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Mittens DONE!!

Himself's mittens are *totally* done! I've already CO for a new wrist warmer for me, since my kid mohair/silk ones are...a but fuzzy for work. *eg*

This one is out of some handspun Alpaca/Silk/Hampshire Lamb - I got the roving from Autumn House Farm. I spun it fine (Z), then overplyed it into a 2 ply (S), then replyed it (Z) for a 4 ply cable. It's a very dense, very even yarn, with no stretch AT ALL in it. It knits up nicely - I had made Steve a (very heavy) tam out of it that he loved to wear (even if it was hot and droopy. *eg*)

I'm working it up on size 7s - I'm hoping it's a bit stiff, to give some support to my wrist. The mohair/silk ones are soft and pliable, with no support at all. They keep me warm, but that's about it.

Oh, and the main purpose of this entry? *eg* To show off my new icon - Steph sent me another picture of my baby......

ETA: I finished the wrist warmer, except for the thumb (3:00 PM CST). Himself asked last night how I "made the thumb stick out like dat.", so I promised to show him tonight. *eg*

And, bossman is back in the hospital...and it really doesn't look good this time.
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