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Clean wool!!

I have clean wool! It's approximately 2 pounds (or so) of nice, fluffy, creamy wool. Still has VM in it, but most of the ick and dirt is gone gone gone!

Let's hope the Zoeymonster doesn't know how to open's on the drying racks in my bathroom. *g*

She was in doggie heaven last night - I had separated the wool into small batches and put them into lingere bags in preperation of the scouring. She wandered up, started sniffing the bags, then groaned and flopped down, snagging 1 bag with her paw and began rolling on it. So far, she's pretty much ignored the other scoured wool I have stashed around the house...roving, on the other hand.....

Roving is fun. See, you can take it, toss the ball around until the end flaps loose, then you can grab the end and trail it all around the house. If it breaks, well, then you get to munch on it. Dyed roving is better then natural - space dyed is the best!

*sigh* Thing is, I keep my fiber pretty well up. Most of it is in an old pie safe, some is in a large rubbermaid tub, and I have 5 lambs fleeces in the box my PG drumcarder came in. She ignores the stuff in the box and tub - it's too easy to get into. No, she has to go to the pie safe, jiggle the latch open, then it's shopping time!

One of these days, I will be able to install a set of french doors on the studio, which will help. Until then, I just have to live with wool scattered all over the floors.....*sigh*
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