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And....we have added a new spinner to the fold!

The "lesson" today went well. (I say "lesson" because spinning is so hands-on. I can demonstrate, I can explain, but..the whole things comes down to actually spinning the wool into yarn. It's something that you have to DO to really understand the HOW.) Very well - she caught on *very* quickly, and by the time she left, she was turning out relatively decent yarn. Still slightly overspun, but that'll take care of itself with more practise.

Which she will get, as I sent my Traveller home with her. Yes, I am *very* trusting, but - so far - all the fiber people (she's a knitter) I've met have been basically honest and trustworthy. She hadn't been working with the wheel 15 minutes before she declared she wanted to purchase one of her own. *g* What was I supposed to do - send her home empty-handed, when I've just about turned her to the dark side?

Besides, the more she practises, the better she'll get....and the more fiber she'll buy, which makes life better for everyone, no? *g*

And, she praised my handspun! And told me I need to start problem? I'm too hard on myself. I don't see the... the...goodness of it, I see the small lumps and inconsistancies in it. She went to the clock reel and pointed out how consistent and even the last skein of EE BL was.....and made me see it, too. She also loved my kid mohair/tussah silk yarn (which is weft for a blanket/shawl)...and told me she'd buy *it*. Not on your life - that's already slated for a project!

That's one of the reasons I'm hesitant about actually submitting my yarn for the COE - I'm my own worst critic. I really need to find someone that can objectively look at it and tell me what I need to work on; not someone who will say "Oh, it's lovely! I like it!" and fawn all over it - I need someone who's not personally involved with the process or me to really critique it.

Ah, well - the fall blend goes well. I have 1 storage bobbin ready to ply, and I'm 1/4 of the way thru another wheel bobbin. I just can't decide on 2 or 4-ply; 2-py would give me 2 distinct yarns; 4-ply would give me 1 (but a LOT of it.) My singles are, once again, lace-weight - I really *really* need to work on my bulky yarns. No matter what fiber I pick up, it turns out fine (or one point, the EE BL measured 50+ WPI on my gauge. I didn't measure it again...I didn't want to count that high! EEEK!) I need to work on my 12 - WPI singles.....

The kids are in the tub(s), the animals are all fed....must. go. spin.
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