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The weather outside is...

not frightful, yet. But supposedly, it will get frightful. Tomorrow at noon, they say. Yup. Snow flurries, even. *snerk*

Himself is....better. I think I'll keep him home tomorrow, though, just to be safe. Thursday is an early release day, and I think it would be better and easier on him to come back on a half day. He finished all his homework this morning, then spent the next few hours playing his Star Wars Legos game. MIL says he had a mild fever off and on all day. *he just now fell asleep on the couch*.

Work was...well. We learned a few things, about the Estate and all. Fun times ahead - Not.

Wheel has not been shipped out yet - Steph is trying to build a box. It should go out soon, though......*impatiently drums fingers on desk*

MIL totally cleaned my house today. And the garage. Wow.

Nova's on - must go watch.
Tags: blather, kids, spinning

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