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Happy T-day and an oops...

Happy Thanksgiving, to all who observe, and Happy Thursday to those that don't!

We had a very nice time at the in-laws. Food was great, the company fun, and best of all - the kids are at Granny's for the next 3 days! Whee Haw!! I'm headed for bed soon as I'm done here (yes, at 6:30. Pure Bliss!)

The Oooops? I was sorting thru all the Christmas loot I have amassed, thinking that a) the kids were both well represented and/or b) I had overbought for Himself. Ummmmmmm, nope and Nope.

See, HE's Easy to shop for: Star Wars and Legos. Or, Star Wars Legos. Simple. I had *thought* I'd gone crazy on Ebay, and bought him a shitload of stuff, and expected I'd be hitting JoAnn's this week to supplement Herself's loot with beads and such.

Errrrrrrrr. I, um, have apparantly gone nuts what with the bead sets (4), the unicorn stuff (5), the rock tumbler and rocks (5 POUNDS)......just by number alone, I have oversupplied her by.....9 items. *sigh*

Since Himself can count, now, and since both of them are VERY sensitive to signs of favoritism, guess who gets to hit Wally-world tomorrow? I'm not nuts - I'll be pulling out of the house around 5 AM-ish. (I'm WAY too tired tonight, or I'd be heading out, say, NOW-ish.)

I *really* should have started my list back in April when I started buying the Christmas loot.......Santa will be more prepared next year!
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