it) that, if both parents have it, gives you a 1 in 4 chance of a dead foal, a 1/2 chance of live but with the mutation, and 1/4 of live without the mutation. Dusty has the gene (I think...must go dig out his papers and make sure I tested him) does Magic (so did Magic's full sister. Their Dam had died before I could get her tested). Yes, I'm worried, but we have a 3/4 chance of a live foal with her. I'm thinking Moonie is probably a carrier, as well....but. I can't see that *that* would cause 2 slipped foals.

Usually, the foal is born, seems OK, then rapidly goes downhill and dies within 24 - 48 hours. Some last a little longer, but, if they have both copies of the gene, that's it. *sigh*

I don't know what's up with her. I don't know if I want to give her 1 more chance to earn her keep, or if I should go ahead and sell her to a non-breeding home. She's a good mare, with *really* good, old bloodlines; she's green-broke and quite sweet, but a little stand-offish.

If she'll let me near her today, I think I'll give her a dose of penicillian, just to prevent any infections she might get. I'll try to save up the $$ to have her cultured this spring before I put Dusty in with her again....but it's expensive and wastes a breeding cycle.

Ah, well, such is the life of a small-time horse breeder.
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