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Bored, bored, bored...

we're just spinnin' our wheels, here (wish I had brought one of mine up here so I could be productive!)...bossman is in a sharp decline; his mind is gone. So gone.

The good news is, we *will* be getting our bonuses this year. His wife has already talked about it, so that's good - I can pay my property taxes and make my kidlets happy. I promised them an above ground pool this year - the EZ-set pool we have is great, but it takes 2 fully-functioning adults to set it up. In this ain't happening. (Reminder to self: must make a sign to post in the local grocery store re: pool for sale) We never got it fully set up; it is a 42" deep pool, and we never got it more than 30" deep (when it wasn't lopsided...) - the kids enjoyed it, but I like more water than that.

I'm also looking into portable GPS's - I get lost in a closet. *g* Ebay has some nice Magellan's for...not to bad of a price, but I may have to wait until the IRS refund hits. Anyone out there got one and want to comment? I've looked at Tom Toms, and Magellans, but don't know anyone who actually *has* one - any advice will be greatly appreciated!

It's actually gotten cold here - it was 28* this AM when I went out to feed the furkids! - and, naturally, the kids have lost their hats and mittens. Herself *thinks* she knows where this year's hat is (I have her mittens, but she can't have them until she finds the hat)...but Himself has No Clue. So, I've started him a new one out of "his" blue/purple/silver yarn. (Damn - I don't have any pics of that...must rectify that!) I started it yesterday AM (on the way to work, actually!), and I've already finished the ribbing and am 1" into the stockinette part. My wrist is flaring, so I can't knock it out as fast as I'd like, but I am slowly working on it. There's...8oz of this yarn, so he'll be getting matching mittens as well. *eg*

I haven't touched the wheel in a couple of days - first the wrist, then we have an unexpected houseguest until next week (NO, not *that* kind of guest - geez, what do you think I am? It's a parental unit, OK?), not so much spinning can be done. I need to get back to it, though - I want to get the fall blends done, so I can ply them and play with the resulting (awesome!) yarns. I am craving some autumn-y socks....

I also have ideas for my next (2, actually) wrist distaffs. I had about .5 oz of the EE BL left over after I plied the 2 full bobbins, so I am plying it on a drop spindle...then I shall warp the inkle loom with it (well, sorta - it's going to require a dummy warp to make it work) and weave 8" for the bracelet part. The fringe will be beaded (got LOTS of lampwork beads from Ebay....they're yummy!). I'm spindle-spinning some bright rainbow yarn, which is destined to become another distaff.....but I think I'll macrame the bracelet part. We'll see - I'm still contemplating that one. (I need to get pictures of the "ocean" distaff - it's lovely. The bracelet part is braided...which is why I'm experiementing with these others.)

I'm starting to get the itch to weave again, so *maybe* the dishtowels will soon be Off the Loom and I can move on to something *fun*, maybe, a shawl out of my BL/Falkland island yarn(warp) and the kid mohair/tussah silk yarn(weft)that was destined to be an afghan...

Am impatiently awaiting my new phone to arrive so I can go to Cingular and get it activated. Bye-bye Sprint with your sucky phones! Hello, Imperial March ringtone! *eg* (Let's not mention the OT wallpaper, which I will try to exchange for a young Obi-Wan one, OK? *eg*)

Enough blather - must try to knit a few more rounds on Himself's hat.
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