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OMG!!! I just got an e-mail from AA and Steph - my new wheel is FINISHED!!! They'll be shipping her out after Thanksgiving *squee!*

Here's a shot that Steph sent me - the wheel is on Alden's workbench, in the shop (I think.....):

AA Norwegian Wheel AA Norwegian Wheel

My new AA Wheel!!

I am dancing around the house, here - this is way cool!

I ended up owing a little more for her....but I'll re-shuffle the Christmas bonus around and zip him the balance. She's GORGEOUS, and I've waited so long......and she's well worth the cost (how do I know? Because I have 2 of his wheels already, and they are marvels of spinning technology. WELL worth every penny I spent on them!)

I had already decided that this would be the last wheel I'd be buying (well, if I run across a deal on an antique Canadian Saxony, I'll jump on it...), so I'm *thrilled* with how she turned out.

I need to clean off the loom, straighten out the studio, and card up a bunch of fiber this weekend. I must be ready for a spinnymoon when she gets here!!

(why, no, I'm not excited or anything - why do you ask??)
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