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Resurfacing for a moment

OK, so this week has been HELL, to say the least - I've been on the phone, mostly, talking to partners/friends/family that we haven't spoken to in years. MOST of them have been wonderfully's the few idiots that have made my job suck. (Here's the editorial the local paper ran Thursday. Very well written, but he left out a bunch of stuff. *g*)

Like the former partner that gushed thanks at me for notifying him, then told me it wouldn't "Be Appreciated" if he took time out of his oh-so-busy schedule to come to the funeral. :blink:blink: This is the man that bought all of our assets in 2001; he got a heck of a deal on some wonderfully productive interests and has more than made back his investment....

Or the family member that asked, right after being told his father had passed "So, what's in the will? When will it be read?" :blink:blink: (Ummm, yeah, like we know. It took all of Mrs. Boss's son's self control to not destroy the phone over that one...)


The Rosary was last night...I'm not Catholic. I never will be. 'nough said. (Well, I did help his widow out - her friend from CA is here. Sweet lady, but geez! Fortunately, she latched onto me, and that helps Mrs. Boss out, since it gets her out of HER hair...)

The mass is today at 10. I just can't WAIT....since we figure both sons will be there, and the crazy daughter, and the 3 step-children, and a whole bunch of business people. Ummm, yeah - this'll be a barrel of fun!

Oh, and did I mention the luncheon afterwards? Free food....but I don't think it'll be worth it.....
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