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Random blatherings...


Previous Entry Random blatherings... Nov. 9th, 2005 @ 12:46 pm Next Entry
because I am just wasting time before we leave to go to the Boss's MIL's funeral.

Weight Loss: I made my original goal (go me!), but now I think I want to lose 10 more pounds. Ah, vanity - I am actually happy with where I am, but...I have 2 lovely Pendragon bodices (1 celtic, 1 sleeved) that almost-but-not-quite fit. I could probably wear them if I yanked the laces hard enough, but I think 10 more (less?) pounds and I'll be able to do it easily.

Spinning: Finished spinning the pound of EE BL last night - now I just need to ply it. Think I'll need to switch to the Extra Large flyer array, to be able to fit it all on one bobbin...my 2 hysterically accurate bobbins are Full.

Up next: My fall batts. I want some nice autumn-y yarns! Gotta clean off the Ashford's bobbins, too - there's someone interested in learning how to spin that might come out on Sunday.....I'll start her with a spindle, but she might want to jump right in on a wheel.

Fiber: I received my fleece from Tounge River Farm - Icelandic is, well, different. I like it - can't wait to play with it - but it is definately not what I'm used to. I have plenty to play with - I have another fleece waiting at the post office (from Lavendar Fleece).

I have also received a pound of scoured Merino - looks great, and I can't wait to get my English Combs out to play with it. I'm still waiting on a pound of scoured "blue" suffolk - it's actually a nice blue-y gray. That'll be different!

Knitting: Nothing. Nada. My left wrist has flared up, so the needles are idle. I'm still a few repeats away from finishing lace sock #1...I have *no* idea when I'll get back to it. Or it's mate. *sigh*

I have 3 skeins of Cherry Tree Hill yarn that's begging to become a sweater - I have actually started AS's Cromarty out of it, but the variegations hide the beautiful cables. If it was just 1 cable, I'd live with it...but not all over cables. Kind of defeats the reason of knitting it. Gotta get the wrist back in shape so I can start on that!

Horses: Erynne is doing good; I think Magic may present us with a foal soon (live, I hope!). I did some calculating (and dug out last year's calendar).....Dusty was with the girls from early December 2004 to April of this year. So, ummmm, yeah - she could be due Now. I wasn't concerned - I figured the days weren't long enough to trigger a heat cycle back then....*sheepish grin* (Of course, this means that Moonie may not have slipped the foal - it may have been OK, but got stepped on. Or trampled by a disgruntled mare (Magic...she's a bitch.) *sigh* and Dammit!)

Kidlets: Ah, this morning was almost good. Herself grumbled from her bed, until she realized I wasn't kidding. Himself drug a bit, but rallied and got everything done. Me? I didn't have to raise my voice 1 single time!!!

Herself got to go to Dairy Queen today, because she - once again - made the Honor Roll. Himself got ice cream, because he made it thru yesterday with No Strikes. Whee!

Gotta stay away from Ebay....I keep finding books for the kidlets. I am such a book whore! I bought the set of Sheep books by Nancy Shaw for Himself ("Sheep cheer, Sheep forget to steer!" from "Sheep in a Jeep"), and a set of Unicorn chapter books for Herself (and have bid on 11 more...*big sigh*) Glad my kids are as addicted to the written word as I am!

I need to go thru the closet and catalog the kids Christmas loot. I don't remember what I've set back for them.....and need to post a list for the family so they can see what's left for them to get. Himself is Easy: Star Wars or NASA. Herself? Unicorns. And Earrings. Or maybe Unicorn Earrings....*eg*

Must get ready to go to the Church. I hate funerals.....

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