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Today was better...

than yesterday. Horses all look good; they act like they are fine. I doctored Erynne for the 1st time in a week - got new pics that I'll post tomorrow - it looks much better. Not as much ick or blood.

Moonie let me fly spray her today. This is a good sign! She's OK physically - no bleeding, no ickyness, just a little tender on her flanks.

Oh, boss is in the hospital again. I have always said that he and his MIL would go together...I just didn't think it would be this quick. Hopefully it's just a kidney infection.....

We've had a Star Wars marathon this weekend....4 movies yesterday, and 2 today. Plus documentaries. (The 2 today are 2 we watched yesterday..and 1 we watched Friday.) If I have to watch them this week, I'll crack - it's not the movies, so much - it's the ROLE PLAYING.

See, we KNOW that Obi-Wan only beats Anakin/Darth Vader because Himself "helps". And the clone troopers? They suck - they need a Jedi to help them win their battles, too. (He asserts that if HE'd been in the Temple, the younglings wouldn't have been massacred. Ummmm, yeah, OK.)

The problem with this? He's not discriminate with who he baps with the saber. I have bruises upon bruises (you'd think I'd LEARN, huh?); the Zoey-monster runs in fear when the saber pops open....and let's not forget the sound effects the director left OUT of the movie!

Oh, and the Boga scenes? Well, lets just say that Zoey is NOT happy to fill in for the dragon-lizard, and leave it at that.......for some reason lightsabers flashing near her face makes her nervous......

Aaargh, bath time's over. Must re-start the blasted DVD player.
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