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Saga of the first lost tooth...


Previous Entry Saga of the first lost tooth... Nov. 20th, 2005 @ 08:46 pm Next Entry
This is a quick, late entry. Well, late for *me*, OK? I should be in bed asleep, but....

Tonight was our church's Thanksgiving service. We "share" it with the local Baptist church - one year, we host it (providing the food), the next they do. The other church provides the music and sermon. This year, they hosted.

Himself announced *yesterday* that he had a wiggly tooth. It was loose, not *really* loose, but loose. Cool.

Today, it was REALLY loose. He went around telling *everyone* about his tooth. He wiggled it all thru our church service this AM, all afternoon, and - I assume - during the service tonight (I'm in the choir, and we were in the "loft", so he sat with Herself and Grandma in the back.)

While standing in line for dinner, he announced to the (unknown) gentleman in front of us that "I have a loose toof, see!" This kind man offered to pull it out, and told Himself he'd give him a dollar if he could. Much "NO"-ing occured.......

All thru dinner, he'd wiggle the tooth, tell me "NO" when I asked if we could get someone to pull it (I can't. I just - can't - pull a tooth. It squcks me out.)......then, after a few bites of dessert, he decided that yes, the nice (stranger) gentleman could try "But only if he's REALLY Gentle!". *snerk* (Just wait - it gets GOOD)

So, off he and I went. I was armed with a cup of ice water. The man said, let me see, then *yank*, out it came. Himself started sobbing "No, STOP! It hurts!", then realized a)there was no hand in his mouth and b) he was being offered a dollar bill. *sob*sniff* He took the dollar.

Now, this created much commotion, as you can imagine. When the lady (stranger) across the table saw the tooth, SHE pulled out a dollar. So did the lady 2 seats down. And a few members of OUR church. And the pastor of the Baptist church.......*snicker*

All told, the little bugger cleared $8 for his tooth - NOT COUNTING the bounty that the tooth fairy is about to leave (not money - this fairy is broke. Fortunately, we set the precedent with Herself - "Arabella" leaves toys (or nail polish, for Herself) instead. Whew! He'll be getting a nice yellow car). I've NEVER heard of such a thing - but he's thrilled, and has already planned on how to spend it (Wal-Mart on a couple of Star Wars action figures.)

Needless to say, this is one loose tooth he won't forget! *g*
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