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Update on Erynne's Leg

OK, does everyone remember this entry?

Well, time has passed...and the leg is better. Not healed, but better.

I left the leg alone for 7 days this time. Lots of healing took place, but she still has a ways to go:

erynnes leg 4
Originally uploaded by fiberaddict75126.
Here's the worst one..inside of the right foreleg. Still looks bad, but not nearly as bad as it *did*.

erynnes leg 5
Originally uploaded by fiberaddict75126.
Outside of same leg - the wound is noticeably smaller and not oozing now.

The left knee is better, but she keeps banging it on the horse trailer. It's not as ugly, though - I don't wrap it anymore. She kept eating the vetwrap. *g*

She's back in the pasture with the other mares, now - I got hay, and she decided she Had to Have some. *eg* They are - for the moment - leaving her alone.

Oh, and I'm much better now, thanks for asking. *g* I am dreading the pick-up time, though...
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