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It's gonna be one of those days...

Herself had a meltdown this AM over...her teeth and shoes, of all things. She decided that 20 minutes worth of warnings wasn't enough time to make the bed, brush her teeth, put on her shoes, and brush her hair. *sigh* It culminated with her calling me a big bully, and that she hated me....and me washing her mouth out with soap. (Yes, I warned her first....yes, I've TOLD her every time she calls me a name the soap comes out. *sigh*) She told me she hated me again, at which point I said "Good. My job is done - you'll move out when you're 18 and I can have your room!"...much to the dismay of the daycare lady (who has NO CLUE how to handle my ADD daughter. Or how hard this is to do alone.)

Himself was pretty good...but he likes to agitate her. Stinker.

Boss is home from the hospital..for now. They've diagnosed acute renal failure and congestive heart failure....whee. The writing is on the wall, now, in permanent ink. SAHM-hood, here I come......

Horses are fine; dogs are too. I'm snarky, my wrist hurts, I have a headache.....I'll stop now before I get really whiny. *sigh*
Tags: blather, kids

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