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Got my new phone yesterday, ran to Cingular and activated it, and it Rocks. Love it, love it, love it - and that's not even considering the "SW Package" that's on it (I can download all the preloaded stuff from Cingular, so it's not a Big Thing. But still...). The sound quality is so much better than the cheap Nokia Sprint provided, the color screen rocks.....and did I mention it has a camera? *sighs*

But, I want more ringtones. I can download some from, but they cost ($2.50/each for the ones I want, naturally) Where can I get totally FREE ringtones, that I don't have to sign up and join a club for? This phone will do polytonic, mp3s....whatever. I just don't want to go into deep debt to customize my phone. I'd prefer a site that sends directly to the phone, but this one says I can get a cable (?) and load directly from my PC (??!).

On the knitting front, I am halfway up Himself's hat, v.2.0. Looks good, feels great - he's impatiently waiting for it. I'm hoping to get to the crown decreases today, but we'll see - my wrist is achy.

Erynne's leg looks *tons* better. I changed the bandages (for the first time in 2 weeks..bad me!) and it's healing. She's going to have awful scars, but she's *sound* and *alive*, and that's what matters.

Must go leave feedback now....did I mention I love my phone? *g*
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