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Mark off another FO!

Himself's hat is done, DOne, DONE! Even down to the pom-pom on top (his, OK.) It looks great, and fits him well (or, it did before I started the crown decreases, so.....yeah, it fits!)

I've CO for the first of the matching mittens. I should have enough yarn left to weave him a scarf, too - which he is salivating over. We'll see - the mittens should just take 1 ball of yarn..and I have 2 skeins yet that I haven't wound yet.

I'm planning on making the cuffs at least 3" long - last year's pair have a 1.5" cuff, and it's Too Short. We'll see how this works.

Back to the needles! Oh - and pics later. The camera phone works, but I need to pick up a data cable to transfer the pics to the 'puter. Net access is down right now, per Cingular, in my area code, so...that's the only way to transfer pictures. No biggie - the Toshiba digi cam takes *much* better pictures anyway.
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