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Ranty Rant Rant...

I *hate* Sprint PCS. I really, really, HATE them.

Why? Because they don't allow me to download ringtones, and I've missed quite a few calls because I don't realize that the annoying sound is MY phone. They also won't let me upgrade to a phone with better pre-installed ringtones...grrrrrrrr.

I'm going to break my contract when I get my Christmas bonus. I've already scoped out new phones on Ebay, and I will be switching to Cingular (just because the phone I have GOT to have is a Cingular phone *g*) As Soon As That's Done. (And yes, Lady S, it will be *that* Cingular phone...and Himself will want to steal it. Totally.)

Urrrrrrrrrrgh. I hate not being able to customize my phone, and I hate the fact that I wasn't told that up front (and yes, I asked about that. The rep kinda blew it off, IIRC, but she had such a good spiel, I ignored the little niggly voice. Plus, AT&T had NO service out here, so I kinda had to switch. It's really annoying to be in the middle of a call, and have the signal disappear. For 2 hours.)

Now, to make sure I stay on top of *my* phone....
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