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*sigh* One step forward, one thousand steps back...

Well, we have no foal yet. Despite having all the proper signs of imminent foaling, she's - not - in labor.

Or so my vet's "just a pocket of gas". *sigh*

See, I got home this afternoon to find her down, rolling *gently*, then "sitting" up on her chest - like the way a dog looks in the "down" position. No agitation, no sweating, no obvious signs of distress....very hard to diagnose something with no real symptoms. She would roll, then go flat for a few minutes, then get up.

After watching her get up, walk 20 feet to a grassy spot, and start over, I decided I needed to call the vet. I told his receptionist that I didn't *know* the problem; she WAS in foal, probably not at term yet (but *could* be), and, while it didn't *look* like foaling was nigh, it didn't look like anything else, either.

She asked some questions, I gave her full, detailed answers, and we decided he needed to make the trip out here.

SO, I hauled the horse up to the house (she did NOT like walking, not one bit), and we waited. And waited. AND waited some more. Seems my vet, whom I love dearly, is a bit of an airhead - he went to MY OLD HOUSE. Where I haven't lived in almost 3 years. And he KNOWS this - he came out HERE in March to vet out Finn and Erynne. *sigh*

He finally got here, we got Magic up on her feet again, and he listened to her belly (and got kicked by the foal a couple of times - hee!), looked her over, and told me it was nothing much. To make me feel better, he ran a stomach tube and pumped her full of mineral oil to try and push the gas out (horses can't throw up or burp, so when they get gas (COLIC), they roll to get rid of the pain. This usually results in a twist in the intestine, and death. Not fun).

$203.00 later, he left. *This* is why I don't call the vet out if I think I can handle it myself - I don't have $203 in the bank. And won't, until month end (and even then it's gonna be tight, since SSI cut our benefits $400/month. *sigh*). PLUS, I still have to get him back out when the foal gets here (provided it's alive and survives.)...that'll run another $300.

I don't mind the well foal checkup - I'd rather know that the mare is OK, that the placenta was completly expelled, and that the foal seems normal. I expect to pay that...but this? Not so much. If I had thought she was colic-y, I'd have called last night, but this wasn't the normal presentation of colic (and I even dug out my horse doctoring books to verify the symptoms.) - she wasn't in distress, she wasn't hitting her stomach with her nose, she was eating a little bit of grass....

At least he said he'd hold the check for me. I told him if he didn't, it'd bounce higher than my roofline. I trust him - he's been my vet since 1986, when I bought my very first horse. He's helped me through a lot of emergencies, he taught me how to give my own shots (and even told me it was to save me money!), he's diagnosed things over the phone for me, and told me what to do so he didn't have to come out. I love him lots, but I'm tired of buying him a new truck every few years.

Horses really aren't that expensive. Grain (for my *6*) runs about $50/month, hay (right now) runs $130/month (That's extremely high. Last spring hay was $50/month, for the same amount). Water.....not a lot - it's tied into my house line, which is $30/month. I get my wormer on Ebay, and vaccines aren't too bad - $20/horse/year, usually (not counting rabies or W. Nile). It's this type of stuff that costs thru the nose.....

I just keep reminding myself *why* I love my equikids so much.....
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